Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Karen Faye's Q&A

Hello, my lovely ones!

For those of you unaware, Karen Faye, MJ's long time hair and makeup artist and close friend from 1982-2009 has decided that the time is right for her to do a Q&A with you guys! This is something people have been hoping would happen for quite some time and now Karen is ready.

There are very few guidelines. Just be intelligent. You may ask about anything you choose. Be appropriate. She will answer as many questions as she chooses. You may ask about the text messages. You may ask about her history with MJ. You may ask about HER and her life. You may ask for clarification about things that you have heard by others.

This is not something she has done before and I don't think she'll be doing it again in the near future - so take advantage of this!

There are some fans who do not like Karen. Who do not trust her. And there are some fans who get their information from these fans. Myself, and others, have attempted to give correct info - but nobody can accurately explain Karen like Karen can. So I hope those suspicious fans take advantage of this situation and ask her what they have to ask her. If you don't, you certainly can't complain that she hasn't explained something in the future - LOL!

This is not exclusive. Anyone may take part.

Please EMAIL your questions to me at steph.martin@gmail.com. I will help Karen out by doing the initial filtering through the questions. I have no power over what she does answer in the end...only what she sees.

Karen has chosen to use this blog as the place that she will post her responses - I am happy that I am able to help her out like that, of course, and it also means that you guys will see it first - especially by subscribers! :)

!!!!NOTE!!!! Please read

Karen came up with a good idea - as it has only been one day and I have had many questions submitted already, we are going to post the questions that have come in already. Before you email me your questions (and now you may email me multiple times, multiple questions, etc), come here and read this - if your question is not on here - ask away! If it is, it means it's already on the list of things she may answer. This does not mean she WILL answer them - just that they've been submitted. If you do not see your question here,, it either means I have not yet updated the list, it's been asked in other words or or it was just not even appropriate enough for the list - lol. If you have any questions about that, ask me.

Current questions:

-Did MJ see the fan art/fan letters that were associated with MJJSource in 2004-2005?
-When did MJ realize that his visions for TII were not being realized?
-What did MJ feel about his interactions with Kenny Ortega during TII?
-How do you feel about how the AEG trial ended up going?
-How have you been doing, personally, with your grief recently?
-Did they ever film any of the Adams Family film? Is there a chance we might be able to see it or some of it one day?
-What kind of pranks did Michael play on you?
-When you would do his makeup, did you and MJ talk a lot or were you quiet so you could concentrate?
-What were Michael's favorite foods?
-Did you and MJ ever sleep together? NOT sexually - just fall asleep together.
-Does a day go by where you don't think of him?
-When and how did you meet him for the first time?
-Of his family, who are you in touch with?
-What is the truth about your friendship with Randy? Are you really no longer friends?
-Why are you and Michael Lee Bush not friends anymore?
-In hindsight, do you think anyone could have saved him?
-What would you think of them re-opening Neverland, sort of as a Graceland?
-How did you and Steph end up becoming friends? You seem to have a real friendship that has nothing to do with Michael, but how does that happen considering how you met? Are you truly friends outside of MJ or is it misrepresented? (cool question, y'all. LOL -Steph) ;)
-Are you and Lisa Marie friends as well?
-Is it true that the bodyguards were keeping the fans away from Michael? If so, was this a part of AEGs bullying?
-Will you please share Lisa's version of the story about filing for divorce now that the trial is over? What's her side of asking MJ to not file for divorce and then filing herself?
-Is there a chance that MJ had a secret wife nobody ever knew about? Or a secret girlfriend?
-Did Michael ever date a fan? Did he ever consider it?
-If you and MJ were so close, why did he use other makeup artists up until 2009 once he came back from Bahrain?
-Who is the last woman MJ fell in love with?
-Why did you stop blogging? Will you write again?
-Why was MJ avoiding FD in 2009?
-what was the most memorable, conversation or moment that you've ever shared together?

-Michael mentioned often that he didn't have more than a handful of close friends, yet to me, he never seemed alone. Was he exaggerating for his image or was that the truth? If so, would you count yourself among one of his 5 most close friends and if so, why? What made you and Michael click as friends? Was it instant?

In your blog, you mentioned that Michael was human, breathed air, etc. and the gist of it was that he wasn't always perfect. What was one thing that Michael did with your knowledge (that you could feel okay in sharing) that you deemed questionable?

-Being so close to Michael for so long, I'm sure that you were privy to parts of his personality that most never knew of or got a chance to see. What was your biggest pet peeve when it came to Michael?

I doubt very seriously that you will answer this question, but I must ask. Michael and Lisa Marie seem to have a deep respect for each other. Although he has never spoken ill of her in public and she has towards him, that's neither here nor there. My question, with you being his friend for so long, do you feel that Michael would have chosen her to be his first wife, if her father wasn't Elvis Presley? Or do you feel that that fact was simply mere coincidence?

-Has Michael ever expressed interest in dating you? Did you ever date? Would you have considered having babies for Michael if Debbie did not?
-Did you know there are still age old stories about Michael asking you to bare his children - but you said no? can you tell us anything about that, even if it just to clarify things one way or another?
-Why are you and Taunya not friends anymore? As always, the person you ask has a very different answer than maybe someone else might, so....what's YOUR story? Was it really about RJ? Did you really "betray" her?"

-Michael Jackson was very popular, did he ever use Body Doubles or Decoys? And if so, do you know the names of them? -Can I have your autograph through the mail?

-I mean no disrespect to Steph as I know she is someone you care for and I like her too but people have wondered, did you know each other before MJ died? I guess it seemed odd that suddenly you two were very close as if you were real friends outside of what we all had going on here together and it didn't make sense to any of us. Nobody did anything wrong. Everyne was kind and nobody acted like they were special....it was only a thought that, to be honest, was brought to some people attentions by another person. No big deal...

-Did you witness any sweet moments between MJ and LMP together?

-Can you tell us any positive memories from June 24th 2009?
-What is something extremely surprising or shocking that MJ has said or done? Something that no one would ever expect him to do or say?
-Did MJ ever ask you for parenting advice?
-What was MJ like as a father?
-Did MJ spend time with your daughter often? Did they have a relationship?
-Could you share one personal memory of him with his children - everything in the media seems very insincere?
-Do you know if fatherhood was all that he expected it to be?
-Did you and MJ have conversations about the universe? Can you share any of those with us?
Is it true that you got your dog Reggie from MJ? I read that MJ had bought Reggie for his own children but he couldn't keep him (because he was scared of him?) so he gave him to you? Is that true?
-Liza Minelli said that MJ proposed to another woman in the early 90s before LMP but that she turned him down - do you know anything about that?
-Why did Karen think that sending that email to Frank Dileo/AEG would be beneficial when she saw him in a bad way? Did she ever think to contact his mother or brother Randy since they were friends?
-Did MJ and Shana Mangatal have a real relationship? She claims to have had a seven year affair with him that began in 1990.
-After concerts, when MJ's adrenaline was up, did you guys ever celebrate? What would you guys do?
-Are any of these rumors about MJs "secret sons" true to your knowledge?
-What was MJs speaking voice like when just talking to you casually? Was it really deep or did he still speak softly?
-Would MJ ever feel comfortable not wearing makeup (to cover up his vitiligo) in private?
-We know that both MJ and LMP made mistakes in their relationship, as everyone does, but there are so many stories about family, "yes men", etc that got involved in causing them to fall out - do you know anything about that? Do you feel others had an interest or involvement in their marriage ending?
Whats your opinion on Flo Anthony? Would you consider her a reliable source?
What is still on your personal bucket list that you wish to accomplish?
Can you explain where "Applehead" came from? Can you explain "Turkle"? If not, will you EVER explain Turkle? Does anyone in the world know - or just you now?
Did Karen see or know of John Branca around Michael during TII? Did Michael want him back John Branca back? Does she think the WILL is legitimate?

Karen, how do you go about blocking the noise from the people who might not like you? I'm currently a college student who is struggling with mean girls and people disliking me based on rumors. I walk around like I don't care and put on a front but when I get to my room I keep asking myself, "WHY don't you LIKE ME?!?!?!" I need to stop. How?

-Did you ever get to have a water balloon fight with Michael?

- Being friends with Michael for so long, did you get the vibe that he was happy? No complex interpretations of the word, just: beaming and high spirited in general (excluding, of course, the allegation periods).

- Did he ever mention to you the portrait of his ideal woman or what he treasured most in his significant other? (as cheesy as it sounds :)

- Having in mind his luminous laugh, did he have a favorite joke that you heard him tell more than once? :)

- Could you please tell us your observations on June 24 (regarding Michael and what he did and what others did) right till you hugged him goodnight?

- Did you think that Michael's fear for his life during TII was much more than self-induced? Did you have the chance to sit down and talk to him about it?

- Would you consider reaching out to Paris sometime? As surrounded as she is by the Jacksons, I'm not sure this doesn't still mean lonely. In the light of this summer's events, maybe seeing you and talking to you could be therapeutical. I'm simply what's in my heart.

Did you ever speak with Michael about Japan or Japanese fans.

When did Michael relaize that his vision for the TII shows weren't being met, and how did he feel in the beginning?

What is like for Karen watching Michael's vitaligo spread? Was it hard for Karen to find the right make up to contour vitaligo? When Michael spoke about it for the first time on Oprah (and later on Martin Bashir) did she feel relived that he spoke about? That it wasn't skin bleaching as everyone said? How did Michael feel that people thought he was lying and vitaligo was something he was making up?

-Did Michael have a crush on any of the "You Are Not Alone" girls that would come onstage and dance with him? You said a long time ago that Michael would sometimes make comments about some of the girls when he walked offstage. Can you tell us what he said about them?

-Frank Cascio said Michael had a crush on Britney Spears. Did Michael have any other celebrity crushes?

-Were Michael & Lisa Marie loving & affectionate with each other when in your presence? Did you often see Michael flirting with Lisa?

-It is great to know that you & Lisa are close friends. Several months ago, you said that Lisa Marie was your "hero" after she told you her side of the story in regards to her marriage with Michael. You tweeted : "I was never given the opportunity to tell her side". You also said : "There were things I did not understand. Now that I do, I think she is amazing". Can you elaborate on why you called Lisa your "hero"?

-In your opinion, was Michael shy around women?

-Michael told the director of The Way You Make Me Feel video that Tatiana was too aggressive. Did Michael ever talk to you about Tatiana being overly aggressive? If so, what did he say?

-In her AEG deposition, Paris Jackson said that former nanny Grace Rwaramba was "creepy". What is your opinion of Grace?

-Hi Karen. Several months ago, you tweeted : "It is quite simple. Michael told me he loved Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie told me she loved Michael". I was wondering - Did Michael often confide in you about his marriage with Lisa Marie? Can you tell us any sweet/cute stories Michael told you about their relationship?

I'm wanting to know if Karen ever met John Branca, and if so what did she think of him personally.. Not his business ethics but his personal character.... Is the will authentic?

Karen I wanted to know what some of your favorite characteristics of Michaels personality are as well as your least favorite.

Can you tell us a funny story that we might not have heard about Michael’s animals?

You said during your testimony in the AEG trial that Michael didn’t drink enough during the 2005 trial because he didn’t want to use the bathroom at the court because a guard would stand behind him. Did you mean that the guard wouldn’t even wait outside the stall? Is that customary for guards to watch people as they pee?

We know Michael gave a lot of money and time to help children in need. Did he do stuff for animals too? If so, could you tell us about some of those things?

How come nobody told Michael how little was left to the imagination in those gold pants he wore on the History tour? Or did he know, but chose to wear them anyway because he knew his fangirls loved that?

What were Michael’s instructions when you would do his hair and makeup? Did he have any particular requests?

In what year did Michael finally have the courage to tell you he had vitiligo? How did that conversation come about?

Why did Michael love red lipstick so much? Have you ever tried to convince him to use a more natural color?

Some fans believe that Michael was still sleeping with Lisa-Marie during his marriage with Debbie. Do you have any info about that, whether from your personal observations or from your conversations with any of them?

What’s the cutest thing you ever saw Michael do?

What’s the most annoying thing Michael ever did to you? (Like pranks, teasing, etc.)

Did you ever pull a prank on Michael? If so, details please.

Do you know why Michael dyed Prince’s hair when he was little?

Did you ever feel attracted to Michael? Did you ever see him and think "Damn, he looks good today" or did you ever see him do a dance move and think "Damn, that was sexy." Or did you just not see Michael in that way at all?

-Will LMP ever be willing to tell her side of the story of what really happened in her marriage to MJ and how it really ended? Since she's under virtual gag since stating in Oprah that she will never speak of their marriage or MJ publicly again, will she write a book instead? ;)

-Their love is such a genuinely tragic love story that deserves to be told for what it was. It's like a modern day Romeo and Juliet and there are a number of lessons to be learned that could help others in a similar situation.

Why is it that you refuse to write a book on MJ? Is there anything that could convince you otherwise?

Did Michael have his nails manicured? Did he feel that the look of his nails was important? (Wondering cause they most often looked so well taken care of)

Did Michael have an allergy to horses?

What made Michael feel relaxed most easily? (Like maybe some kind of music, reading..)

Did you ever hear him sing opera? How did it sound? I could imagine him doing a duet with Sarah Brightman or any other opera singer.

How often would MJ go out in the public in disguise?

So what exactly happened in 1999 when the bridge fell while MJ was on it? What was the issue, and what happened after he got offstage? Was he permanetly effected by this?

Did MJ work out? He always kept a very lean, fit, and hard body. Even sporting a six pack in his early 20's. Was that only due to dancing, or did he do other work outs to keep in shape?

Did you ever see MJ lose it? You talked about him smashing glass in the bathroom. Did he yell and throw tantrums often?

When did you and Lisa make up? What happened that made both of you put aside the past? And what caused so much tension between you in the beginning?

We hear stories that MJ feared flying. Is this true? If so, is this a fear he always kept? How did he deal with it since he had to travel all around the world?

During an interview, MJ vented on how terrible the police treated him when they took him in. There is even a photograph with MJ showing how badly his arm was bruised. Was this true, or did MJ embellish the injustice done to him because he was so angry?

What made MJ decide to have his hair short in 95?

Did MJ still love Neverland even after the raid for the second allegations? There were stories saying how he felt they basically defiled it and he never wanted to stay there.

There is footage and reports saying how the police tore things apart (such as furniture), broke into things, and even stole items at Neverland during the raid. Is this true? Isn't that illegal to treat someone's place like that, even when searching? Did he do anything about it?

How in tune was MJ about what his fans loved?

Did MJ have a big celebration to show off his first baby, or was it quiet? When did you first meet Prince?

Did MJ ever tell you what he wanted to be remembered for?

Was MJ a vegetarian? He loved KFC so does that mean he stopped being one?

Was MJ ever able to relax? Or did his mind just run too much that it was difficult for him to?

MJ was a fantastic drawer. Did you ever see him sketch, and did you ever receive drawings from him?

Did MJ understand, even just a smidge, that he truly was physically attractive? Was he ever able to see what we saw?

How messy was Michael? He said he's "not organized in that way" when talking about being tidy outside of work. Does that mean he wasn't good with cleaning up after himself? :)

Could you describe the relationship MJ had with Princess Diana? Did they talk often?

What did the armband signify?

What were some of MJ's favorite candies to crave is sweet tooth?

After all the injustice he experienced in his life, was he still able to hold onto that childlike innoncence we all adore in him?

Could you describe the feeling of MJ's presence? Many talk about how you could just "feel" that he was in the room, and he had this magical aura about him.

Did MJ ever give you clothing of his? If so, do you still own some? And would he do this with others?

Was MJ good with remembering birthdays or special days? Or did he have to be reminded?

Paris talked about how Michael cooked. Did he learn this so he could cook for his children, or did he already know how to beforehand?

When you were on tour with MJ, did you ever see groupies backstage? How did he feel about them?

What's one of the craziest things a fan did? Either to get to MJ or just in general.

What caused MJ to start lip syncing his songs during History tour? I heard he had a bad case of laryngitis during that tour. Did that upset him?

The songs Give In To Me, Liberian Girl, Break Of Dawn and I Just Can’t Stop Loving you, are full of passion and desire from a men to a woman. Excepting Lisa, do you know if Michael fell in love, if he got a strong love for someone and it broke his heart? I'm not sure if you would know this, since this is more of a Lisa question. (But she never talks about MJ anymore, so asking her wouldn't work lol) But, there were tabloids in the 80's saying how MJ and Lisa were talking. Is there any truth to this? And does that mean they knew each other a lot longer than they claimed?

Michael was none do some pranks and some You Tube videos show him having a whip cream pie fight which looked like it was so much fun…please ask Karen What was the best prank Michael ever played on anyone or on her?

Karen - There is a woman named Romonica Harris who gave an interview in 2005 and said she was engaged to MJ in the 80's yet she has never been able to give any proof.  Personally, I don't believe she has ever met Michael.
You said several years ago on FB, that you asked Michael about her in 2005 and Michael told you that he had NEVER met Romonica and had NO IDEA who she was! LOL. Please set the record straight about this woman once and for all so the fans know the truth.  thanks

Michael received an exceptional apprenticeship at Motown yet modestly claimed that his talent was ‘a gift from God’.  Given that  he was a veteran performer before he was a teenager, who do you think really deserves the credit for MJs talent – God or Michael?


We know Michael methodically created his new ‘mysterious’ image around the age of twenty.  How much influence did Marlon Brando (and his method acting technique) have on this process?


I read that Berry Gordy toned down Marvin Gayes image because he thought a sexually dominant black man might appear too predatory.  In several interviews (particularly the Geraldo interview where MJ sported the ‘Veronica Lake’ hairstyle) Michael seemed to present himself as quite effeminate.  Was this a conscious decision to make him appear less masculine after the Bashir documentary?  If so, was it his idea?


Did MJ purposely keep his sexuality questionable in order to appeal to the largest demographic?


They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. Given that controversy is a desirable marketing concept, could it be possible that at least some of the controversy that surrounded MJ was deliberately contrived? 


Is the concept of persecution an essential factor in the creation of an icon?


During the AEG trial Rowe and Metzger defended their excessive use of Demerol by claiming that MJ had an exceptionally low tolerance to pain.  Considering that even the most severely burned victims rarely, (if ever) go on to develop a painkiller addiction, would you agree that they were exaggerating MJs pain in order to justify their use of excessive medication?


Debbie Rowe testified that MJ developed extensive keloid scarring after the scalp surgery. Since Michael was susceptible to keloids, why would he choose to undergo further facial surgery when it could have been so disfiguring?  Do you think he was unaware of the risk or is it possible that the scarring was exaggerated in the first place?


It was surprising that certain witnesses were not called at the AEG trial,  particularly Grace, Klein, Branca and Tohme.  Do you think their testimony might have made a significant difference to the outcome?


Is it possible to respect a woman who offers to give a man two babies as a ‘present’ - especially if that man is already married to someone else?


You recently tweeted that you were with MJ in Ireland in 2009.  Yet you testified that until 2009 you had not seen MJ since the Arvizo trial ended.  Could you clarify please?


How do you feel about all the ‘tributes’ performed in Michael’s name.  Do they keep his memory alive or are they just shameless attempts at self-promotion?


Matt Fiddes’s latest revelation is that MJ was ‘one of the best martial artists’ he had ever seen.  He claims Michael had a black belt in Kung Fu.  I must admit, I hate to give any credence to that man, but given that MJs children seem to be very involved in martial arts, could there possibly be any truth to this?


Cory Feldman recently stated he first met Conrad Murray at the Madison Square concert in 2001.  Do you think this might be true?


How did Michael really feel about his father?


Michael appeared to be an extremely religious man. You’ve made it known that you have little, if any, religious conviction.  Did this ever cause any friction between you and MJ?

Hi Karen, how would you describe Michael's Character & what do you think he would really want the world to know about him other than what the media has fed the world?

Hi Steph. There are a couple of ppl out there that claim they channel Michael. Meaning he basically is communicating through them, his spirit. I don't know how to feel about it. There's this lady I used to be friends with and she claims Michael told her that we, the fans should accept his death. That he was the cause of it but that there was many ppl in the house when he died. To me, anybody can say they channel him but I would like to know if Karen believes in it. I've asked her before but I realize age gets a lot of questions.
Thank you dear;)

"What is the lesson of live MJ taught you and which would be the epilog for your imaginary book about Michael? (imaginary, because I know you don't want to write a real book)"

CM mentioned on 60 Minutes Australia that MJ called him right after the trial I didnt realize they were so close. Were you aware of MJ's relationship with Conrad Murray during the 2005 trial? and Have you ever seen CM around MJ at Neverland? Thanks.

- What were Michael's favorite clothes?/
- Is it true that (besides Bal à Versailles) Black Orchid by Tom Ford was one of Michael's favorite fragrances? If no, did he ever wear it? 


  1. Did you, prior to the cm trial, ever feel MJ could take his own life

    1. Please EMAIL all questions to steph.,martin@gmail.com. :) Thank you!

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  3. Karen, if you could travel in a time machine to observe just one moment in time of your time with MJ what would it (or a moment you can share with us)?

    1. Please email you question to steph.martin@gmail.com. thank you!

  4. Dear Karen, first, I want to thank you for your testimony at the AEG trial. It must have been very, very difficult for you. I have three questions:

    1. At the point you were asked to reunite with Michael for TII, did you feel Michael was in fairly good health and able to do return to the stage again for what he thought would be 10 concerts?

    2. Do you believe he that he really knew what he was getting into with AEG producing TII?

    3. Were you aware of the fact that he had used propofol to sleep during the Dangerous tour and were you suspect that he was using it again during the final months of the TII rehearsals, and, do you feel that a drastic exposure of his condition to a major news outlet might have brought the kind of scrutiny that might have caused AEG to stop the rehearsals? I simply cannot understand how you, and countless others who were part of the concert, sounded really strong alarms, and no one stepped up to action? Are we to believe that AEG would have turned his life into a financial ruin if they had to postpone or cancel the concert, and they didn't act out of sympathy for him,and wanting him to rise to the task?

    Thank you for your consideration, Karen. The true fans really appreciate you so much.

  5. please please email you questions to steph.martin@gmail.com so we can make sure we get them all! thanks guys! xxox

  6. God bless you Karen. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. My questions are 1)Would you ever want to create your own cosmetics company/line? 2) A lot of people have asked great questions here. Was there any chance Michael could have shown traits of having Asperger's autism? I am an adult who lives with it. We often go misunderstood at times. Was he a strict "my way or the highway" kind of man? I also hear that sometimes showbiz can be a racket. Is there anybody that Michael and you worked for that you would not have trusted? If so, who if you can give names.

  7. God bless you Karen. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. My questions are 1)Would you ever want to create your own cosmetics company/line? 2) A lot of people have asked great questions here. Was there any chance Michael could have shown traits of having Asperger's autism? I am an adult who lives with it. We often go misunderstood at times. Was he a strict "my way or the highway" kind of man? I also hear that sometimes showbiz can be a racket. Is there anybody that Michael and you worked for that you would not have trusted? If so, who if you can give names.

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