Monday, August 4, 2014

Karens final Q&A and Twitter Absence

Hey guys. 

So. I know it's been quite a while since we've visited the Q and A at all...and that has been because both Karen and myself are busy and involved in our real lives. But, during the time, the situation has changed and we both (particularly her, of course) think it's time and only fair that you all know why and how.

Many of you may have noticed, that Karen has not been on Twitter in awhile. (Except for one tweet and a RT.) That one tweet is a perfect example of what this blog is meant to explain:

Karen has made the decision that she will now approach twitter and Michaels' fan community in a different way than how she used to be involved. This does not mean she is disappearing forever - when she has something to say, she will say it. But that's about it. She has decided that she is done answering the fans questions etc. Let me explain..

Karen had been communicating with fans years before Michaels death. She began acting as a liaison, when Michael asked her to work with his fans on his website MJJ Source. It was then that she truly started understanding how important Michaels fans were to him. But after he passed away, his community of fans that were as traumatized by his passing as she was, grew and migrated toward her for answers and comfort. She was absolutely fine with this. In the beginning, I think fans helped Karen and Karen helped fans. Everyone was grieving and everyone was there for each other.

She was also comfortable with the number of fans around her growing, because Karen had some things to tell everyone. She felt that the fans deserved to know the truth and so, she began to tell anyone that would listen. The more, the better. It has always been Karen that was the only one who, putting herself at personal risk, told us what REALLY happened at AEGs rehearsals, how Michael was REALLY doing and had  a truth for every lie that was told. (There was one other person that did that too - but as soon as he got a better financial offer, he told us he didn't really say those things and that everything was fine, just fine.  He then wrote a book and literally sold the jackets off of Michaels back.) Karen did not only speak to fans...she told the truth to the Jackson family. She told everyone in a courtroom. But, when it came to the fans, that relationship was different. It went on longer and Karen would repeat things so that the new people just coming into Michaels fan world would learn those truths too. She would also do things like answer fans questions about MJ - often. From his favorite perfume to his habits before and after shows to his thoughts about the fans. She was the one there for everyone, providing a direct connection to Michael that no one else ever did.

It didn't take long, though, for certain fans to start twisting her words. I'd see her explaining A-B-C on her page and then see fans "quoting" Karen, saying she said X-Y-Z on another page twenty minutes later. Ridiculous...but she dealt with it, because she understood the jealousies, competitiveness and controversial nature of the truth within the MJ fan community.  She wasn't there for those who wanted to disrespect or defame her.

So, Karen had a truth to tell to the world. She had something to do for her friend....and she did it. She had truths to tell - and she told them. I am not saying that she didn't also enjoy the fans. I am not saying she didn't care abut the fans. She did. She still does. She always will. Michael taught her that about his fans, and she will never forget that. But she's told her truth and as of now....there's nothing left to tell. Some people will never believe the truth she's shared. Telling them again and again won't change anything - and that's okay. Those aren't the people she is here for. She's given enough. She's told enough. She given for the fans, for the Jackson family...but mostly for Michael.

In her words:

"Those who seek the truth will see my words, those who want to believe lies will continue to be blind."

There have always been certain people who didn't like what Karen was saying. They'd work really hard to discredit her. To discredit someone by calling them a liar - it's not okay by any means, but it happens all the time when someone has a scary truth to tell. But, sometimes it would go further. For example, someone decided it was a good idea to call Karen racist (what?) and bring her daughter into the conversation. That is completely ignorant behavior and not something she is willing to accept. Of course, it is only one person who did THAT but .there are fans that behave in ways that are so disgusting and so beneath what Michael represented in this world, she is not going to continue to contribute to a conversation with a community she can no longer recognize. 

Remember those many fans that I mentioned that Karen would answer question after question for? Where were they when some were manufacturing lies and disrespecting her? Karen was never here as an encyclopedia for people to throw questions at - she was here as a person. And when she is being personally attacked and her child is being brought into the mix, maybe the people she's been there for, answering questions and such, should've been there for her too. But they weren't.  Everything together has simply added up to the realization that she has given enough and it is time for her to live outside of the negative aspects of this community. 

Karen will be keeping her twitter account and accepting new followers. This is not written in stone and, again, if and when she has something to say, she WILL say it.  She stands firmly by every word she said (as well she should IMO). There is five years of honest communication on her timeline, everything from rehearsals, lawsuits, the Estate and other serious things to MJs favorite perfume and who he didn't date. It is all there for anyone to read at any time. Five years of truth.

Again, I hope y'all understand what I am saying. This is not about all of the fans, this is simply about Karen having given - and given enough - and five years later wanting to move ahead with her life without such things as the consistent questions and the negativity thrown at her from a few of the members of this "MJ fan community".

To everyone who submitted questions, I apologize for not getting them all answered. But we all must do what is best for us in our "real" lives over our "internet" ones. I hope you guys will support Karen, as I do, with taking a step that is best for her. In my opinion, it is about time she does that.

I will leave you with a thought that Karen shared with me that ends this very well. She said to me..."Michael is gone. He no longer needs fans the same way he used to - now, the Estate needs his fans. Sony needs his fans."

Before everybody flies off the handle, she wasn't saying MJ doesn't need people going forward in history. He would want us to tell the truth about him, help spread his legacy, teach our children about him, play his music and make sure he continues to be represented correctly in history. What she means is when you fight for a product - a "new" album, the cirque show, those slot machines, whatever, you aren't fighting for his art anymore. Those are the Estates products. Someone other than him now decides what gets put out and what doesn't. Someone else remixes the music. Someone else decides how an "MJ" song should sound or how his hologram should dance. Someone else decides whether Neverland is sold or preserved for his children. And the Estate and Sony makes those choices now - as well as where they spend your money. 

What Karen means is that Michael is at peace now. He left his message. His work is done. It is our responsibility to be the loving, giving and peaceful people he knew we could be. Our planet needs us to be who he was teaching us to be. He left the rest up to us. This is the only way he needs his fans now.

Yes - money goes to MJs mother and children. Michaels music, just as he left it, could take care of them throughout their lives.  They are far from destitute. Wanting them to make some extra money does not mean you must support everything the Estate, (whose executor Michael sacrificed to pay off and break all ties with) and Sony (a company MJ didn't want to work with while he was alive) produces to sell, in order to get into fans wallets. Karen intended (and succeeded in doing so) to continue educating his fans, just as Michael was when he was alive, to the evil practices of the recording industry.  It is becoming a cunning and lucrative business in the entertainment industry for artists lawyers and business associates to gain control over celebrities wills and trusts, enabling them to rape the artist's image, creative material as well as their personal property, after they die, to fill their own bank accounts. We see this playing out in front of our eyes right now. We see how Michaels beloved fan community has been infiltrated by fraudulent corporate controlled manipulators, attempting to sell products and mold opinions. 

The time has come where Karen has realized she has done all she can getting the truth out for Michael. She has educated his fans and even his family who were not able to be there to know what she experienced in his last days on earth. Now it's up to Michaels family and fan community to figure out how to proceed.

Thanks for reading, guys. As I said, while Karen WILL still be around, on a more limited basis, I really do hope you will all support her in taking this step at this time.

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