Thursday, December 12, 2013


 Hey guys!

So, here is where the answers to the Q&A will be posted. Remember: it's (approximately) one answer for a week for... well. As long as it lasts. For every question, I will also post a little bit about the person who asked it (if Karen chooses to answer your question, I will email you about this) ;) We'll keep you posted on details and of course when a new question is posted. Each answer will be posted on this post - and the old answers will stay posted as well, of course.)

(We're back! I told y'all we would be. :) It's just with the holidays and everything, Karen has been really busy....and to be honest, I haven't had much time either. But here's your next question & answer.) 

This one comes from Mai who is twenty years old and from Florida. One of her biggest goals in life is to be able to travel the world to see different cultures and meet different people - "just like Karen has", she pointed out in her email to me. :)

"What is the most surprising/shocking thing you ever saw MJ do? Something no one would normally expect him to do?" 

"When I was glancing over all the questions for the first time, after reading this question I laughed as the first thought came to my mind. I wanted to answer this question next.  Steph can attest to how long it took for May to respond to the email requesting a little info about her. So, a shout out thanks to May. 

The word(s) that momentarily stumped me was "surprised/shocked". When you know someone for a long time, you become familiar with their actions and reactions to things, so being surprised/shocked is something that rarely occurs.

The first answer that popped into my mind made me laugh out loud. The visuals of this moment in time, flashed back to me. 

Michael had stopped by my hotel room unannounced one afternoon on one of our many journeys. We just hung out for a while, talking about this and that. 

After a bit, he wandered into my bathroom, not closing the door behind him. Knowing how curious he was, and how he ALWAYS liked to (secretly) go through my drawers and bags...looking for clues, trying to get a glance into my personal life...I felt compelled to see what he was up to. I did not want him to find some of my very feminine items I had in there...right girls? 

To my SHOCK/ client, for whom I went to great lengths to sanitize and personalize all my makeup and hair supplies I use on him, was actually brushing his teeth with my toothbrush!!!!


I had to scream, which was followed by my roaring with laughter. 

I could not believe my eyes! He looked at me with that  innocent expression, with lips all foamy with toothpaste "WHAT??? What did I do?"

I said, "I can't believe you put my toothbrush in your mouth". 

After he quickly rinsed and spit, he handed me back my toothbrush and apologized. 

"Oh no, you own it now mister" I said as I put the toothbrush  in his shirt pocket.

He graciously and profusely thanked me for the gift, as he left my cute is that?"

Note: yeah...just as a reminder, Karen really wants to get to know at least a little bit about the people she is answering so if you do get an email from me about this, please try to respond back when you get a chance.


The first question is from Agatha. Agatha is a 21 year old college student in Massachusetts. Her goals after college are to help others... and to "spoil her parents silly". (And I also know she's super sweet and smart!)

Thank you Steph and Karen for doing this, it's so smart !

<b>Karen, how do you go about blocking the noise from the people who might not like you? I'm currently a college student who is struggling with mean girls and people disliking me based on rumors. I walk around like I don't care and put on a front but when I get to my room I keep asking myself, "WHY don't you LIKE ME?!?!?!"

I need to stop. How?</b>

Hi Agatha. I am sure everyone reading your question has experienced the same feelings you and I have. You are not alone.

First, your description of it as "noise" is very perceptive and is the key to helping all of us navigate through these aggravating and petty folks that are all around us. The goal is to minimize our hurt and concern over things we have no control over and concentrate on the things we DO have control of.

The internet is a vehicle that magnifies the cruel and misguided behavior by cowardly people. When I was young, the people who taunted me were in the small sphere of schoolmates who I knew by name. Now those who express their disapproval of me are faceless, nameless scribblers of foul misspellings of profanity from near and far.

Second, you must ACCEPT that there will always be people like this in the world and not everyone is going to like you. Don't be disappointed because of an unreal expectation of a 100% approval rate. The president of nations, kings, sultans and even elected officials can't even aspire to that. Approval rates even fluctuate from one utterance to the next.

Other peoples opinions of you are created for a multitude of reasons that are more often about themselves and not you. That is just a fact of life. Don't let others rain on your parade.

Michael Jackson had many ppl who persecuted him. World wide tabloids started rumors, anonymous people sent him death threats where ever he was scheduled to appear, and there were business and lawmen who hated him enough to want him to fail or put him in jail. Michael taught me, by example, how to put this human behavior in perspective.

Third, you must remain confident in who you are and stay focused on your path in life. Michael kept creating magic with his talent, hushing all the noise with his success and the support of those who loved and appreciated him. He often referred to dealing with the negativity as developing "rhinoceros skin". Most creative people are sensitive spirits inside. The "noise" is a distraction only if you allow it to be. You are in complete control over how YOU perceive the world. Don't let it penetrate into YOUR life experience. Also know you must be pretty important for them to start rumors and go to all that trouble to "dislike" you in the first place.

Turn up the volume of your own success and of all those who love and appreciate you. That will drown out all that insignificant "noise" anyone attempts to distract you with. They usually want something you have, and the only way they imagine they can get it, is by diminishing something about you.

But lastly, don't ever ignore others criticisms. You can learn a lot from them. They could possibly be your most valuable teachers. They give you an insight into areas where you can improve and by understanding them, they will make you a stronger and better person.


  1. wow, great words of wisdom, thank you Karen!

  2. using your tooth brush was not cute, ad behaving as if he did not know what he had done is a bit scary. I love Michael, but I would have to have a serious talk about personal space with him after that.

  3. @taking care: ehhh, you know somebody that closely for 30 years, theyre gonna play with you like that. I think he knew what he did, he was probably just being cute. Agree though - he could've got his own toothbrush hahaha

    @BMWKLT :)