Tuesday, January 4, 2011

dear Michael fans:

While I am certainly clear that it is not my place to tell anyone what to do, I feel the need to post something after the pure insanity of today.

While I understand that emotions have been running high all day (mine were too.) and that this has all been very upsetting for everyone, I think that we ALL need to keep things in perspective. This was DAY ONE of the PRELIMINARY TRIAL. If we are already acting this way, I am scared to think of how it is going to be when (assuming it does) the actual trial starts or even a few more days into the preliminary trial.

We all loved Michael. We all miss him and we are all not only upset that he is gone, but incredibly angry. That being said, once again, we need to get it in check.

1. We need to not assume that everything said in that courtroom is the truth. People lie. They lie under oath too. (2005 anyone?). People especially lie when they have motives or things to cover up. Just because it's SAID that doesn't make it true. Unless we were there (and I do not mean in court, I mean THERE at the time.) we do not know anything as a fact unless there is evidence behind it. We are all entitled to believe whatever we want, but it is very dangerous to take everything said under oath as 100% true.

2. Even if we do believe something is true, there is something called controlling yourself. If you believe that someone is lying, that's fine. Go ahead and believe it. But things like threats, name calling, verbal abuse and hatred are not okay and are not the way that I think Michael would want his fans acting. We all get upset and lose control once in awhile, I understand that. But, it is times like these where we HAVE to think before we speak. Some of the things that I have seen spewed out today were absolutely beyond disgusting. I didn't know Michael personally, but I can say with a whole lot of confidence that he would NEVER want his name associated with that kind of behavior.

3. The things that we do, as Michael fans, reflects on Michael whether we like it or not. There is constantly talk about "Michael's crazy fans". Perhaps we shouldn't be giving people a reason to say those things.

4. Understand what you are saying before you say it. People cannot just show up at court and testify unless they are called to do so. Things are not always as black and white as people would have you believe. Etc, etc, etc.....

5. Remember why we're here and why we care. This is not about anyone but Michael. I don't particularly think it matters who you support and who you don't support. Anyone who truly loves Michael wants the same thing in the end and that is truth and some form of justice. We need to not lose sight of what is going on here. While fans are screaming at each other and other people on Twitter, there is a trial going on involving Michael's DEATH. Keep it in check.

This is going to be a LONG ROAD and it is not going to get any easier. There are going to be lies, there is going to be character assasination. There are going to plenty of things that are going to make us all upset and angry and hurt. It does no one, and certainly not Michael, any good to be screaming, yelling, accusing, lying and hurting each other. Things might just be a little easier if we can all keep all of this in mind.


  1. Well said, we have to be united for Michael, but instead of it, his death put us in many opposite camps...

  2. Thanks for such an excellent post. These are important reminders. We need to stand together, remember why we're here, and focus on what really matters.

  3. Karen I couldnt find any such question in the transcripts addressed to Ortega at all! Nor did I see your name mention in the transcripts. I was listening to ustream broadcast. Erin Jacobs told the listening audiance this information via phone that Ortega was asked about a conversation he had with you about MJ's condition. Absolutely not true or it would be in the transcript. What Erin's motive is to start such a rumour is beyond me. We are all here for Michael and whatever vendetta she has should be put on the back burner! As if the fans wouldnt find out! I am very dismayed about this! I was floored when I heard it and I told myself this cant be true! Now I know it's not true, unless someone comes up with it in the transcript.

  4. Excellent post! Much needed.
    Thank you.

  5. @lore, Filthy Tabloid Trash (love the name!) & mike1909: thank you.

    @lauramottawa, to be clear, this is not Karen's blog... she shared the link to the post (which was much appreciated!) but she did not actually write this. As for anything else, while I agree with you that that ustream was full of exactly what I was talking about here (hate, rudeness and not entire truths), let's try to keep this post from turning into something of that nature... nothing against what you said, you're more than allowed an opinion but more of a precautionary thing. ;)

  6. Thanks for bringing what needs to be heard to the forefront. Legal justice for the family must continue it's course through the long court process. Watch, listen, evaluate, self educate ... do not jump to hate. "Come together, right now" Michael showed us all that patience and persistence positively motivated by L.O.V.E. will bring truth to prevail.

  7. Great post. Thanks for reminding everyone of all this. Please let us all heed this warning. Our tweets and our views may make no difference to the outcome of the trial... but remember our prayers do. If you wanna do something for Michael... have faith in God, and Pray for the truth to come out in court. Faith means trust. x

  8. Thanks for this. I agree with the amount of discord, hate and anger going around, I too was beginning to feel uncomfortable. MJ fans need to face the trial with maturity. Sarcasm, and biting hurtful remarks even to other MJ fans is disrespectful and causes more harm to MJ's name than anything else.

  9. Well written! Everyone should keep in mind that no matter how much we the fans loved Michael, and it upsets us to hear the details about his death, whether they be true or false, it is far worse for his family. They are reliving the loss of their son, father, brother & uncle all over again, this time with the gruesome details. This is not about us. This is about supporting the family in a calm and dignified matter that does not add to their pain. Disruptions in and around the courthouse only turn the proceedings into a circus. Mrs. Jackson has suffered enough. Let's not waste any more time and get to the trial and verdict.
    Let's give them our LOVE & support. That's all we are in the position to do at this time.