Saturday, September 11, 2010

"It's slander.....with the words you use"

It's been awhile since I blogged.

I am exhausted. I am absolutely totally and completely EXHAUSTED. And you know what else? I am angry. And I am hurt.

Someone that I respect very much told me not too long ago that sometimes you just have to completely ignore the negativity and allow people to do what they're gonna do. She's right. But, then sometimes, it's too much and I need to speak up. Because this is more than petty insults and stupid comments. And, sure, we can dismiss it as "crazy", but that does not mean that other people are doing the same thing. And I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to hear both sides to a story before having to make a judgment. This is kind of long and I apologize for that, but if you can take the time to read, I will try my best to make my points as well as I can.

I'd like to take you guys back to a year or so ago. When we were all feeling lost. When we had all lost someone that we loved, someone that we admired, someone that though some of us had never met him, we cared for him in a way that simply can't be explained in words. Speaking for myself, it truly did feel as if I had lost someone close to me.

I am going to tell you a bit of my own story. Why am I doing this when most people probably don't care? Because we all have stories about how we got to where we are and I think that is important in what I am going to discuss.

I had not been a big member of forums before, really, because I found them a perfect place for drama, arguing and stupidity. I had paid attention to some MJ forums in the past, but I wasn't hugely active in them. A few weeks after Michael died, when I found myself surrounded by people that were, for the most part, "over it", that's when I decided to try the forums again. Don't get me wrong, I have WONDERFUL people in my life, amazing friends and family, but you cannot expect everyone to react to something in the same way. It was more difficult for me than it was for pretty much everyone I had in my life at that point. It was not the same for them.

Through a forum, I met a girl who lives in Toronto who clued me into a group of fans from Toronto. I was surprised and almost disappointed at myself having been a fan of Michael's for so long, that I did not even know that such a group existed, but I got over the initial disappointment (LOL) and reached out to these people. They were wonderful. They are still wonderful, and I am still good friends with them all.

Through these people, I learned that Karen Faye had a Facebook page. I didn't know THAT either. I DID know who Karen was. I knew her, mostly from the Take Two documentary...and yes, I had heard about MJJSource and no, I didn't believe that Karen ever stole money from fans, even back then. (I mean, I'm just saying, LOL.) I sent a friends request and was accepted pretty quickly... (I believe this was around September, however I don't remember exactly. I know some of YOU know when I joined, because I've been told before, as in, "you didn't join until ____, therefore you don't even KNOW Karen, b/c if you did you would have been on her FB before Michael died" I don't even know WHAT to do with that one, but ANYWAY). After being accepted onto Karen's page, that's when things started becoming a lot more clear to me. I made some amazing new friends, some of whom I have now met in person, talk to every day and have become some of my best friends. It was through Karen that I really learned about TINI. It was through Karen that I learned about a lot of things, actually, and let me be clear - if you were ever a part of Karen's Facebook page, you know what I am referring to. These things wil not be repeated here. You know what I am talking about.

Before joining Karen's Facebook page, let me be clear - I had my questions about Michael's death. Doubts about the timing, doubts about some other things and I definitely did one of those "excuse me, they're making a MOVIE? ALREADY?".. just all kinds of things, a lot wasn't making sense for me. But, it was not until getting on this FB page that more started making sense. I learned a lot. I learned TRUTH. And I learned it from someone who was not writing a book. Someone who was not selling her story to tabloids or the media at ALL. I learned it from someone who was ready and willing to put herself on the line in order to tell the TRUTH. To share firsthand observations with fans. To get people asking questions.

So, for a long while, that's what was happening. There was a lot of love on that page and it was a good place to go to if you were feeling down or wanted to talk to someone........and of course, to learn.

Then, as usual when the internet is involved, drama happened. The drama came in many forms...people who didn't know him at all or VERY little suddenly speaking about intimate details they made up in their vivid imaginations....random people who had suddenly jumped out of the woodwork to make their grand reappearance.....and mostly, and most sad......from fans. From the very same fans who had been a part of this page for as long as I had, many even longer, who took comfort in the words there, who learned the same truths that I did and who claimed to be his "army of love".

I am not going to get into the incidents that happened, we all know them and if you don't, consider yourself lucky. The problem is that, since then, it has NOT died down as people thought it would. It has NOT faded away. In fact, it might even be getting worse.

Do me a favour....put yourself in her shoes for a second, okay? Let's say it's YOUR friend who was murdered. You tried everything that you could to help him. But, in the end, he was still murdered. How would YOU feel? Then you have these people who didn't know him, who certainly don't know you, sitting there hiding behind their computer screens, their Twitter accounts or their blogs, telling you how you didn't do enough? How you should have done more? Excuse me?? Who ARE these people? Unless you were there, in that building, AND involved in all conversations that went on, I would like to know how in the hell you think you have ANY idea what went on? And regardless, I am not sure how you think that your saying that is not so COMPLETELY out of line and CRUEL! Or, let's say that you then spend HOURS with this friend AFTER he has passed away, helping to dress him and put makeup on him and whatever. Can you IMAGINE how heartbreaking that must have been? For me, I probably would have been traumatized. But, then here comes more people calling you a liar. Questioning you, well how long did you really spend? Well, why? Well, I don't think that's exactly right because one day you said it took 8 hours and 57 minutes and one day you said 8 hours and 57 and a half minutes so I think you're lying and part of a grand conspiracy. HELLO?! People! Feet on floor for a second, get your heads out of your asses and THINK about what you are doing! I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but how insensitive, how mean, how COLD HEARTED do people have to be?!

Now, look, she is a very strong person. She had a wonderful teacher in how to ignore ignorance and frankly she is a pretty good teacher herself on that subject! (I'm just not a very good student, I guess. OR there just comes a point where you HAVE to say something.) But, to those of you out there who are newer to this community, to those of you who have some friends that you trust that are saying this or that, maybe it's time to look at the other side, because there ARE two sides to these stories.

And now - well, now it's all just gone completely off the deep end, because NOW this very same woman who put herself on the line day after day who spoke out not only privately on her Facebook but PUBLICLY is now being accused of being "in bed" with a company that she would NEVER - NEVER - be "in bed" with. Not only that, but she has publicly spoken about that company as well! Now, normally this would be something that you could just laugh at, because how ridiculous can people get? But, what's scaring me - what's scaring me and actually upsetting me (and by the way, one of the many reasons that I did write this blog is that this is also upsetting other fans, good people who care about the truth and who care about Karen) is that SOME PEOPLE ARE LISTENING TO THIS!

People. PLEASE. I am begging you, before you jump on board with absolute silliness, PLEASE do some research. If the person that is blogging chooses not to research, that does not mean that you shouldn't. Karen does not have a Facebook page anymore, but she has a Twitter. Go back through her Twitter and read what she has had to say on this very subject that she is being accused of not addressing. Yeah, so, it'll take you half an hour or so, but isn't it worth that much time to learn the TRUTH?

And I know there are people reading this and going "you're just saying that because you're her friend/slave or have been brainwashed by her". Let me address that quickly: I am not her slave and I am DEFINITELY not brainwashed. She did NOT ask me to write this blog. Am I her friend? Yeah, over the past however many months, Karen has become a friend of mine, but WHY do you think that is? Because I enjoy making friends with evil people who are involved in secret conspiracies? Not so much. Because she is a GOOD and HONEST person who has taught me a lot. Not just with regards to Michael, but other things as well. She is a kind person, she's an incredibly funny person and I genuinely like her for who she is as a human being. However, this goes SO beyond that. This is not about someone being mean to my friend so I have to post a blog about it. This is about someone(s) SLANDERING a good person which is INFURIATING to me and others because what is being said could not be further from the truth.

It wouldn't hurt to keep in mind that Karen is also a potential witness for a potential upcoming trial. This isn't something new, I have blogged about it before, but do you see what I'm saying? A few people on the internet truly do not matter, but if they (whoever "they" are) could ruin Karen's credibility enough, what could that do? She's already one of the only people speaking the truth. (How do I know that? Because she has stuck to a consistent story since day one. She has ZERO motivation for lying. So much of what she said months and months ago later proved to be true. And because I trust her. If YOU don't trust her, fine. Not everyone is going to believe the same thing, but please do not make that decision until you have read her words for yourself, not read what someone else said she said because we have all seen how THAT gets twisted too).

Is this how a person gets repaid for putting herself out there and telling us all the truth? For sharing stories with us? For letting us all in, just a little? She gets paid back with abuse, insults and wild accusations? Do we not see a problem with that?

And let me tell you something else, while we're on the subject, because lately there has been a lot of "omg Karen is soooo mean". Karen is NOT mean. I am not Karen, but if I had to guess I would say perhaps Karen is a little less patient than she used to be and for good reason. So, yeah. If you tweet her some bullshit, maybe she's gonna respond with the same amount of respect that you gave her (actually, she's still usually more kind than the people who start with her to be completely honest, but anyway). So, before you jump on board THAT omg Karen is mean train, read some of the tweets she gets.

She is only human. What do people want from her? She is STILL even AFTER all the crap she gets, she is STILL taking time to share with fans. This is SUCH a positive thing, that someone in Michael's circle is willing to interact with fans NOT if they buy their book or ebookmovie or whatever that crazy thing was (just sayin'), but JUST to interact with them. And the response is to speak to her like this? To make horrible accusations with absolutely no evidence? To THREATEN her and make it sound like she is involved in some sinister evil crap? STOP LISTENING TO OTHER PEOPLE!

Make your OWN judgments based on your OWN experiences, do some research.

Now, I know this is already long, but I'm gonna ask for your attention for a few more minutes because I want to talk about someone else for a second too. I want to talk about Sammy.

I'm going to be totally honest, before a few weeks ago, I did not know much about Sammy. We had not talked a whole lot. I had heard every story in the book about her. I am not saying I BELIEVED them, but I'd heard them. Then I went to LA.

I first met Sammy at the courthouse. I am a fairly emotional person as a general rule, but not insane about it. But for some reason, when court was over and the Jackson family came out of the courtroom, and I saw Katherine looking exhausted and sad and I believe Rebbie was crying if I am remembering correctly...I got all teary. Sammy was with other people and I was with other people and again, while we knew who each other were, we didn't know a whole lot about each other at that point - and let me tell you, Sammy had her own drama going on at court that day. But, she still came up to me, put her hand on my shoulder and asked if I was okay. A simple gesture, but considering that this is supposed to be such a horribly scary and mean person, I dunno, that doesn't sound like a mean person to me!

Over the next week that I was in LA I spent a fair amount of time with Sammy and let me tell you something.. she is one of the warmest, kindest, funniest people that I know. I got to see Sammy for who she REALLY is, not for who random people who don't even know her say she is. Sammy was there for me when I needed a friend, she welcomed me into her group of friends with open arms and introduced me to some amazing people, she listened to me, she was just a great person to hang out with and I am so glad that we became friends. So.....let me tell you that I am not taking kindly to the abuse that SHE is getting either.

A couple things to keep in mind when it comes to Sammy:

1: Just like with Karen, I have seen firsthand people lie about Sammy. Without question, 100%, they MAKE THINGS UP. Because guess what? I was there with her at court, I stood next to her for over an hour and the things that she was accused of doing, she DID NOT DO.

2. Sammy loves Michael so much. (I say loves instead of love, because love does not die. It is not a clue for any hoaxers, okay? Sorry, but you have to be freakin' careful with those people it seems!). So much. And she would NEVER do or say anything to hurt him. So, take those rumors that you heard that Sammy said that Michael did this or said that, or Sammy does this or secretly does that, and put them exactly where they belong - out with the damn trash. I don't care who you heard it from, I don't care how sure this person thinks they are and I don't care how much you trust the person. You know that just like the people who want to say things about Karen, there is no proof about any of the things they say about Sammy. You KNOW that. The reason that there is not a single amount of proof for ANYTHING that is being said is simply because it is NOT true.

Sammy is being accused of being "in bed" with certain companies too, you know. It's total and complete crap. And her picture? Not photoshopped. Just sayin'. I don't care if someones friend took the photo (uploaded from FACEBOOK by the way) and supposedly said it was photoshopped. Is that REALLY proof guys? Should we also believe people when they say their friend told them that Michael Jackson said this or that? Put it into perspective.

I don't know what a certain bloggers motivation is if she has one. I have tried to talk to her nicely more than once and got nowhere. I do not think she is an evil person, but I believe she has become severely misguided and is leading people onto a dangerous path that will NOT have them ending up at the truth. I am not worried about what she is saying - I am worried about the people that are more new to the community or the people that read her blog in the past and thought it was good (it was!) and are now taking her word as fact. It is not fact. She, like others, has o proof and INCORRECT FACTS. You will see that yourself if you take the time to look.

And it doesn't matter how many random emails this blogger posts or how many supposed "friends" she has that told her this and that - it is ALL just words put there to make herself seem more credible. It is meaningless.

So, here's the point of this long rambling nonsense, okay? The point is that just like Michael says - you should not judge a person until you have spoken to them one on one. And I am not talking about a random tweet here or there, I am talking about an actual conversation. And, if you can't have an actual conversation with them, then take some time and read some of the things that they have said in the past. If you must judge them, judge them based on THEIR words not OTHER peoples words.

Michael spent the majority of his life having to deal with accusations, lies and people who wanted to tear him down. As supposed "fans" of his, how are we going to turn around and do that to others? To anyone, really, but especially to someone who was his friend (yes, employee, but also friend) for almost 30 years and to a fan who he knew and loved? (Yes, he loved all his fans, I know that. Karen knows that too, by the way. And so does Sammy. We ALL know that. Please do not get distracted from the point, lol.). It's not right and we all need to think before we speak. Think about what we are saying and how it might hurt somebody, think about what we are basing our judgments of somebody on and mostly, THINK before we read a blog (or whatever) and assume it to be true. WE ALL KNOW BETTER. MICHAEL taught us better.

I'm really sorry for those of you who never got to experience being a part of Karen's Facebook page because for a long while it really was a great place. And also because since it no longer exists, you cannot go back and read her words (though I'm sure they're all over the place despite her asking for them not to be, but anyway.). But there are still other ways. Read through her through Sammys Facebook if you are a friend on there. Learn for yourself. Stop listening to nonsense.

To those of you who don't know, who are confused, who are hurt, I understand.......I really do. It is a confusing situation for those just walking in. That's why I did this though, so that those just walking in can hear that, yes, there are some very loud voices spreading some very strong "information" (as they call it), but there are plenty of people over here going "no. That is not true.

I am turning off comments on this blog, not because I don't care about opinoins, but because this blog is meant to to give another point of view. I do not want people reading this to have to read through 50 comments arguing back and forth. I am not heading a discussion here, I am making a point. Feel free to share and discuss this wherever you'd like and if you DO want to talk to me and don't already know me, my Twitter is: