Saturday, September 25, 2010

on La Toya

You know, ever since La Toya started tweeting and such more, there have been a lot of comments. A lot of old anger and feelings coming back. I've gotten LITERALLY nine DM's going "Um, La Toya? REALLY?".

It made me wonder - do people not know her story? Or do they not believe her? What's the deal?

I do not have the time right now to write a proper blog on La Toya, but I want to share some links with people to read up on in case they want to maybe understand. I have never said what she said was good or "right" and trust me, way back in the 90's, I would not have said she was my favourite person, that's for sure. But, please educate yourself on her story and what she was going through and why she said what she did and did what she did. If you don't care or don't believe her, well, okay, nobody can force anyone to believe anything. But at least, open your heart/mind. Learn.

I believe her. I think La Toya is actually an incredibly strong person who is quite an inspiration.

Okay. So, links.

1. La Toya's 20/20 Interview from 2005. Try to ignore, if you can, the obnoxious background voices. Listen to her, look into her eyes, and decide for yourself what to believe. But, at the very least, hear her.

2. Wikipedia. Not always the most reliable, check the sources and don't take every single word on there as legit, but it gives the basic background story:

3. Transcripts from La Toya's interview with Larry King:

4. Information on La Toya's gender-based violence suit that she filed.

5. Look:

Who are we to sit here and insult her and judge her when Michael and her had clearly come to an understanding?

There will always be things that we do not fully understand. Situations are far more complex than just what we ourselves see. You do not have to like La Toya. But, at least educate yourselves on the story that she shares.