Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Turning anger into a career? Pearl Jr and her motivations.

For quite awhile now, Pearl "Jr" (not her real name, but it doesn't matter.) has been pushing her "ebook/movie" and how Michael Jackson faked his death. And, of course, that's not true and is ridiculous and all that... but what I kept getting stuck on was why Pearl was doing this.

Why would a seemingly respectable journalist throw away her credibility by using Michael's death and a grieving group of fans just to make a quick buck? She's made a mockery of herself in her profession, profited off of peoples grief... why?

Pearl knows Michael is dead. She was at the hospital on June 25th. She wrote the foreword for a book of letters saying good bye to him.. she knows. And yet, she suddenly decided to do a 180 and prey on those in his fan base who were in despair and unwilling to come to terms with the fact that he was really dead. WHY? Things like "cash" have been suspected... that she took the only road that a struggling journalist hadn't taken before just to make some money... but that never seemed right to me. And why did she do things like launch these insane stories about Karen Faye and seem so focused on hating her? She had no reason to hate her (other than that she was telling a different story - like, the truth.), let alone to make up absolutely horrible accusations and stories about her. It just didn't make sense. She didn't get cash for her Karen lies, did she? (Although, to be fair, she did include some idiotic story in her ebook which she charged for... but you know what I mean.)

There still seemed to be something missing, but because I hadn't the faintest idea what it could be, I just shrugged it off and went with "crazy" like everyone else did.

But, then the other day, I came across this blog that Pearl had written. And some thoughts entered my head. These are thoughts that ANYONE who has bought her product, talked to her, worried about anything she said, or cares about Michael, should have the opportunity to read. This isn't me attacking Pearl. This is serious.

Since I've read the blog, I've started to think that perhaps there is more to it than money.

The link to the blog is as follows: (If it is no longer up, let me know. I have screen caps in case she decides to take it down.)

The title of the entry is "Integration Equals Another Racism!"

To summarize, it is, in my opinion, an INCREDIBLY racist rant about the horrors of Black men being with White women. Now, I understand that this is the way some Black women (and probably Black men) feel. It is no different (as long as it's not taken to a different level like it was by Pearl) than people wanting their children to marry someone in their own race or religion... it's just the way some people feel. And for some reason, some people also seem to feel that racism does not apply if it is directed at white people. FYI? That's not true. A blog supporting Black women? Fantastic. I'll read it AND share it. But a blog such as this one that puts down White women by saying how awful it is for a Black man to be with them? That's not okay. Imagine the reaction if a white woman posted a blog about how horrible it was for white men to be with Black women. That would be disturbing. This was no less disturbing. It was incredibly racist, period send. And, yes, I'm a white woman calling a black woman racist. And if that offends any one of you, I'm sorry. But white people can be discriminated against too. They can be hurt too. And they are not immune from racism or suppression, in several cultures.

Now, please let me be clear:the African American community has CERTAINLY suffered from discrimination from White society along with other minorities. I do not and never would dispute that fact. But this... this was clearly much more personal.

But, really, you'll need to read the blog yourself to understand the ranting I just did. And probably the rest of this blog.

So, we have Pearl writing racist articles... but that's not the only point. Let's take a look at some of the stuff that REALLY caught my eye:

In her words;

"Due to the alarming trend of too many Black men abandoning their racial responsibilities in regards to being the provider and the protector of the Black race family, I have vowed to NOT purchase any products by any Black man that is currently spending my money on making sure his non-Black wife/woman lives comfortably. Heck, White men do a good enough job that White women don’t NEED our men to do what their men are most capable of doing. "

Black men have racial responsibilities to marry Black women? Wow. But, okay, let's look a little closer at the second part... Pearl has vowed to NOT purchase any products by any Black man that is currently married or dating a White woman. Hm.

She then went on to say:

"As I pondered about telling the truth about a few high profile powerful Black men, I realized that I pay their bills and they don’t pay mine. I am no longer supporting them either by watching them on TV or in movies, buying their records, supporting any products they promote, or contributing anything to someone who doesn’t care about my feelings or my plight as a Black woman, which inevitably includes their own Black daughters."

Then she gives some examples:

"~ Tiger “Cablasian” Woods married a White nanny. Now, we all know if a Black female nanny was just as beautiful as that White woman, he would have never given her a chance. A sistah would need to have a couple of MBA’s, Ph.d’s, MD’s and a trust fund to even be considered. My bad! Nothing would probably help because his words tell me he HATES his Blackness.

~ Kobe Bryant had a myriad of Black girls crying when in an interview he yelled, “you see this ring you can’t have me”, and then was caught on some secret trip to Colorado cheating on his Latino-set for life-wife with a White girl hostess that worked in a hotel lobby who now lives in a mansion, drives a luxury car, and has all the diamonds Kobe’s money can buy because he couldn’t resist the temptation of a 19 year old White girl.

Furthermore, I heard Charles Barkley bragging about him and his White wife hanging with Tiger and his White wife, and Tony Parker with his non-Black girlfriend, Eva Longoria, at a golf course having a wonderful time pretending racism doesn’t exist because they are interracially loving. But in reality their cult to dismiss Black women is the newest form of racism. Do you think these non-Black women want any sistahs around reminding Black men that we need them and their resources because we are dying without them? Hell No! Further influencing these men to pretend Black women and Black race issues are irrelevant in their lives by telling them that race doesn’t matter and they are so glad that racism is over."

Now, let's ignore the obvious ridiculousness in what she's saying as a whole and focus on how this relates to the subject at hand.

Whatever you feel about Lisa Marie and Debbie, hear me out. Pearl has just made her opinion of Black men who date White women (AND of those white women) very clear. They are "not meeting their responsibilities", they are "racist", they are "part of a cult to dismiss Black women.".

Michael Jackson was married twice. Both times? To WHITE WOMEN.

Pearl does not like Black men who are with White women and she does not like the White women that are with the Black men.

Suddenly, I have more questions. Is creating (or at the very least promoting and making it a FAR bigger thing than it was) the death hoax a way of reaping some sort of revenge or getting some of "her" money back from Michael?

Pearl is using a dead Black man (who's only public romantic relationships were with White women.), disrespecting him on the worst levels possible by acting as if he's still alive, heartlessly running around leaving "clues", not caring about the grief that the world was and still is feeling. Pearl is making money off of this "theory". She acts as though she was a fan of his, likely to connect with the fans, but this article written well before Michael died, clearly shows that that's unlikely.

And let's look at Karen Faye for just a second. Take away your own thoughts about how Karen's this or that, about how Karen's my friend... and look at the FACTS. Karen used to be married to a very successful Black man herself. Karen is a White women. (Not that she wasn't successful on her own, but evidently that doesn't matter.) Pearl knows that Karen was married to this man. And Pearl despises Karen for reasons no one can make sense of, anytime someone's asked she just lies about something else.

Of course, Karen also worked for and had a close friendship with one of the most amazing Black men on the planet. The same man who Pearl would look at as "a Black man who chose White women".

And, again. Pearl despises Karen for reasons still unknown.... no one had a clue. Now, I'm not so sure. Maybe we do have a clue.

So wait a second. Is anyone else pausing? This woman essentially said that Black men who are with White women are doing something wrong - look at it any way you want to, but she's included Michael in that. He is a Black man that was married to (and had BABIES with) white women. (Note, I am not here to debate anyones paternity. Don't even start on that shit, so help me. Whatever your opinion, it's irrelevant and highly disrespectful to both Michael and his children to discuss it.).

Are we really to believe that Pearl's beliefs and convictions are not connected to her disrespectful behavior in Michael's death? That there is no connection?

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb for a second and get personal. I am a white woman. And I am hurt and offended by this blog she wrote. To say that a Black man is doing something wrong by dating a White woman or marrying one? I find it BEYOND racist and offensive. And incredibly degrading and unfair to any Black man. Do you think Pearl would have an issue with a Black woman dating a successful White man? Somehow I doubt it. People are people and despite Pearl's opinion, love has EVERYTHING to do with it. Everyone is entitled to choose what they want, but how DARE she say that EITHER a Black man OR a White woman is doing something WRONG if they fall in love. And let me tell you, if you don't think this applies to Michael too (in her head), I beg of you to read it again.

I know many Black men with wonderful Black women by their side - and many with wonderful women by their side that aren't Black. Just as I know many Black women who have wonderful Black men with them and Black women with wonderful men that are not Black who stand with them. And what all of these couples have in common is LOVE. Who tells people what race they should love? Who says it's not okay to love someone of a different race? What kind of person? Sure reminds me of white supremacists. Race purification? Is this different from saying that white people with blonde hair and blue eyes should only be with white people with blonde hair and blue eyes? Why is this any more acceptable than that? Why is this point of view okay on any level? This kind of thinking is dangerous and based on fear and anger.

And not only is this an attack on Michael in the sense that he is the exact person who she is referring to in her blog, butt is also exactly the opposite of all of the things that he stood for. I think he'd be horrified by this. Michael spoke so openly from the bottom of his heart about his love for all races, for all religions.... for all PEOPLE.

So.... she takes a famous Black man who goes against the things that she apparently believes... one who strongly and loudly believed in the exact opposite of her agenda and uses his death and his grieving fans to make a quick buck by saying that he FAKED his DEATH?

The way I see this, after reading that blog, is this is a direct, vindictive, vengeful, disrespectful attack on Michael, on his family and on his fans by a woman who obviously had a problem with the way he chose to live and love. Once again I ask.... on what possible level is this okay?

Clearly, it isn't.


  1. You could give me a million and one reasons behind her behaviours, IMO it still doesnt justify using, and inet terorising the very people who loved Michael from the start right up till his last breathe... his fans.... the ones who 'made' him...are not there to 'make' Pearl. whatever her deep seeded issues are, i wish she would take them far far away from Michael's fan base and perhaps attach herself to a Doctors couch until she can sort herself out! The pain and anguish she has inflicted on Michael's memory, family, friends and fans is IMO almost unforgiveable! At a time when his memory should rest in peace, she has gone out of her way to make a mockery of everything Michael stood for! NOT OK! and thats my 2 cents worth.

  2. Did you take this as a justification? Because that's not... even a little bit what it was. I'm not trying to explain it and say ohhh so it's okay. I'm trying to say, the woman is full of it and has even more issues than we know.

  3. Nope, didn't take it that way at all! There is no justification for lying to 1000's of people. BUT.. I can hear this being used as an excuse for her 2+ years of craziness when she finally comes down off the smell of the fans money. It's been clear for a while she has a 'racism' agenda and also an issue with white woman, that does not make it ok to do what she's doing, if she has an issue with Michael's choices in life, i suggest a visit to Forest Lawn for her to make her peace with him...somehow!

    Honestly...Its the same as saying the Son Of Sam killer has mummy delves to the deep seeded 'head' issues and perhaps explains the 'how' someone could do something or the 'why'.. but certainly doesn't justify the behavior and make it ok, so thats not how i took it..
    im sure this kind of 'fraud' 'con' is chargeable by law . Isn't there shows on US television every week about con artists ripping off old people & doing them out of their retirement funds?.... Well how about we contact the producers and tell them this story.. oh thats right.. wouldnt matter, casue we are Michael's fans, so somehow its ok for this to happen to us! Meh! venting.

  4. Race issues, sure, but that's not the same thing as seeing THAT in black and white.... and yeah, like I said, it's not a justification. It actually makes it worse in my opinion. I hope some of her believers see this.

  5. "Reminding black men that we need their resources and are dieing without them."? PearlJr is putting down her black sisters by making this statement. A woman, no matter what race, doesn't need a man and won't "die" without one. That's backwards thinking on her part. It's not the 1950's where the women stayed at home & the men went out to work. In the year 2012, women can be, and are, as self-sufficient as any man. Whatever PearlJr's ramblings are, she is hurting the Jackson family & Michael's fans with her ridiculous theory.

  6. What a waste of time. Pearl and KF are the same : mad and dishonest.

  7. I'm so sorry you think showing people the real Pearl is a waste of time.
    This blog has nothing to do with Karen, other than to show why Pearl may make up ridiculous and insane lies about her. Your uneducated opinions about Karen are irrelevant. Perhaps it is your comment that was the waste of time.

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  9. Hello NeverLetYouPart,

    In no other way you could be more correct and clearer. I am totally convinced by now what this woman is up to. She is totally contradicting herself making way to all these questions which have obvious answers.

    I was a believer at one point of time, that's some months ago. And I used to believe all the shit pearl jr and twiggy together made up. But when I came across videos which said that this hoax is to tarnish Michael's legacy and that the hoax was a part of the "BIGGER" plan...I was awakened.

    And since then I seriously doubted her motives, the fact that she includes the "ALIVE" documentary after each and every tweet and yes, I was keeping a watch on her.
    Her latest twit longer, talked about how she is having problems in maintain her home, you know all the money problems and that her husband was really struggling to keep up with their lives. Then the question popped in my head, "WHY WASN'T SHE USING THE MONEY FROM HER DEATH HOAX DVDS AND BOOKS TO RUN THE HOUSEHOLD AND WHY IS SHE USING IT FOR HER COMANY 'ELBOW GREASE PRODUCTIONS?' ".

    Now I know why!! I'm totally shocked at how deliberately she is opposing Michael and how vehemently she's insulting Michael!

    The purport is that, she is cheating on MJ FANS, that's it! She creates videos with no point but a mere waste of time, tries to convince people that Michael himself is trying to contact her or give some stupid hints (!!!) and then fixes false come-back dates and provides false hopes. THIS IS NOTHING BUT REVENGE.

    Thank you so much for this post...this is something that every fan must read and WAKE UP!

    - Shrilata

  10. For one Michael was proud to be black but had "Vitiligo", is common pigmentation disorder which causes white patch on skin. Statistics about vitiligo says that about 2% of total population is suffering from this skin condition. Cause are not fully known to anyone therefor treatment of vitiligo is a tricky matter.So don't make up allegation saying Micheal was ashame to be black, because that is a lie!!.. Micheal was suffering & took pain killers - due to Discoid Lupus Erythematosus also,a chronic skin conditon.BY THE WAY PearlJr,(knowing you are very obsessed with Micheal), I hate to burst your bubbles but Micheal had a girlfriend for years living with him.. Grace was his secret girlfriend & kept it secrete from stalkers like you.. Grace is a black woman & Micheal was so in love with her & Micheal's children love Grace & to this day, still see Grace & visit her.. Here in this link is Micheal's girlfriend.. Eat your heart out!.,8599,1911880,00.html

    1. Sorry to contradict you but Grace was not Michael's girlfriend. I know several French fans who stayed at many occasion for several days at Neverland between 2001 and 2004 and they had the occasion to see surely that Grace was only the nanny of the children

  11. WOOOOOWWWWW...As someone who has stood behind and defended Pearl on many occasions, I must admit that I am ashamed and highly embarassed that I supported this woman. As someone of mixed/non-black descent, I find her opinions on interracial relationships/marriages highly offensive and outright sick. It is so sad how I have gone so many years deeply sympathizing for black people, particularly black woman for what they have had to ensure in society but in more recent years, I have heard many statements from the mouths of black woman in particular that make me wish I never cared. Pearljr's article is a clear depiction of the type of statements I am talking about. Her credibility IMO is officially SHOT! DONE! Thank God I waited until her video came to Netflix and did not have to pay her one thin dime.

  12. 1. Grace was not Michael's girlfriend. And even if you believe she was, there's certainly no proof of such a thing. I never said Michael didn't like Black women, though. I said he married two White women.

    2. My personal opinion? What part of this is opinion? These are her words, not mine. And this isn't about Karen, so can everyone stop making it about her for five seconds? I mentioned her because it is relevant to the topic at hand, but this blog is not about Karen or her credibility, it's about Pearl.

    To the two believers who commented, thank you for commenting and telling me that. You guys, the ones who truly look up to her and defend her, the ones I feel she is really hurting, are the ones I wanted to read this the most. Whether or not you "believe", this woman cannot be trusted. She really can't. And notice, she's had NO defense? She's seen this blog. More than once. People, people that have been devoted to her, have asked for clarification - not a word from her.

  13. Oh, unless you mean it's my personal opinion that Pearl is lying in which case, no it isn't. I am certain of it. Sorry I can't share every detail of my knowledge with you, but I think you can use your head and not believe that Karen "forced" Michael to buy her ten thousand dollar boots or that Karen wanders around as a nudist in front of children. That's beyond stupid. If you choose to believe those things, well, that's on you, I suppose. Do you also believe that Pearl has good intentions?

  14. I'm just going by what I read on the internet.. I really thought Grace & Michael had a relationship.. My apology.. Can PearlJr get into trouble by convincing true fans of Michael that he staged his death,(by making money of his his death)?. It is hurting us fans..

    1. I'm not sure, to be honest. She is lying about him, but you cannot technically slander a deceased person, apparently. However, she is also slandering Michael's family and friends, so one would think so, yes. But I don't think anyone thinks that level of crazy is really worth suing.

  15. Thankyou very much for sharing this. I have attempted to show believers this brilliant work you have done & I got nothing but attacked.I was hoping they would actually have a good think about it but the majority of them are so brainwashed from her they refused to and said its all lies. When u leave comments on pearljrs yt sites & twitter out come her followers and its war.Then of course you receive the abusive email from pearljr and then blocked. What she is doing is extremely hurtful and disrespectful to michaels family and his fans and she is not showing professionalism at all. Well done!!!!!! this was amazing!!!

  16. Thank you for posting and sharing your thoughts on this. I also supported Pearl for a very VERY long time. and was proud of her work, and excited with her connection to Mr. Jackson's fans, but after a short while , i noticed her professionalism declining. Then I noticed how she responded to fans, with anger and act in such a way, that shes held a RIGHT to behave unethically and carry herself in the same negative manners. Arguing online in a professional seat is not something that I support. ON TOP of this: I read that article that twisted my stomach to see an African American woman, BASH not only black men, but toss her opinion as if its FACT within the black community. thats NOT SUPPORT. Michael Jackson IS a black man, also. He MARRIED white women. so her motives are quite questionable in making money on FANS looking for a return in the hoax that is dead. she is seeking attention in all the wrong places. sadly and is GETTING it. Sure wish Mr. Jackson's fans wake up to the poison ingested by her financial motives and selfishness shared in this blog. (corrected typing errors)

  17. Have you ever thought that ‘believers’ may be a project of some third party? The party that takes advantage of fans’ nostalgic feelings for Michael and is INTERESTED in convincing them that he is alive? Because if he is alive it means that he has not died, and if he has not died no one is responsible for his death?

  18. Sorry if this turns out to be a repeat comment, but have you ever thought that ‘believers’ may be a project of some third party? The party that takes advantage of fans’ nostalgic feelings for Michael and is INTERESTED in convincing them that he is alive? Because if he is alive it means that he has not died, and if he has not died no one is responsible for his death?