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Before I start, I would like to link you all to
blog. Please read that and try to understand where I am coming from. I truly hope that you all can... at least to a point. The purpose of this blog is not slander and is nothing other than exactly what it is.

Please do not take this as anything other than it is. This would be a GREAT opportunity for people to have an intelligent conversation. I am leaving comments open on this one.

This blog will be broken down into sub categories, but there is one main topic and that is Kenny. (Known from now on as KO.). There is much confusion amongst fans and the Michael community in general about this man, his character and whether or not he is telling the truth. This blog will attempt to answer those questions. You do not need to rely on me - I will be answering these questions with KO's own words.

Last Monday in court, KO took the stand as a witness for the prosecution in the involuntary manslaughter case against Dr. Conrad Murray for the death of Michael Jackson. KO answered a number of questions under oath. He explained that he felt "anxiety" because there was a week where Michael had essentially "disappeared" from rehearsals. He mentioned one specific day (June 19th 2009) where Michael appeared so unwell that it was "scary". He also mentioned a meeting held on June 20th that took place at Michael's house and included KO, Dr. Murray, FD, RP and Michael... and perhaps other people as well.

That may all be true... selective truth, IMO, but it may all be true. The problem, however, comes when we compare what KO is saying now to what KO has said in the past. Furthermore, there are SOME things that KO said in court that I believe are, if not outright lies, SERIOUS dancing around and avoiding the truth.

Let's look at this on topic at a time.

On Michael's health

Had Jackson been unreliable, tired, in pain? Did he seem pepped up to the eyeballs on this cocktail of prescription drugs? “I’d been to his home, I’d seen him playing with his children, and seen no evidence ever of anything like that.

True, that statement could be referring to KO saying that he had seen no evidence of Michael "pepped up to the eyeballs on this cocktail of prescription drug" and not the question of "Had Jackson been unreliable, tired, in pain?". Because of the way this was formed, we cannot be sure. However, it is, at the very least, something to question.

“I think he was eating as much as he thought he needed to. I wished he would have eaten more. I was always making sure there was plenty of food around

To me, that implies that KO did have some concern with the amount that Michael was (or was not) eating. Keep this in mind...

So wasn’t this battered, rake-thin man too frail to mount a comeback? Ortega is having none of it. “No! Look at photographs of Fred Astaire at the height of his career. They’re the spitting image.”

So... you weren't concerned about how thin he was? But you were concerned that he wasn't eating enough? Or you were just... sort of concerned? I'm confused. Are you?

BTW, here are some pictures of Michael during TII rehearsals and of Fred Astaire... you can decide for yourself if they're the spitting image or not..

KO has maintained that Michael was healthy throughout TII, right? So, what about this, taken directly from his testimony, on January 3 2011?

'It quickly became clear that the meeting was about me. That the Dr. was upset that I had sent Michael home and didn’t allow him to rehearse the night before. And BECAUSE I HAD VOICED MY CONCERNS ABOUT MICHAEL'S HEALTH that evening. Dr. Murry told me that this was not my responsibility and to not act like a doctor or a psychologist and to leave Michael’s health to him.'

So... there were concerns? It doesn't sound like Michael was just not feeling well on that one day. If there was a meeting the FOLLOWING day and KO "voiced his concerns about Michael's health", that does NOT sound, to me, as though it was a one time thing and that KO had no other concerns. Does it sound that way to you?

In court, KO was asked:

. Do you remember having a conversation with Karen Fay[e] [about Michael's health]?"

After requesting a glass of water, KO replied that he did not recall having a conversation with her.

Since Michael died, Karen Faye has remained consistent in everything that she has said regarding Michael's health and the circumstances that were surrounding him. Without going into too much detail, it is unquestionable that Karen expressed her concern about Michael's health while KO and his AEG buddies were still going around talking about how lovely everything was, signing autographs at parties and promoting their exciting new movie. It is true that this is a case of his word against hers, but.... based on all that... based on the fact that Karen expressed her concern to all of us since June or July 2009 and remained consistent in her words (and of course, going back to my old point that she would have NOTHING to gain from lying let alone the fact that so much of what she said was later proven true) and considering the fact that, once again, Kenny was running around full of "L-O-V-E" and "TOY" and what not...and would have PLENTY of reasons to lie... WHO do you think is telling the truth? Honestly.... what makes the most sense to YOU?

KO was then asked:

do you remember telling Karen Faye not to placate Michael

His reply was that he doesn't even know what the word "placate" means.

(For the record, here is the definition of placate. Someone feel free to pass it on to KO.

to appease or pacify, esp. by concessions or conciliatory gestures: )

The testimony went on as follows:

EC: Did you advise Karen Fay[e] in any respect in regard to how to treat Michael after this meeting?

KO: No.

EC: Did you discuss with Karen Fay[e] any thing regarding how she should treat Michael?

KO: I don't recall having any discussion with her.

Once again... who do you think is telling the truth?

He also claimed he does not remember if he spoke to Michael regarding the increased number of shows. Really? He doesn't REMEMBER? Okay, KO... okay.

By, the way, there is also THIS from KO's testimony at court:

6/25/2009: At some point he learned that something happened. He received a telephone call while he was rehearsing. Earlier, he had spoken to Randy Phillips and was on his way to rehearsal. I asked him to, “Please let Michael know how excited I am and how much I look forward to rehearsals.”

(Randy Phillips said?) I thought you were calling for a different reason,

Take that as what you will.

On This Is It, as a movie.

“At the time I was uncomfortable with the notion. My immediate instinct was: too close, too quick, too emotional,”
Ortega tells me when we meet on the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, Los Angeles.

“But then I discovered that there was gonna be a movie anyway,” the 59-year-old continues. “And a friend of mine called me and said, ‘I’m reading online that they’re talking to other directors.’ I thought, ‘Now wait a minute – this is really sacred material here. And we were there and I’ve been there on all of these ventures in this last twentysomething years with Michael.’”

Ortega couldn’t bear the prospect of an outsider – “somebody who didn’t really know what the experience was about” – having their hands on what would become Michael Jackson’s last will and testament. He talked to other members of Jackson’s inner circle. “I thought, if everyone will agree that this is a legacy piece, about those four months and about showing the fans what it was that we were trying to do, then I should try do this. Because, you know, who else?”

Okay. So, what he's saying here is that originally he did not want to do the movie - at least not right away - until he heard that they were going to do one anyway and were talking to other people. Correct? Alright. But, you see, then we have this:

This is from KO's twitter:

The TII Team is deeply grieving the loss of our dear Michael. Our hearts go out to Michaels Children, Family and Fans around the world. LOVE 2:04 AM Jun 27th, 2009 via web

As we close our eyes on this sad day, DREAM, BELIEVE, THIS IS NOT IT. In time, we will celebrate and honor his vision with you all. 5:17 PM Jan 4th via web

You are not alone in the desire to see Michael celebrated with a Tribute that honors his final work TII We are working to make that real. 2:30 PM Jun 27th, 2009 via web

On June 27th. JUNE 27TH! Michael died on June 25th! And on JUNE 27TH, Kenny was talking about how they were working to make that real. And yet, didn't he say in that interview that at first he thought it was too soon? Too emotional? That he changed hid mind in time? So... what? When he says "in time", did he mean less than 48 hours? Or was he maybe less against it that he's trying to say? Of course there is always the possibility that he meant something else other than TII as a movie. Maybe they were going to, um, come up with some kind of OTHER tribute to honor his final work TII?

This, of course, is not about Michael's health, but it IS about Michael's death. It also speaks of his character.

Also, did anyone notice how KO kept tweeting about LOVE and TOY .... right up until around the time the DVD had been released? Just askin'

Note, also that by July 2nd, a week after Michael died, "official" rehearsal footage had already been released:

*: Official Michael Jackson rehearsal footage from "This Is It" has been released - Todd 4:39 PM Jul 2nd, 2009 via Twitter Tools

On Michael's mental state and how he felt about TII

Why did he want to undertake such a gruelling commitment? Tackling his huge debts – reportedly $400 million (£245 million) – was, admits Ortega, “partly” a factor. Jackson’s attitude was apparently, “This is a great job, and I’m gonna be able to get myself back at a good place and provide my family with some security.” But Ortega emphatically denies the suggestion that his 50-night stand in London was forced on Jackson by his creditors and handlers.

“There are those out there who say, ‘Michael didn’t want to do This Is It. He wasn’t capable.’ Michael didn’t just wanna do it – his attitude was, we have to do it.”
After almost two decades of multiple litigation, gibes about his appearance, jokes about chimpanzees and exactly who donated the sperm to conceive his children, Jackson had a lot to prove. “I also think it was giving him back something that had been sucked out of him. His dignity as an artist. His meaningfulness as an artist. He wanted this. This was bringing him happiness. This was something to look forward to.”

Okay. So, he wanted to do the shows and he was capable of doing the shows. Yes? Alright. But, then there's this (in the same interview!)

Could Ortega see that the lack of sleep was wearing Jackson down? “Sometimes, yeah. Yeah. And we’d have to be careful. Absolutely. **I was concerned about his physical strength and whether or not he was doing all the things he needed to do to be the strong person that he needed to be to fulfil what he wanted to fulfil.**”

Oh. Okay.

Had it been clear to Ortega all along that Jackson was actually capable of fulfilling his contractual obligations and playing all 50 shows? “No, it wasn’t clear to me,” the director confesses. “Not all through the rehearsals did I have absolute confidence. But that’s me,” Ortega chuckles. “I’m the director, and nervous. But towards the end – that’s why it was so sad, that’s why it was so difficult, that’s why it was painful. Because at the very end, we did see it.”

Alright. Well.

First of all, are you trying to imply that you were concerned but that's just because you were the director and so you were OVERLY concerned? As in, you were just being silly or something? Or are you, once again, saying that you were NOT sure that Michael was capable?

Or does it not matter because you changed your mind "at the very end". What does the very end mean? Does June 19th count as the very end or is that too far back Are you referring to the 23rd and 24th? Those were the supposed days that most people seem to agree that Michael was, for some reason, doing better...

To me, it sounds like KO wasn't keeping his story fully straight in this one article, let alone for months to come.

On Dr. Murray.

Ask if Dr Conrad Murray was a regular presence on the set, and Ortega replies that he only met him “a couple of times. "I had a couple of conversations with him. He was Michael’s personal choice doctor, and was his daily physician as I understand it. And was doing everything in his…” Ortega falters, as if he’s mindful of the ongoing legal situation. “He was helping Michael stay nourished and healthy and, you know, looking after him.”

Michael's personal choice doctor? Not AEGs?

Oh, okay. Well, I suppose technically speaking, that doesn't mean he lied. You know. A couple of conversations... one of them could have, in theory, been a meeting where the doctor yelled at him for sending Michael home and told him he wasn't a doctor and should mind his business.

Once again, we hear KO discuss the meeting in his testimony from January 2011:

'It quickly became clear that the meeting was about me. That the Dr. was upset that I had sent Michael home and didn’t allow him to rehearse the night before. And BECAUSE I HAD VOICED MY CONCERNS ABOUT MICHAEL'S HEALTH that evening. Dr. Murry told me that this was not my responsibility and to not act like a doctor or a psychologist and to leave Michael’s health to him.'

So, you DID have concerns about Michael's health.

Of course, that kind of thing doesn't sound like he was helping Michael stay healthy or looking after him. So, you know, there's THAT to think about. Why say that if it's not true? I mean, can they both be true? Could Murray really have been looking after Michael and keeping him healthy while also getting angry at KO for supposedly sending Michael home when he wasn't well? Doesn't sound so right to me...

The wrongful death suit

KO has recently filed legal documents requesting that he be removed from the wrongful death suit that Katherine Jackson has filed. His reasons for asking to be removed from the suit are:

"Kenneth Ortega is not alleged to be involved in the medical treatment or administration of drugs that allegedly caused Michael Jackson's death."

Well, that's all well and good, however nobody is accusing him of having been involved in the medical treatment of administration of drugs that allegedly caused Michael Jackson's death.

The wrongful death suit does not allege that KO had ANYTHING to do with that at all. What the wrongful death suit alleges is that, among other people, KO was NEGLECTFUL. That he saw the bad condition that Michael was in and that he, not only ignored the condition, but continued to push Michael. (More than one source has said that members of the AEG "team" told Michael that if he did not, essentially, shape up, that they would "pull the plug" on the whole show... that Michael was threatened...that basically, Michael was NOT in control here.)

KO's arguments for why he should not be included in the wrongful death suit, truly makes me wonder if he has READ the wrongful death suit.

Further, KO's lawyers also say:

Kenny never had a contract with Dr. Conrad Murray or with Michael Jackson, nor has he had any official affiliation with AEG.

He didn't have a contract with Murray. He didn't have a contract with Michael. And he had no "official" affiliation with AEG? I don't know what official means in this particular example, but... who exactly was KO working for then? What was he doing there if he had no affiliation with Michael OR with AEG?

Who killed Michael?

Had Jackson been (over)dosed with drugs to ensure that he performed? Did the pressures and expectations from tour promoter AEG and its insurers drive him too hard? Fatally hard?

Ortega refutes the allegation. “Never believe any of that. It’s not true. He set his own expectations. Nobody had to set expectations for Michael Jackson – he was Michael Jackson.”

Which leaves the $400 million question: who killed Michael Jackson? Kenny Ortega pauses for a long time before answering.

“An accident,”
he says quietly. “I don’t think that everybody contributed to his life in the most positive way. But I don’t think that you can hold those people responsible. Michael was a 50-year-old man. A father. A professional. A businessman. Accomplished things for himself and others. And,” he concludes with one statement that few, whether Jackson supporter or detractor, would dispute, “he conquered the world of music and performance.”

An accident? Does that jive with what he said in court? You decide.

Please remember that there is going to be so much more. Assuming this goes to trial, KO will likely be back. We MUST keep track of his testimony. We must keep track of EVERYONES testimony. This is too important to let lies go by because we want Murray to be found guilty. Of course we want him to be found guilty - but that does not mean we can excuse people lying. It does not mean that we can pretend that there is not more to this than they would have us believe.

This is NOT me accusing him of anything. But... can we trust him?

The truth of the matter is, there is likely much more information than this out there. So much seems to be missing from the internet, so many interviews that I read a long time ago... I will keep looking. I advise you to do the same. KO is not the only one lying. If we want to have even a chance at the truth being out there... we cannot let things go by just because they appear convinient. We just can't do that.

Please note:
I did not WANT to dislike KO nor do I want to slander him in any way. I am merely pointing out what HE said. This blog hurt me to write. I am sure it will upset some people to read it too. For that I apologize. I just want the truth out there... and while there is not much that I can do to get it out there... I do have to try to do what it is that I can.



  1. Good job, I hope more people can see it like it is and continue searching for truth, it is out there and hopefully we can continue to come up with insightful research like this and also see more come out as it all evolves. :o)

  2. Why havnt you included Karen Fayes tweets pre June 25th? She was all dandy about the concerts and when fans questioned her about that after MJ had passed, she said she kinda had to do it, ie she couldnt tell the fans something were wrong. Imo, she shouldnt even have started communicating with the fans about Michaels and how great the rehearsals went. Noone held a gund to her head to say those things. If MJ was in such a severe condition, she should just have stayed quite imo. She led the fans to believe Michael was doing great.

    The reason to why Im even bringing her name up is because what Karen did before, is exactly what Kenny did as well (not telling the truth due to various reasons). Im confident Kenny had his reasons to not tell the truth just like Karen had, dont you think?

    Kenny doesnt owe us -the public- any explanation whatsoever to why he "never" voiced his concerns about Michael to the public and he maybe had his reasons to that, just like Karen had her reasons to be all dandy with the fans right up til Michael passed. Do you recall Katherine Jackson specify to AEG that NO images/pictures of MJ in a bad shape should be featured in the movie when the deal was done? How would that look if we saw a movie of MJ kickin it (request by Katherine) and then KO would say "MJ was ill". Im sure Kenny HAD to be all positive about Michaels health in TII due to he had a contract with AEG. Just like when Karen had a contract with AEG and were all so dandy with the fans.

    And maybe Kenny thought it best to keep it shut and then tell the police and the court about Michaels health. I respect those people you know, those who stay put and then when it really matters tell it how it was like. Im glad Kenny did NOT fall into any media and fan hoopla and decided to share the information where it mattered, ie the COURT. I wish more people could have done it like him because the fancommunity is not the place to do so.

    On a sidenote, Kenny did actually claim a few times during the TII presstour that he had concerned about MJs health.

  3. For one, this blog is not ABOUT Karen Faye. But, since you asked, Karen's words pre June 25th are a whole other ballgame. I am not Karen and I will not answer these questions for her, but she has explained herself publicly and I will add to that by asking you if you truly believe that she should have been screaming out concerns about Michael while he was still alive (with no prior knowledge that he was going to die... being worried does NOT mean you believe the man is going to die within a month or so.)? Really? She was being positive at the time and not revealing everything and there is NOTHING about that that is sinister or even relevant to the point of this blog. It should be enough for fans to understand that and that her story has remained consistent since June. She has no had a thing to gain and only things to LOSE by coming forward with the truth and the consistent BS she gets is ridiculous in my opinion. The fans have no idea what went on during TII rehearsals.. Karen DOES.

    On your comparison to Kenny and Karen, no, I don't think that is the same thing. Karen was being positive while Michae was here. After Michael died, Karen came forward with the truth, with no changes, no motives, no bs, and stuck to it.

    But, yes. I will give you that Kenny has his reasons for saying what he has said. What are they do you think? THAT was the point of this blog.

    You are right. Kenny owes us nothing. But why is he stumbling all over himself contradicting himself and others? Why can't these people tell a straight story? Why is he being caught in his own lies?

    Whatever Katherine requested is irrelevant. Do you know how many HOURS of rehearsal footage they had to go through to get what they did for This Is It? Did you notice that the majority of the songs had MJ appear in two, three, four outfits? That was not for visual effect, it was because he did not get through single songs sometimes! While I mean NO disrespect to Michael who was, of course, still incredibly brilliant and talented, if that footage is the BEST they could find, do you believe that he was in top form for the TII rehearsals? I don't. And it wasn't his "fault" either. No one is trying to insult Michael here. I love him, admire him and his talents were out of his world (along with his heart and everything else.)

    My point is why would Kenny have to have a contract with AEG to say Michael was healthy? If Michael was too ill to do the shows, the shows should have been postponed. Period. Why did they force him and scare him into doing them? Do you recall Randy Jackson going on CNN stating that they threatened Michael that they would cancel everything and he would lose all the money that he needed to be making off of this? AEG was financing everything for him. This is ALL common knowledge. Go research, I promise you, it is there! If he was ill, his health should have come first. Now they want to prance around talking about how great he was... UNTIL he gets to court and suddenly not so great and now there were meetings and he had voiced his concern about Michael's health... in that one interview I referenced, he seemed to change his mind a few different times! The man cannot be trusted. That is my point.

  4. (cont)

    And again, he did not (in my opinion) tell the full truth at court either. I do not believe that he did not have a conversation with Karen. (Why would she lie? Further, Frank Dileo essentially confirmed that she DID speak with some staff members, so... did she just make up the conversation with Kenny? Come on.). And why was he, once again, tripping over himself in different interviews saying different things?

    The main problem here is not whether or not Kenny is telling the truth now or then or half truths here or there and everywhere, the question is, WHAT went on at rehearsals, WHAT was Michael's true state both physical and mental and mostly WHY IS MICHAEL DEAD?

    This blog was to demonstrate that I do not believe a word this man says. I do not believe he ever had Michael's best interest at heart. He lies (just look at the point about making TII into a movie.) and he is not credible. If this blog did not achieve this for you, that is fine. Comparing him to Karen is apples and oranges, the situations were entirely different in my opinion.

    Thanks for reading and for the feedback.

  5. The reason to why Michael is dead is because of Dr Murray.

    I know what you are saying and I do partly agree with you but I still do belive some fans are being way to dramatic over Kenny and not understanding. I know this blog was not about Karen but I brought her name up to compare.

    Both Karen and Kenny were under contractual obligation with AEG. If Karen felt she really had to talk to the fans, the only thing she obviously could share was that she was exctied about London/MJ and that he was great. If she shared something else, there would probably have been some consequences. Now, lets look at Kenny Ortega.. as a director of TII and having a contract with AEG do you think he could have said MJ was ill? Honestly? No way he could have shared it. During presstours, how would it look if Kenny would say "MJ was ill". He had a contract with AEG, was the director, doing PR.. he had to. Simple as that. Ethical right? Thats up for question.

    On the other hand, when did Kenny lie (or inconsitence as you call it)? The TII movie contains clips from both Staples, The forum and Center Staging. He does most of the dancing in the last two rehearsals but we also see clips of Michael dancing in April, May and the beginning of June when the green shots were recorded. Michael is great in these clips imo (okay not his best because it was only rehearsals). So when does Kenny actually lie when he says Michael was ill? Please explain, he just never shared MJ was ill because the media or the fanbase was NOT the place to reveal this information. He shared the information in a place where it would matter,the court. Can you please tell me why that is such a bad thing? He obviously said MJ was good because he was.

    Kenny also said MJ for one week didnt show up and he was anxious.He said he was concerned because they needed MJs approval to go on with the show (he never said he was concerned about his health at that time). Should he have been? Well, we dont know what MJ had said to him when he didnt show up. Then he said MJ was ill one day, June 19th, and Kenny send him home. Why that is such a bad thing? Kenny is concerned about MJ and tells him to go home.. the next time MJ shows up he is GREAT (the last two rehearsals) and my guess is that all of Kennys concerned reg Michaels health went through the window.

    The full truth? What is the full truth really? Who knows the entire truth? First off, this is a prelim hearing. Not everything should be revealed at this time since it isnt necessary and Im sure it would be more intense and more detailed witnesstestimony once the trial kicks off.

    Isnt it even sad that the defense wanted these questions out of Kenny when thats not even relevant to THIS case? This case is NOT even about AEG so why the piss-defense wanna go that route is disgusting but not surprising. They wanna shift focus and blame it all on AEG and MJ himself. They tried to get Kenny on their side but they failed. Fans need to understand this case is NOT about AEG ffs. Its a criminal trial about MURAAY.

    The Jacksons have a civil lawsuit against AEG and thats the place for those types of questions that Kenny got from the defense. It sometimes seems fans dont wanna see Murray in jail because they are solely after AEG.. thats a big shame.

  6. Well, Steph, you've done it again! Written a totally objective unbiased blog based on the facts at hand! Like you said, you used HIS words! There's certainly no arguing the truth about that one ;) Loved it, very well written, and it really gets you to think, doesn't it?

  7. Michael's estate was hijacked and taken over by his enemies!

    That's why this is all happening.So many suspicious people who Michael fired many years before all suddenly came back into his life in 2008-2009 right when he was planning for future projects.John Branca and Frank Dileo!Michael didn't trust those guys at all anymore.Most people around him were users,exploiters and handlers, that's the terrible truth.

    The list is too long : Dileo, Branca,Tohme Tohme, Uri Geller,Marc Schaffel,Dieter Wiesner...etc.
    They were ONLY out to use and manipulate him for their own advantage.It's disgusting and awful. Such a nasty conspiracy.Where were Michael's TRUE, loyal friends?He was isolated and controlled by a group of bloodsuckers and creeps. And HE certainly didn't need to prove anything to anyone.He had already proved himself many decades ago over and over again! The rest of the whole world owes HIM everything.They must prove themselves worthy of him. He already gave us everything.He gave us his whole life,his divine inspiration.His childhood was forcibly taken from him and and he was used by everyone.

    Let's look at the bigger picture here.Michael's talents,charisma and magnetism were out of this world. What he had and achieved no one else has EVER had and will never have either.He united the whole world with his love!

    And now he's out of the picture. Everyone involved is covering up their tracks.They know they'll get away with it too.The Legacy of the most famous man of all time is being exploited and controlled by his abusers.

    I think they had no intention of even going to London really...That's obvious.Nothing was ready for those shows! Everyone's contradicting themselves and each other. This whole thing is nothing but a massive distraction from the TRUTH!Kenny knows what happened, but he's not telling us.

  8. Maybe KF would have been a TRUE friend to MJ if she had Shouted out her concerns while MJ was still alive!!! Doing it after is a little too late!! What she does is : washing her hands with "I was his so good friend! I was SO concerned" .... Odd way to show it by saying NOTHING! Im sorry but she is NO better than anyone else around MJ who said NOTHING! If i had been her i would have freaking kidnapped MJ to make sure he had stayed healthy! If i had known he was SO sick/ Frail !!!! SHE had the oppertunity to DO SOMETHING other that stay quiet! Im not KF´s friend but i DO LOVE MJ !! Maybe.... there is More behind KO´s words than you will ever imagine ?! Only KO know that.. so far!

  9. I am so tired of everything being made about KAREN. This blog is not about KAREN and if you have a problem with Karen why don't you take it up on a blog about KAREN?

    I do not blame Karen for not shouting her concerns from the rooftops while Michael was still alive and nor would I blame Kenny for the same thing. My concern with Kenny is his blatant lying AFTER Michael died. Do you not see the difference?

    I do not mean to be rude, but honestly. Kidnapped Michael? How, exactly, could Karen have gotten Michael in a situation where she could have "kidnapped" him? Get him past all the AEG peeps, security, everyone and KIDNAPPED Michael Jackson? Give me a break, please.

    She DID do something other than stay quiet, you will NEVER know what Karen went through and what she continues to go through. KAREN is not running around doing interviews trying to sell a movie and signing autographs while talking about how great he was and then how he wasn't so great and not being able to keep her own damn story straight. PLEASE don't tell me you don't see the difference.

    And why is everyone constantly on Karen? Why does Kenny get a pass and Karen can't breathe without someone having a problem with it?

  10. I loved the movie, This Is It. I've watched it many, many times. This Is It was going to be an amazing concert. The restaging of Smooth Criminal alone would have been reason enough to buy a plane ticket to London. But when you add the restaging of Thriller, The Way You Make Me Feel, and the amazing 3-D films ... Amazing! And I'm glad that it has now been preserved in film.

    Was Michael taking poor care of himself? Probably. Michael had commented in the past that he sometimes wouldn't eat properly. Did he have people around him concerned? It sounds like it. That's good. But that's not why he's not with us. He's not with us because of Dr. Murray's incompetence. And thank goodness the right man is on trial.

    Michael had to go back to work. He was spending more money than his income. He was hanging onto his assets by a hair. Michael wasn't an exception to the human race. He had to do what anyone of us reading this blog has to do - work. But here's the big difference, when we're done for the day, nothing. We go home. When Michael finished, 50,000 people stood up and wept in amazement.

  11. Thriller Exposer... I'm not here to defend Karen but honestly, how could she have "kidnapped" Michael? What would she then do with him? Don't forget he had a PERSONAL DOCTOR hired to care for him 24/7. This arrogant and reckless doctor is the reason why Michael is no longer with us. Michael did look fragile and I have no doubt that he wasn't anywhere as fit and healthy as he needed to be during rehearsals but the rehearsals didn't kill him. "Doctor" Murray did.

  12. @mjjyana: True. Michael had to work just like everyone else. The concern is not about that, however. The concern is if someone is not doing well physically, emotionally or otherwise, should they be forced and pushed to attempt to complete something that they could not do to the point of driving them to tears? Or should the persons health come first? They could have easily done the TII concerns a year later. But they had to get them done NOW. They had the contracts signed, they had him where they needed him, AND THEY WERE GONNA GET IT DONE AT ANY COST. Look what the cost turned out to be.

    I do not see (not that I am saying people cannot have their own opinions) how anyone can question this. I do not understand what on earth you saw in TII. The shows themselves COULD have absolutely been amazing. But not in the situation Michael was in.

    The lies and contradictions following Michael's death from almost everyone only further demonstrate that things were not going so perfectly.

    When Charlie Sheen had to go to rehab last week or whenever it was, they HALTED production on Two and a Half Men. They did not tell him to suck it up and get his ass to work or they'd pull the plug on the entire operation as Randy said they said to Michael on his CNN interview. (I think it was CNN.). They did not force him. They did not hire him a personal doctor "the best in the world" to DRUG him to sleep. THAT is what should have happened with Michael. WHATEVER it was that wasn't right should have been fixed BEFORE they tried to essentially force this man to take on this insanely demanding "job".

  13. @MJJBlog2009

    Thank you for posting my comment eventhough we're not in total agreement.

    The only one I hold responsible for Michael's death is Dr. Murray.

    Michael had to go to work because Michael had a responsibility to his family. Ideals are lovely but I live in the real world where people have to work. More time would not have helped Michael. Time wasn't his problem. An endless deadline doesn't inspire someone to work. Necessity does.

    What prevented Michael from taking care of himself physically or emotionally wasn't external. One can point their finger at AEG, KO, or the Abominable Snowman but it won't get at why Michael failed to take care of himself.

    Michael as poor, poor victim of an evil conspiracy just doesn't fit. Was AEG going to make money? Yes, and so was Michael. What is AEG? A charity that should have donated all the money to Michael? It was a business deal that was going to be profitable for both of them. I was surprised AEG even took a chance on Michael. According to some reports, Michael had become (in his later years) notorious for being unreliable and failing to fulfil contract agreements.

    Suck it up? Of course not. That's a fantasy that rarely exists in the real world. No, it's more like realizing you have a problem and seeking help. People are ultimately responsible for themselves. Good or bad. You can't save people from themselves. It's a realization they have to come to internalize and seek help. Definitely not Dr. Murray who, by the way, is the one responsible for Michael's death.

    What did I see in TII? I saw a genius doing what nobody, nobody before or since has been able to do better. On stage was a man past middle age and not in the best form but still wearing his crown, King of Pop,the greatest entertainer - ever.

    Charlie Sheen. I didn't really follow what was happening but wasn't Charlie back in trouble for threatening his wife? Something about a gun after a binge? Oh yeah, the production made sure he went into rehab. But Charlie had to be willing. Do you really believe Michael was willing to go into rehab?

    Insanely demanding job? Really? Tell me Michael's job was demanding and we'll be in agreement. But to call it insanely demanding is out there. There are a heck of a lot more jobs more demanding. Take coal miners. That's insane! But needed. The sacrifice those men make for their families? Beyond me. Even if they survive without a mine collapsing, they'll contract lung disease. Are there other insane jobs? Yep. But let's talk about jobs not quite as life threatening. What about athletes? Michael had to give it all on stage. For two to three hours, he would push his body to perform. But what about the football player who has trouble walking straight by the time he's thirty because of all the punishment his body has endured. Or the basketball player who has to play around 80 games in a season? Athletes take care of their bodies. They have to or they'll be cut from the team. Who can cut the King of Pop? Dr. Murray's incompetence is what deserves our ire.

  14. They should have left the concerts to just 10 like they were originally going to do. When they signed him up for fifty, without his permission, I believe that threw him into a panic. I remember seeing him interview about it after the dates changed. How Michael said he was upset about they changed the dates without him knowing. But of course, like many other interviews, you can not find it anywhere now. I'm sure he was overwhelmed with the fact that his concerts were sold out so quickly. I am sure that he felt amazed at how many people still loved him, but more then that, I am sure he had some major concerns, and him sleeping so poorly and eating poorly too, was proof of that. I am holding out my judgement until court. I wish I knew what happened, I wish I was there to know. There is too many unanswered questions. And although this is unexceptable, I may have to come to grips that I may never know the truth. Alls I know to be true is that Michael is an amazing human and everything he stood for, makes me love him more and more every day. This I know to be true and I am going to hold that in my heart forever, and try to focus on that. I hope the truth comes out, and I hope we all finally get the closure that we so desperately need. May God be with us and give us the strength we need.

  15. Do you truly think that's all the job was? To give his all on stage for a couple hours a night? Touring, even in just one place, is extremely exhausting. Rehearsing, getting the shows set up, making sure as any respectable artist and in particular one as much a perfectionist as Michael, that EVERYTHING was running smoothly. Then comes the actual touring which involves, besides the actual intense shows, vocal lessons, dealing with whatever issues come up, raising three children (for Michael)... let's throw in dealing with paps and having to plan out your every move and then tell me that just BEING Michael was not demanding, let alone touring.

    The point of this blog is not to discuss whether Michael would have or even SHOULD have gone to rehab. The point of this blog was to demonstrate, through HIS OWN WORDS ONLY, Kenny's lack of credibility. I didn't have to say a word. I just showed you what he said on different days.

    I have never and would never say Kenny murdered Michael. Never, never, never. That is slanderous and a HUGE accusation that I would NEVER make. But do I believe that Kenny, AMONG OTHERS, was neglectful of a condition that Michael was in? YES, ABSOLUTELY. Do I think that Kenny should have handled things differently? Based on what I know, YES. Do I think it's all Kenny's fault? No. But, I never said that. I said the man cannot be trusted and that is what I feel.

    I believe that if Kenny and other members of the AEG team had acted differently that Michael would not have died. I believe that pressuring a man into doing 50 shows (when, btw, he only agreed to ten and didn't want any more... from Randy Phillip's own mouth, Michael was choked up on the phone with him CRYING saying "Randy, please, no more shows, no more shows.") when he clearly cannot for WHATEVER reason is not okay. But they saw dollar signs, they didn't see a man. They saw a cash cow. And treated him accordingly.

    Of course Michael needs to take some responsibility for any choices he may have made. I am not one of those fans that believes that he walked on water and could never make a mistake. Those fans actually annoy me, because they do not let him be human. But, given what I know, what I've read and seen and heard and researched, I 100% stand behind this wrongful death suit to AEG. And I 100% do NOT trust Kenny. I wish I did... I would love to like him and trust him. But I don't. Sorry.

    Michael may have made mistakes throughout his life as any other human being did, but Michael did not kill himself. Sorry... I strongly strongly strongly stand behind that. And of course Murray is not being left out of this. Nobody said that either. As far as we know... Murray is the one who gave the man the drug that killed him. So.... yeah.

  16. @MJJBlog2009

    Let's take away from this discussion what we both agree on 100%:

    "Michael may have made mistakes throughout his life as any other human being did, but Michael did not kill himself. Sorry... I strongly strongly strongly stand behind that. And of course Murray is not being left out of this. Nobody said that either. As far as we know... Murray is the one who gave the man the drug that killed him. So.... yeah."