Friday, January 7, 2011

thoughts of a minion.

I've tried. You know? I've tried. I've tried so hard to ignore the tweets, Facebook messages, emails (where people got my email address from, I don't know.) that have been sent to me over the past few days. I've tried to ignore the tweets that I have seen. I've tried to ignore the idiotic immature blog posts, pictures and lord knows what else.
Then, I tried in a different way. I tried responding to the individuals that kept throwing the same questions at me over and over again. I tried taking the high road and remembering my own advice. I've tried and I've tried and I've tried and now I am sick to death of trying because it is getting me nowhere other than being exceedingly PISSED OFF.
So, I'm gonna do this again, and I'm gonna do it now. I'm gonna not give a crap what people decide to say or think about me, if anything at all because of it, because I am so tired of the same thing. I am so tired of seeing blog posts and tweets and rude emails about Karen Faye.

I do not want to go against what I said in my last blog and that is not my intention. However, there is a difference, I think, between standing up for something/someone you believe in and in being rude, mean, harassing people... forgetting why we are here. I think I am doing the first one. That is my intention anyway.

You know... there are some people that I don't like much. People from Michael's "circle". Only... unless you know me well, you probably don't know who they are or what I feel and why... because with rare exception, I don't sit there and talk about them all the time. I don't even know where most of them are, let alone if they are still posting on Facebook or Twitter and what they are saying. But, there seems to be some weird kind of magnetism that comes with Karen. Some kind of draw where people who supposedly "don't like her" feel this strange need to talk about her. All. The. Time. It's WEIRD. They don't "care" about her and what she does, but everytime she tweets, there's a new comment about it. And sometimes, they do not even NEED new information, they'll just go back and talk about the old stuff a million times! She can't take a BREATH without someone talking about it! It's really really weird...

This isn't the first time I've blogged about Karen, obviously, but its' the first time in awhile, so let's get through some basics quickly.

1. "Minions". It's a joke. When Karen calls us her "minions", she does not actually mean that we are truly minions. Nor are we actual flying monkeys. What she is referring to, or what WE might be referring is how HILARIOUS some of these insults have gotten. You see, awhile back, some brilliant person, I truly do not recall who it was, decided that all of the people that Karen had either developed friendships with or even the people that Karen didn't really know but who would stand up for her, or at the very least, not jump on the "I hate Karen Faye" train were "minions". That we (and this is a direct quote taken from a blog) "blindly support Faye" and that we would run around doing everything she told us to do which included (though was not limited to:) sending people harassing emails, CALLING people and harassing them, tweeting certain things, photoshopping pictures and just generally lying. (Of course, she never asked anyone to do ANY of those things.) You see... but that is so incredibly ridiculous that we ALL, including Karen, find it hysterical. Hence the joking around about it all the time. I'm sorry that that annoys some people that your incredibly brilliant insult has become something that we can get some laughter out of, but it is what it is. So, thank you, to those of you who have expressed concern for us brainless minions... but we're actually doing okay. ;)

2. I am SO tired of Karen being called a liar. I understand that for some reason utterly unknown to me, the policy is to believe everyone else on the planet before we believe Karen, but that's just not gonna fly with me anymore. I mean, are people really saying that Karen is a PROVEN LIAR because Kenny Ortega said that he does not recall having a certain conversation with Karen? That makes her a PROVEN LIAR? Why is that proof? Is it because Kenny would NEVER lie? (Kenny used to tell us that everything was fine and there were no problems. These days, there was a week where Michael was missing from rehearsals which gave Kenny "anxiety", a day where Michael was so unwell that Kenny found it "scary" as well as a meeting that included Kenny, Dr. Murray and a couple of other people held at Michael's house regarding "concern". Is that FINE?). Or is it that people don't lie under oath? (Allow me to take you back to 2005 if you will.)

In all of these MONTHS that everyone has been on Karen's ass calling her a liar, not ONE PERSON has ever been able to answer this simple question:
What would Karen have to gain by lying about any single thing that she ever said?

And now there are a million OTHER things that Karen is being faulted for! A short list for you all to see, each point followed by a reason why it is utterly ridiculous:

-Karen is sitting on Twitter instead of testifying at court.
Karen has not, as of yet, been called to testify at this pretrial. You do not just prance into a courtroom and announce that you are there and ready to testify.

-Karen was one of the people who ran MJJSource and I still never got my calendar, therefore she stole my money.
If I send you a calendar, will you be quiet? Honestly. ONCE again, this issue has been addressed a thousand times and I truly believe the ones still using it as any kind of serious problem are desperately searching and clinging to something to hate on Karen for.

-Karen is a reason for fan division.
Cry me a freakin' river. Fan division was caused by FANS plain and simple. FANS, or really, PEOPLE in general, should be able to agree or disagree on any specific things, situations or people without having a huge division caused. That Karen is such a controversial subject that is seemingly SO important to everyone that there is actually some fan division because of it is the fault of the FANS. Grow up and accept responsibility. We can blame NO ONE for division amongst us other than ourselves. And Karen is FAR from the only person that fans disagree on by the way.

-Karen sometimes says something and then says something different.
That's what happens when you have human beings that evolve, grow and change. They change their minds or opinions on things. Please stop putting out quotes from 2007 and then one from 2010 and trying to show how that makes Karen a liar. It makes Karen a human being able to change her mind, grow and accept that she might have been wrong about something or someone. Hardly a crime.

-Karen blah blah blah pictures blah blah Forrest Lawn blah blah Facebook blah TMZ.
But, seriously? I mean, seriously? I also find it hilarious that a FAN has shared that Karen has offered the Jackson family no apology for sharing the photos. Fans who pretend to know everything about the family and what goes on behind closed doors frighten me. Unless this particular fan has spoken to each and every Jackson family member and knows for sure what they are talking about, I would suggest that this fan stops ruining their own credibility.

Karen has been accused of lying, of having an agenda, of being an evil person with evil intentions who never cared about Michael and certainly does not do so now. I do not know why those who supposedly dislike Karen so much are not tired of talking about her all the time, but I am tired of hearing about it already. I am tired of reading the nasty tweets that get retweeted like people are so proud of themselves for their petty and disturbing behavior and I am tired of getting emails because people who do not get told both sides of a story (or sometimes even one true side) are confused. (To be clear, I do not mind that people are asking... I mind that they are being put in this position.)

You can call me whatever you want at this point. You can talk about how what I have to say does not matter, you can talk about how blind or stupid I am, you can talk about how Karen put me up to this (she didn't and never has.), you can talk about how no one cares what I think.... go for it. But I will say this and I will say it very clearly so there is no room for any misinterpretations:

I have known Karen on some level since September of 2009. I have gotten to know her on a more personal level since then. I spent time with her in person in August of 2010. I have spoken to her IN PERSON, spent time with her IN PERSON and had MANY private conversations with her. I trust her fully and despite how many times the same people call me stupid for it or attempt to make not only me but many of us believe otherwise, I know that Karen is an honest and good person. Karen loved Michael deeply and she still does. I have seen Karen's words get twisted a number of times for over a year now. I have seen proof with my own eyes that she is not or does not do many of the things that people say she is/does. I have heard people talk about their bad experiences with her and yet not one person has been able to offer any specifics other than that STUPID MJJSource website (actually, the website wasn't stupid. The way everyone goes on and on about it now is) which anyone who cared enough to pay attention to already understands the circumstances behind it. If knowing all of the above and supporting someone who has continually put herself out there and continued to share despite the crap that they keep getting from people and publicly defending someone who I feel 100% is being unfairly accused, targeted, lied about, harassed, etc... if all of that makes me a "minion", then it is no wonder that I wear my "minion badge" with pride. Let people talk about how stupid or pathetic I am for it... that's cool. Because while they are doing that and coming up with more "clever" lies or insults, I know and am comfortable with where I am standing and with who and what I support.

Oh and by the way... Karen is my friend and I love her but this is not even fully about that anymore. This is also about right vs wrong and what is being done here is wrong. I do not enjoy writing blogs constantly pointing this out but I will continue to do so as long as people continue to have their twisted obsessive comments out there. I do not KNOW why people are so invested in lying about her or creating stories. I do not know why people are constantly twisting her words around or just creating new ones. I honestly don't know. I know that she has said some things that people do not like because they would prefer to believe their own delusions, but short of that, I do not know why there is so much obsession and the same crap happening over and over again. Maybe, instead of wasting your time reading the same stupid lies over and over again, if you need something to do, spend some time trying to figure out why this is happening.. and hey, if you come up with anything, let me know! ;)

ETA: Since people seem so oddly obsessed with pictures of Karen lately as well, here are a few to look at. Note how many years these were taken over... I dunno, for someone that is so evil and all, Michael sure kept her around for a long time!