Sunday, September 19, 2010

quick clarification

I asked you guys to ask if you needed clarification on anything and you did..kind of. So, clarification.

In my blog posted on March 20 2010, I mentioned that I had "never seen that list of names before in my life". That blog entry was NOT referring to the same list that I copied and pasted for Karen. Please read carefully.

"So, X writes a letter, of sorts, to X's supporters. These blog writers received this letter and decide to post it in their blog - with some editing. Following this, they post a list of names which they claim is "Karen Faye's updated hit list" which she wrote and "shared with her followers" who in turn "attack the people on the list"."

Note: UPDATED hit list.

I then say:

"Now, let's move on to this "hit list" that is causing so many problems, shall we?

First thing I want to make clear:


Okay? Was that clear enough? Never. Not once. So, there goes that rumor that she posted it publicly for all of her "followers" to see and attack the people. 'Cause I didn't see it. Did you?

I do not know where that list of names came from and frankly I'm not that interested. There isn't even any proof that Karen wrote the list (and even if she did, it could be as simple as a list of the people who were blocked from her account or something.) and CERTAINLY no proof that she posted it anywhere. (Because she didn't.).

As for the "this is an updated list" comment... that doesn't make much sense to me either. If it's a new and updated "people that wronged me" list that Karen created.. why are half the people that were on the original "list" (which I will get to in a second) not on there? Hm.

These "hit list" accusations are getting ridiculous now. There is not and has never been a HIT LIST. I understand some people do not like that Karen posted that original list on her FB page. That is neither here nor there at this point - whether you like that she posted it or not, it was not a HIT LIST. ALL she did was post a list of members of a Facebook page. Why did she post it? In my opinion, which I still stand by, she was simply calling people out. You can have a different opinion, that's fine. That still doesn't make it a hit list. So stop with that, please.

As for this "new list"... the funniest thing is... THEY, who complained about Karen posting names, have now POSTED A LIST OF NAMES. FULL names! And, again, seeing as how I for one have never seen such a list before, it was new to me. So, now they have done exactly what they accused Karen of doing when they said she made a "hit list". THEY have posted these names in public. AND they made it look like their "source" did it too - they didn't, btw. That was all the blog writers doing."

So. I clearly state that the original list of names WAS posted on Karen's page. Which it was, no one is denying that. And I said I had never seen the UPDATED list of names before, which I had not.

I never claimed to not see the original list of names. In fact, when Karen posted it, I even commented on the post clarifying that she was not insisting that people deleted those people (which she wasn't.). Karen then responded saying "thank you Steph", which people later used to try to "prove" that I wrote the list because Karen was thanking me for it. (She wasn't. She was thanking me for clarifying that point.). There are SCREENCAPS of that conversation out there. It would make no sense for me to claim I had never seen that original list of names, nor would I ever want to.

Of course I did not come out and say "Hey guys, I'm the one who gave the names to Karen!". Why would I do that? Have you SEEN the kind of abuse that people get around here? And it was even worse back then. I NEVER confirmed publicly that I gave Karen that list of names until I posted this blog today. KAREN never confirmed publicly that I gave her that list of names, even though people said she posted it on KFK (no, she did not.). The reason that people "knew" I wrote the list was that someone(s) were trusted that clearly shouldn't have been. I do not blame anyone but the person who shared it for that. Later, if other people shared it too, that's another story, but still not relevant. The point is:

I never said I did not see the original list of names. I said I hadn't seen the "updated" list. Which I hadn't.

Feel free to read the blog for yourself: