Thursday, February 24, 2011

because it's just enough. - part one.

Note: if you are TRULY about the truth, if you are TRULY "here for Michael", I, personally, think it's only fair to hear both sides out in order to find the truth. Don't you?


I am all for freedom of expression. I do not think that everyone is going to see everything the same way and that is okay. Despite contrary belief, I do not automatically "hate" someone if they do not like a friend of mine.

However, there is a limit.

I want you to picture a friend of YOURS. Now I want you to imagine that someone is talking badly about your friend. Taking things that they said once and adding their own creative liberties. Taking a mistake that they may have made (just like everyone in the world makes mistakes) and turning it into something else. Not even KNOWING your friend but making all kinds of assumptions about them and having no problem spreading these assumptions as fact.... and, my own personal favorite, utterly completely INVENTING things that this person said. I'm talkin' making it up completely and 100%. Then imagine seeing other people go "omg _____ said WHAT?"and then spreading it around as fact? How would YOU take that?

I'm guessing you wouldn't be thrilled, right? I mean, it's your friend! You don't want to see lies about your friend or see words get thrown into their mouth, right?

But, let's ALSO say that the topic of conversation is one that is pretty important. Let's say that the people who are causing these problems for your friend... well... let's just say that you doubt their sincerity. Obviously they know what they are doing, but what you DON'T know is why exactly they are doing it. It's not exactly normal to invent things that people said and spread them around like that is it? I mean... I don't think it is.

Now, I know. I know that I am just a stupid brainless idiotic blind minion. I've heard it all. As strange as it sounds, I have had all kinds of insults hurled at me and about me simply because of who I choose to be friends with and how I choose to defend my friend.

I have NEVER;

-gone onto a forum and started or even really continued a fight
-attacked anyone
-"called" or "emailed" anyone with threats, insults or other such things.
-disliked or hated everyone who saw things differently than me.


-defended the truth regardless of who I am talking to.
-lost my temper on occasion where the nonsense got too much for me.
-not elevated ANYONE to a "godlike" status nor think that ANYONE is perfect. Instead, I believe that everyone is human.

And yet, I am attacked. I am called a brainless minion. And, yes, we all joke about it 'cause it's ridiculous, but if you think about it... why? Why is that normal? Why am I a minion for defending MY friend but the people who defend others are cool? Doesn't make much sense to me...

I have always found it quite humorous that it can be considered "stupid" or "crazy" to defend someone but INSULTING someone is okay. I've never quite understand being told that it's wrong to simply state that something is false, but not wrong to actually SAY the false thing in the first place.

See, here's the thing for me, y'all. Yeah... Karen's my friend. We all know that and I've heard all about how I'm just being blinded by someone acting like my friend and so you can't trust my words because I'm just a stupid minion blah blah blah blah. So, that's fine. I can respect that. Maybe I'm just randomly defending my friend who's secretly some kind of evil being. Yup... that's what I'm doing. But, hey, that's what some people seem to think. So, I guess it's time to try this a different way.

You all don't want to trust Karen's words? Fine. You wanna not trust MY words? Fine. Maybe I need to do this a different way. Maybe I need to use your own words to prove the utter and complete LIES that have been going on for the past year and a half plus.

'Cause I, for one, have had enough.

I have had enough of my friend being lied about, slandered and attacked. I have ALSO had enough of watching kind nice people be lied to and led to believe that certain things are true when they are not. I am FURTHER tired of people being BLIND to certain things. Also tired of people who are supposed to be such advocates for truth being okay with lies. It is VERY easy for people on the internet to tell all kinds of fairy tales. It is very easy to believe the fairy tales. And sometimes fairy tales are harmless. But sometimes they are not. And by the way? This goes well beyond only wanting to protect Karen's character. Yes.. there is that... but this is also much more than that.


I've had enough. Call me whatever names you want to call me and attack me all you want, but this is what it is. If there's anything that anyone wants to open up to before part 2 comes out, that'd be awesome. I don't mind going through the obvious and PROVEN lies, but it'll make my life easier if yall can do it. ;)

Once again - call me what you need to call me. That's actually not something that I care about. Like, at all.


  1. "I HAVE:

    -defended the truth regardless of who I am talking to."

    What is the truth then Steph? You belive in something and then we have other invididuals beliving in something else. Who got the right to say your truth is the only truth and vice versa? All this bitchiness from different "groups" will not solve anything, really.

    How come you seem so eager to always protect Karen? Why is that such an important issue for you? I get it you are friends but why so much enegery to defend her on the internet against people you probably never will meet or even care for? That is why I guess people have called you all sorts of names. Im just curious.

    There is a reason to why fans started to question her and her beheaviour in 2004/2005 (Im not only referring to MJJS). Ask Karen what she did to and told Trish (Patricia) and Paul. Are you even aware of who Patricia and Paul are? Do some research and see what Karen did to them. Anyway, Karens bad behaviour dates back to 2004 and those ppl who have had issues with her since 2004 are in no way teamed up with the people who got problems with her now. They (the peeps in 2004/2005) had their issue with her and thats fine, but I do find it interesting that new groups of fans that never heard about her before started to really dislike her as well after MJ passed.

    "Now I want you to imagine that someone is talking badly about your friend. Taking things that they said once and adding their own creative liberties."

    Some fans do exaggerate and maybe add their own liberties but not everyone does it. You cant possibly say that everyone who dislikes Karen has done this.

  2. Okay, I guess I thought I made this pretty clear but apparently not, so let me try again:

    1. The truth as in what I have witnessed and seen. I do not claim to know everything that has ever happened in Michael's life nor in Karen's life, but I know what I have seen. I have seen people invent words that she said that she didn't say, I have seen her words get twisted way back in the FB days, etc etc etc.

    2. Nope. I have no idea who Paul and Patricia are. I am sorry they had issues with Karen. I can't comment on that situation 'cause I don't know what the issues were, but I fail to see how they are relevant to what I am saying no. I'm not here to nominate Karen for sainthood, so whatever the problems between these two people whoever they are and Karen doesn't matter, whoever may or may not have been at fault, or whatever misunderstandings may have occurred.... at the end of the day... have nothing to do with what I am saying. I am talking about, as I said above, what is being done TO her right now. Not about something that may have happened years ago.

    3. I am not eager to defend Karen. Trust me, I do not wake up each day ready and excited to write a blog or to field the MULTIPLE emails I get. But it is what it is and when I see blogs out there citing complete nonsense then yeah... someones gotta say something and I guess that someone is me. Would you not want to defend your friend? And more than that, if this had to do with Michael, would it not give you an extra little push?

    4. I've NEVER said that everyone who "doesn't like" Karen has done that. I am sure there are people who don't like her for their own perfectly legitimate reasons just like there are people who don't like ME for their own reasons and frankly people I don't like for my own reasons. That's not at all my point. As I said I don't give a crap if you like me or if you like Karen or if you like Jermaine or Randy or Katherine. I'm not here to judge you based on who you do or do not like. My point here is about the utter LIES being spread around. If people wish to dislike Karen based on actual fact, then more power to them. But do YOU think it's fair for, say, fans who are newer to the community to have a preconcieved notion of who she (or ANYONE) is based on people who are lying? I don't...

    And once again this goes above and beyond Karen. This is about lying, manipulation and the question of why anyone would go so far as to do some of the things I have seen being done.

    I'm sorry that some people cannot get past the fact that this is not just about me defending Karen 'cause I am so eager and it is my favorite thing to do. Cause that's not it. I am hoping that as more things come to light, it will be more clear. Until then... well... I guess we'll see.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. I am sure that this blog is written by a young person who knows K.Faye only since Michael's death, she is very credulous and inexperienced. The author of the blog does not know the REAL k.Faye. Even if people are rude with K.Faye presently, it's only justice, she deserves it greatly. K.Faye, in the past, has been so fake with Michael himself and with the brothers. She has been so rude and vulgar with fans (girls) that Mike found pretty. She has been madly in love with Mike during more than 20 years meanwhile he saw in her only an employee, I can understand it was a nightmare, but this situation has made her a very frustrated and delusional woman. Quite all fans who have had the privilege to stay at Neverland for long or short periods have had the opportunity to know the real KF. I was one of them. She was always playing a double game. I have no hate for her, I comment only about what I observed by myself.

  4. Im just saying I find it very interesting that the dislike of Karen never stopped but continued and still continues. Doesnt that say something about that person? If lets say 50 ppl who never met before or even talked to each other dislikes one person because of their experience with that person., doesnt that say something about that person? Sure maybe som overdramatic bullshit and some ppl exaggerate but still that ONE person can cause all this "drama" is interesting.

    Karen lost many people that suppported her with the Paul/Patricia thing years ago. People who supported her highly turned 180 against her. She made her own bed that time.

    Maybe she has treated you nice and with respect and thats great and good for you, but let them who have been mistreated speak up as well. I really dont see the problem with that.

    "My point here is about the utter LIES being spread around."

    I dont know exactly to what incidents u are talking about, but lies? Really? Like I said, people may be overdramatic and exaggerate but there have to be at least some truth to their stories. How can you call it lies? What are they lying about?

  5. @toupietara aka Paul Hackman aka etc etc... thank you as always for your repetitive insights but as usual you have missed my point. Guess you will have to wait and see. In the meantime, please get your story straight. And for the 30874th time I am not a "new" or "young" fan.

    @SpeedDemon As I said I have no idea who Paul or Patricia are. I cannot comment on something I know nothing about nor will I say one word about a situation I know nothing about. All I am saying is I am sorry if these two people had some kind of issue with Karen in 2004 which btw was like 8 years ago - that's still not relevant to the point that I'm making.

    Once again, I don't care if you or Paul and Patricia and whoever "like" Karen. I really don't. You are right, I have had many of my own personal experiences with her, I love her and she is a good friend of mine. But, that's fine...not everyone has to feel that way and my goal here, once again, is not to nominate Karen for sainthood. I frankly couldn't care less if you like her (no offense. Just sayin' LOL). I doubt she's losing any sleep over it either.

    My point here IS about the lies. I understand you don't know what I'm talking about, but that is why this was part one. This was me asking if the people who have been inventing, lying and creating want to just give it a rest and be done with it now or if it really needs to turn into this. I am not here to incite drama or to fuel petty fights but it is enough slander and lies. Once again, this goes well above and beyond Karen. Hopefully it won't end up having to be a whole thing, though so far, it seems it might. Just hang in there and you'll see what I mean.

  6. Thanks for having published my comment, but I am not sure to understand very well the answer (I am Italian and my English is far from being good). MJJBlog, I have not missed your point, I have understand very well that you want to convince everybody that many people lies about K.Faye and to this point I said if people lies abt KF it's justice, she deserves it, she has been so mean with so many people, she has lied abt so many people, one day it's normal that someone pays the price of his bad actions. I cannot agree when you say that all the supposed lies abt KF go well above her because every time she does not like she delete this person. When I followed her FB I asked why sometimes the makeup of Michael was colourful and sometimes so pale, she replied to me that she did not appreciate my question and deleted me from her friend list, sincerely I have never understood what was disrespectful in my question. She is very susceptible. Maybe the 'lies' are explained by the fact that she has been so nasty and unfair with so many persons and these persons need a revenge. In Italy we say 'it's a fair return of the things', I don't know if you have in English the same proverb.
    SpeedDemon : I am also very curious, if it's possible I should like to know who are Paul and Patricia, is it Paul Hackman mentioned by MJJblog?

  7. I have always said that as long as comments don't violate certain things, I will publish them all. I just want to see them first.

    Now, I am not here to play games and the point of this blog is not to fight with you. So we can just leave it as it is if you want. If you would like to pretend that you haven't the faintest idea who Paul Hackman is, that is fine.

    You are talking about karma. You are saying that since Karen was allegedly mean to some people it's okay for people to lie about her - am I reading that correctly? 'Cause if I am I have a bit of a problem with that. I am not here to say that Karen has never made a mistake in her life. I have. You have. Karen has. We have all had conflicts with people in our lives and it is very rare that the conflict is ALL one persons fault. Why it is that everyone wants to harp on problems that Karen may or may not have been involved in in the past is completely beyond me, but, yes, you have missed the point. Because my point is, for the last time, not that Karen is a saint. It is that she is being lied about and I, for one, am kind of curious about why. Aren't you?

    As for your comment.... I wasn't there and I cannot judge it but I have a hard time believing that you simply asked her about why Michael had different styles of makeup at different times and she deleted you for that. That's just my opinion. I have heard a lot about Karen deleting people unfairly and while I myself know of ONE misunderstanding (that they fixed) other than that, I never saw it and I was on Karen's Facebook since fall 2009 and heard all the whining and ruckuses. I don't know. I don't really care either. It was her Facebook and she had the right to do with it what she wanted. *shrug*

    We can argue her character all day if you want, but that's not the point of this blog. Obviously, she is my friend and I do not tend to be friends with evil mean people. Think about it this way.... I was a fan of Michael for years and years and years. I love him. Why would I have formed any kind of friendship let alone one where I trust the person so much with someone who was hurting him? Do you not think that I have seen the same things you have? I have people who act like it's their damn day job to convince me that Karen is evil. But because I KNOW HER and talk WITH HER (not ABOUT her, WITH her) and learn and understand, I know that lots of stories going around have been seriously twisted. And I also know that SOME things (which I WILL get to in the next day or so) are entirely made up.

    Instead of thinking about how stupid Karen's "minions" are, maybe people should think about why we've stuck by her despite how badly people have tried to make her look.

    Also, think about this: to me, while I understand that she is "Karen Faye" and that she has done amazing things with her life and her career and that, yes, she worked VERY closely with Michael and was very close to him.... while I understand all of that obviously... if I am having a conversation with her or if I am reading something someone sent me about her... she's also Karen, my friend. So picture your own friend and picture you hearing the shit that I have heard and tell me how you'd feel.

    But again. I'm going into things that don't really matter. The point is people are absolutely 100% inventing things. I will get there. Soon. Like... by the end of the weekend soon. Okay? Then maybe you'll see more where I am coming from and why.

  8. "All I am saying is I am sorry if these two people had some kind of issue with Karen in 2004 which btw was like 8 years ago - that's still not relevant to the point that I'm making."

    So what if the problem was in 2004-thats not relevant at all. Its like asking Karen to get over the fact that people might treated her bad a year ago. It doesnt matter how long ago it was imo, what matters is what happened/the behaviour. Ive seen many people making jokes about that ppl should get over stuff that happened way back.. ohhh really? If those people were in that position, would they say the same? Smh. What about being understanding? (not directed at you, just ppl in general that ive seen making insensitive remarks).

    "You are right, I have had many of my own personal experiences with her, I love her and she is a good friend of mine."

    Good for you that one of your good friend is a woman old enough to be your grandma(no offense. Just sayin' LOL).

    "My point here IS about the lies. I understand you don't know what I'm talking about, but that is why this was part one."

    Cool! Once again you mention the lies which I believe have som truth to it but it will sure be interesting to know what you are referring to. You previously said you dont claim to know everything about Karen or Michael so how can you be so damn sure its all lies?

    Ps, whats the direction of your MJ-blog? Will you also write about issues related to the estate and Katherins decision to team with Mann and her decision to exploit MJs kids.. or is it more solely your own thoughts about certain stuff you see (hard to explain, lol)

  9. Okay, you're right. I'm sorry. If something terrible happened in 2004 that doesn't mean people should get over it because it's been 8 years. But, it also doesn't have anything to do with what I'm saying now. Once again, I know nothing about that situation and can't speak about it, but Karen and two fans (I am assuming they are fans?) having an issue again isn't relevant. If you think it is, please feel free to educate me on the story. You don't even have to do it here.... you can find my twitter on the blog and my FB is linked to my Twitter. Just if ya want to!

    I suppose technically she is old enough to be my grandmother if, like, she had a baby at say 14 and then that 14 year old had a baby at 14... maybe... but who cares? If anything, that just means I get to benefit by having a friend who has experienced more than I have and I learn lots from her. I don't think age is particularly relevant to friendship. No, maybe we are not going to be on the same wavelength about every single thing, but who cares? The friendship is working just fine. (You know there are COUPLES who are in LOVE who have 20+ age limit differences right? Not ALL of 'em, but there are some. And we're not a couple nor in love. I guess I didn't see the point of that remark at all... but anyway.

    And you will. I just need to have the time to sit down and write it out which as I have said I plan to do it by the end of this weekend. So just bear with me for another day or so. I absolutely do not know everything about Karen or Michael and I would never claim that I knew something was a liar if I didn't. I have never said every word ever said about Karen or about Michael is a lie. I have said there are lies.

    Frankly, I do not know enough about what exactly is going on with Katherine and Mann and Heal the World. I really don't. I am looking at it, but if I am not comfortable with the subject matter, I am not comfortable making judgments let alone blogging about it. While I didn't love seeing Michael's kids on TV, I cannot say that I know what or why Katherine made that decision, what Mann's role is and why and I have heard two VERY different stories about the Heal The World issue neither of which has been proven nor have I seen any evidence. How can I blog about it if I am not sure? The only thing I know is I didn't like seeing the kids on TV. I cannot insult Katherine... I just don't know enough about why she did it. There are lots of stories going around and until I know more I don't feel right blogging. But, if you are asking if this blog is only about Karen, no it isn't. I originally started this to counter some other blogs - THOSE were about Karen. I have since blogged about other things as well. I have one up about Kenny, one about La Toya, one about the uncovering MJs name campaign... one about the pretrial... I just can't blog about things I do not understand well enough. If at some point I feel I know more and I feel it's my business to blog about it, sure.

    We do not have to be on opposite sides here. I am asking you to bear with me for another day or so while I get everything figured out. But, let me be clear, I have not and never will say that everything ever said about Karen or about Michael is a lie. I have said (and stand by it) that there are lies, malicious and manipulative lies, being spread around and I am curious to know why that is. Please understand that we are on the same side. We both love Michael. You do not have to be friends with who I am friends with, all I am asking is for you to keep an open mind. Cool?

    And if you would like to talk privately, I would be more than happy to do so as well. :)


  10. SpeedDemon, thank you for your comments about HTW and Mr. Mann. I will look at them when I have time before I publish them, okay? Also, I am not sure they all went through as I only have part two and part four...

    As for the rest of this topic... I know I'm late, but I'll get it done asap. Have had family in this weekend and still recovering from an annoying sinus infection.