Tuesday, May 29, 2012

sticks & stones

You know, for a long time I said nothing. I just watched, as the cruelty, the judgement and the "hate" began unfolding - again. (For a fanbase of a man so about "love", there's sure a LOT of hate...). But, see, then I got into that annoying position again. You know the one... where people are being so incredibly nasty and rude, not telling the truth, throwing so much negativity and hate out there and other people just letting it all happen or mindlessly agreeing or in some cases just yelling back... not productive. So, being who I am which is unable to stay out of things like this because they simply aren't right.... I got to this point again. The one where I have to point some things out. If you haven't yet figured it out, I am, of course, talking about Lisa Marie Presley.

In the past little while especially (basically since she started promoting Storm & Grace and got a little bit more accessible on Twitter.), the hate has been overflowing. You all don't need me to tell you what I'm talking about, you know what I'm talking about. And if you don't, then good. Lucky you and kudos for having no crazy in your life. ;) I originally had no intention of making this long, but apparently it got that way anyway. I know it will take some time, but please, read it if you are one of the people I am referring to. I know that there are going to be some people that aren't happy with me after this and that's unfortunate but the way I work is I need to stand up for what I believe in...that's not new....and that's what I did here. You all take your own paths. But please, give what I say a chance. I'm no more an "expert" on anything than you are. I'm in the same place you are.


The album sucks
Well, actually, no it doesn't suck. I, for one, absolutely love it. Nor do I believe that the majority of YOU think it sucks. It seems an awfully big coincidence that all the people who have a "problem" with Lisa also don't like her music. From past experience, I would say it's a safe bet that half of you downloaded the album from SOMEHWERE and actually like it a lot, but heaven forbid you should say that. And maybe some of you really don't like it, that's fine, there's not one person or album that is universally liked... but before you insult someones art, someones music that they put their heart into, perhaps you should think about how that makes YOU look. You are not decreasing the quality of her album by talking shit, you are simply telling your like minded friends how much you hate it so you can be accepted by them. Tell the truth... what would happen if you said you liked it? But who are you helping by lying? And, again, if you have listened and you really don't like it, who are you helping by saying you hate it THEN?

The whole album is about Michael
Oh, okay. Again, listen to it then let's talk again. No, it is not. I'm not saying he doesn't show up anywhere, but really, the whole album is certainly not about him and you know what? Even if it was (which again, it isn't)....in what way does that affect you? In what way would it hurt him? In what way would it be your business? Alright then.


Lisa gave it to Juliens herself to keep herself in the news
Oh, dear. When I first heard this, I legitimately thought people were joking. It makes THAT little sense. First of all, the "news" does not cover Julien's auctions. If she wanted to, er, "keep herself in the news" by giving a completely benign letter to someone, she'd give it TO the media. Second of all, again, "benign note". You don't think if she decided to somehow use Michael to get herself media attention, she'd have a better way of doing it then a note that innocent? That's a little silly, people. IF she was resorting to that, which by the way I promise you she isn't, she has more at her disposal than that note. Really now. And this thing about Lisa forging it? Oh my goodness, people, honestly. Listen to yourselves......what are you saying?

That note proves that Michael just wanted to get away from her
You see, guys, things like this is when I HAVE to believe that ignorance is happening on purpose because what else could it be? Did you write the note? Were you there that day? Okay then. Enough said.

Now let's get to all the stuff that gets everyone the most excited...


But, she said stuff about Michael.
She sure did. How many of you have ever talked about your ex? Anyone? Everyone? Oh, but wait. Your ex's aren't Michael. You're not doing it on TV. Right... I get it. But see, here's a few things that if you actually want to be balanced open minded people on this, you really should take into consideration.

She felt what she felt
That's the first thing y'all need to understand. Whatever she felt, whether it was true or not, it was her truth at that time. I am not going to tell you what she felt, I am not her. But she told you. You REALLY need to understand that in order to carry on here. She FELT what she felt.

We weren't the third party in their marriage
Was what she felt valid? I think it was, because I think anyones feelings at any given time are valid, but I dcon't know that everything she felt was the ultimate reality. You know who knows that? The two of them together. Her. And he knew that. And everyone else in the entire world that sits there and judges and picks it apart and has for the last 15 or so years needs to understand that. Yes, Michael fans love Michael. I know that. I love him too. But, you have to understand that being his fan, even his friend, is not the same as being married to him. In ANY marriage, there are two people that will experience things that only the two of them will ever truly understand because they are the only ones that were THERE. Not one other person can understand. I am so confused as to how people can sit there and judge her so harshly, telling people what she thought, why she did things, why she felt things... what on earth are you talking about? How on EARTH are you telling people why she did - what she thought - what she really meant - huh? Guys... we. weren't. there. Michael was wonderful and fabulous and I understand the fierce need to defend him, but you are not defending him by pretending to be able to know the inner details of a marriage that he was in. You are not defending him by inventing things to fill the gaping holes of what we DON'T know. You are not defending him by insulting his ex wife (or her current husband or her children - her CHILDREN? A+, Michael approves, I'm sure. Hello.) I'm not saying he was "the bad guy". I'm saying, I don't think there was one. I think the marriage ended. And that's not our business. So, that's another thing that needs to be understood before we go into "but she said....". Before we can attempt to understand the aftermath, we need to understand that we don't understand the marriage. As much as we love him, we don't know him as she did and they obviously both did things that contributed to the good and the bad. Okay? Okay.

Yes, she said- and she did - and she - I know
I watched the interviews too. There is no disputing that she said some things. But, let's take a step back for a second. Remember the two points I just made - she was feeling what she was feeling - and we weren't in the marriage so we don't know what actually went down between them. Now, let's put ourselves in her position. We feel whatever she felt and things didn't work out and we're doing an interview about, whatever we're doing an interview about, and every. single. time. his name comes up. FOR FIFTEEN YEARS. "Why did you marry Michael Jackson?" "What happened with Michael Jackson?" "Tell us about the divorce." "Do you think he - " "Why did he - ". Every time. There are interviews where she clearly said "I'm not talking about him.". There are interviews where she passively reacts. And then, yes. There are those interviews where she said some things that weren't the nicest things in the world I'm not saying it's awesome that she said them. I'm saying - he is not Michael Jackson to her like he is to us. He is her ex husband. And she's not happy. And she feels - again whatever she felt. And she reacted. And was it the best choice, no I imagine it wasn't. And just as we don't know what she was feeling then, we don't know what she's feeling now. Do you intend to punish her for the rest of her life for not saying the nicest things all the time about her ex husband years ago? I really think that one of the biggest problems here is the misrepresentation of Michael - and it's one that's not fair to him either. He wasn't perfect. He was a human being. He breathed air, he walked and talked, he got sad and happy and angry, he did stupid shit just like the rest of us.

It is your decision if you choose to hold onto this anger forever. But understand this - you are not doing Michael any favors. I understand the intention, I do, because in, say, 2003, I probably would've - well, I wouldn't have said the shit I've seen, but I would understand feeling hurt on his behalf. But, now it's 2012. Lisa has done a lot of self reflection and chose, though she did not have to, to share that with us in her 2010 interview with Oprah. People evolve and people learn. And Lisa did that. And then she moved forward while still holding on to memories. And that is what we all need to do for ourselves. We aren't helping anyone, least of all Michael, by judging things we don't understand, by throwing out negative energy (that by the way, she isn't catching so it's just staying with you. Do you see her acknowledging you? No.), by doing the exact opposite of what he stood for and spreading hate.

Michael called his fans his soldiers of love. It's time to start living up to the name. Think of all the time and energy you've spent hating Lisa and what good you could have done in that time. Let her go. You don't have to be a fan, but let it go. (Although she's pretty cool. You could do worse. I proudly dispute the nonsense going around that you can't love Michael and be a fan of Lisa - I'm doing it right now.). I'm not asking you to love her. I'm asking you, that if your goal is truly to defend Michael, to do what he'd want, to stand for him - then DO that. This isn't doing that. I know that the intention (from some anyway.) is to stand up for him, I get it......but it's gone well beyond that now. This is not okay. Lisa is a human being, not a tv character and the hate is out of control. You are not being fair. We can not judge what we do not understand.

I'll leave you with this... this is off of Storm & Grace btw... and ask that please... if you can't get past this for whatever reason, then at least let go of the negativity. You're hurting yourself and, frankly, doing what you've been doing as some kind of service to Michael is actually doing him a disservice. Think about it.....



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