Sunday, September 19, 2010

can a heart reveal the proof, like a mirror reveals the truth..

And here we are again.

I wasn't sure if the blog that I wrote a few days ago was going to be a one time thing or if there was going to be a need for further blogging. But, after what has gone in in the past few days, there is clearly a need for further blogging.

Let me begin by saying that I think it is really sad how many of us have to sit here and refute the nonsense that mainly comes from a small select group of people. But, for some reason, a larger group of people are listening to them and THAT is where the problem comes in. Everyone is, of course, free to listen to and believe whatever and whoever they want, but for everyones sake, I think it would be best for them to have BOTH sides of the story before they make that decision... some truth amongst the lies perhaps. So, let me take you through a few of the things that have been said lately as well as a couple of things that are months old but people continue to harp on, let's get the truth out there once and for all. I'll break it down for you all the best I can. I also ask that you read the whole blog entry before jumping to any conclusions or asking me what the point of something was.

BC's accusation against Karen

So, a few days ago, Bonnie posted another blog. The blog gave the impression that it was to be about Leonard Rowe's book. And there were, in fact, parts of the blog that discussed his book. I didn't read them. I was unable to get that far in reading the blog because the earlier parts disgusted me so much. (As it is, I haven't read Rowe's book and have no opinion on it right now anyway.).

Before discussing Rowe's book, Bonnie decided to dedicate a portion of her blog to, guess who, Karen Faye. Yes, again. In her blog, Bonnie claimed the following:

"In the fall of last year, Karen asked me to spy on Kenneth Ortega and Randy Phillips by setting up a fake facebook page. I had written her back and told her I thought fighting lies with lies was a bad idea and I had to decline, that maybe she could get someone else to do it. I never heard back from her. After that she didn’t talk to me other than to add a comment occasionally to a link that I posted to."

Hmm. Okay. Well.

Besides the fact that I KNOW that this never happened, because it has been confirmed to me BY Karen, I know that her word is not enough for some people, so let's just use logic on this one.

1. Why would Karen ask some random fan who she barely knew (if it was last Fall, how well could she have possibly known Bonnie, since Bonnie only joined Karen's page sometime after Michael died?) to spy on Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips?

2. Neither Kenny or Randy have Facebook accounts. Kenny has (had? I'm not sure, he stopped tweeting about four seconds after TII's DVD release) a PUBLIC Twitter and Randy, as far as I know, does not communicate on any level directly with fans. So, what would Bonnie opening a fake Facebokk account even accomplish?

3. Let's be real for a second. If Karen wanted to "spy" on Kenny and Randy, don't you think she would have better options than Bonnie? AND if she truly wanted to "spy" on them, again, WHY would she trust that kind of information with someone she BARELY KNEW? Karen's not an idiot, you know, in fact she's actually pretty freakin' smart and I promise you that had she had any desire to "spy" on these people, it would not be through Bonnie.

But, here's something interesting, and I asked Bonnie this myself, but she chose to ignore it...

Bonnie claimed that Karen asked her to open a fake account and she refused. Yet, she has both a Twitter account (where she has addressed Kenny at least once) and a Facebook account under, hm, FAKE NAMES. If Bonnie would like to deny that, I could go back through my FB messages and find the one where she gives me the account info, confirming it was hers. So, what's up there?

She also has a fake Facebook account under the name of Chrissa Kotch. Weird for someone who says she was randomly asked by Karen Faye to create a fake Facebook but refused on the grounds of not wanting to lie, huh?

Bonnie refuses to acknowledge any of this. I left comments on Bonnie's blog the day after it was posted, all of which were immediately deleted. Another funny point considering she insults Karen and Sammy for supposedly deleting the comments of people who don't agree with them.

Bonnie's further (worse) accusation
In a comment to me, which I believe you can still see, because Bonnie deleted my comments but not her own responses, Bonnie told me that: (NOTE: Since the writing of this blog, Bonnie has hidden all comments on her blog.)

Yes, I can see where Karen has accomplished more for her cosmetic line than any justice for Michael.

Wow. Well, what cosmetics line, you may ask? The one I think she first publicly talked about, like, last week. Once. And has not mentioned since. I find it amazing that someone who knows so little can make such bold accusations. Bonnie is, to put it simply, absolutely wrong. Karen has done more for justice for Michael than Bonnie has ANY idea about, trust me on that one. Not a clue. Is she moving forward with her life? Yes, she is and good for her, because she SHOULD. Neither Karen not any other person on the planet (ahem) should spend every waking second on this. It is not healthy and it is not helpful to anyone. Karen is living her life and doing great things with her career. What is it you would have her do, Bonnie? Talk about Michael every moment of every day? Hold rallies every day? And then, if she happens to get an off moment, sit at home and update all the fans, who have been oh SO loving and supportive of her (note sarcasm) of her every move? Well......she's not gonna do that. So, if THAT is your idea of "justice for Michael", I guess Karen fails. But if your idea of justice for Michael is actual JUSTICE for Michael, then I suggest you put your pitchforks down when it comes to Karen, 'cause like I said you have no idea. And, yes. While doing MANY thing for "justice", Karen continues to live a full life with her job, her boyfriend, her family and friends and her super cute dog.

Speaking of "justice for Michael", by the way, do you think you are helping Michael when you go so far out of your way to try to discredit Karen or make her look bad? Can you think this through for a sec? Karen has always been one of the few people willing to stand up and speak the TRUTH, putting herself on the line, no matter what the risk is (FOR Michael and for truth.). Karen may very well be a potential witness in Conrad Murray's upcoming trial (I said potential.). You really wanna put one of the few people who's speaking the truth under attack?

Now, I'm not an idiot either. I know Bonnie's little internet blog is not going to make a huge difference to Karen's reputation. But, what about the media who read fan things going on because they see firsthand how ridiculous drama gets and, for some reason, care? What about those "fans" who are in communication with the media? Michael said it himself, if you hear a lie often enough, people start to believe it. So, the next time you post something about "crazy KF" or whatever it is you're calling her these days, or, Bonnie, the next time you invent a mission that Karen sent you on or post one of your slanderous blogs, perhaps you SHOULD think about the Michael that you love so much and how important it is to have Karen speaking up for him right now. Just a thought.

Karen's employment history with Michael

Bonnie also said in her blog that Karen was fired by Michael in 2005 because of an incident with a website called MJJSource. If anyone ever writes a book about all this drama, they should devote an entire chapter to MJJSource. This website is one of these peoples favourite things to talk about. MJJSource has already been explained a thousand times. It has been explained by Karen. It has been RE-explained by Karen. It was then FURTHER reexplained by myself and other people. But, people wanna keep jumping on MJJSource.

Feel free to go back and read past blogs on MJJSource if you want, I'm not getting into it again.

I will however get into a few points about Karen's supposed "multiple firings".

1. Karen has said that she was fired during the HIStory tour. Karen also explained the reason for this. It's not my place to repeat it, but if you were on her page as Bonnie was, you would know why. I WILL say that MICHAEL did not fire her. So, the statement "Michael never fired Karen" is not false.

2. 2005. After Michael's trial, Michael went off to Bahrain. Should he have taken her with him? I'm just curious. I mean, okay, first of all, Karen worked on contract. So, I would assume that when Michael left the continent, her contract was over. You cannot fire someone whose contract is over. It just doesn't work that way. There was no reason in the world Michael would need his make up artist (and, yes, friend, but friends don't always travel to the middle east with their friends, especially when one friend has just been through the ordeal of his life and perhaps wants to spend some time alone with his children recovering from the physical and emotional toll it took on him and another friend has a life back home including a CHILD....... ) There is no reason in the world he needed her to go with him. And why didn't he use her for the few appearances he made between when he came back and TII? There are a number of answers to that, but not one of them is "because he was mad at her because of the MJJSource thing". You would really have to ask Karen about her specific appearances and why she may or may not have been there, if you haven't already heard her address some of that - which she has.

So, what I'm saying is - Karen was NEVER fired by Michael. Never. Didn't happen.

Bonnie, by the way, was offered a link to an interview with Jennifer Batten in which she states very clearly that Michael NEVER fired Karen and that they remained close until the end, but she refused to bother with it. Instead, she posted links from people like Roger Friedman. So, you know. THAT happened. What does that tell you about Bonnie's non biased blogging?

The infamous hit list, hate list, enemies list.

Whoever writes that book should probably include TWO chapters on what has turned into the strangest big deal ever.

I gotta be honest with you all. I'm sick of hearing about that idiotic list of names. Every time someone wants to make Karen look bad, all they have to do is say "hit list" and people go OH YEAH! And that's that. So, let's clear something up, shall we?

There is NOTHING to that list. I know 100% why it was written, what it was used for, where it came have heard, I am sure, from many people, most of whom don't like me, apparently one of whom "used to be close to me" that I am the one who wrote the list. That's almost true. For the sake of just making this STOP already, I am going to come out and tell you what is exactly true.

The original list that Karen had was, yes, given to her by me. I found the FAKF group. I told Karen about FAKF. And, yes, I COPIED AND PASTED, not wrote, the PUBLIC MEMBERS LIST and sent it to her. Yes, I know, evil evil Steph, bad minion. Think about it for a sec though. Would you not do the exact same thing for your friend? If not, I guess that's on you, but yes, I did that, I stand by it and I would do it again. And, really guys, it was a public members list. It's not like yall were hiding very well anyway.

As for her posting the list, it was absolutely not so that people would get harassed. Karen had links to everyones profiles that were in the group. She didn't post those. She simply posted names because it was enough. It was enough of fake people hanging out on her profile, twisting her words around, copying and pasting, doing what they did. It was just ENOUGH. Okay? I fail to see how people can join a group like that - a PUBLIC GROUP - and then get angry when someone tells people they joined the group, because that is pretty much all that happened.

So, yup. That's all that list was. A copied and pasted members list from a public Facebook group. I know. Serious business, right?

Now, as for any other lists, all I can say is this: Karen didn't share them and Karen didn't spread them. That's about as much as I am willing to say on that. I don't care who tells you she did, I don't care who tells you she gave all these updated lists to her minions that told us to go forth and attack (lord help me), it NEVER happened. Ask them for proof. I promise you they won't have it. Because it doesn't exist.

So, there you go. The big huge bad evil list is a copy and pasted list of names from a public Facebook group. See? Aren't we glad we spent months talking about it and somehow using it to prove what an evil evil person Karen was? (I have a feeling that now I'LL be an evil evil person, but that's okay. Like I said, I'd do it again. If someone had a group about YOUR friend, you'd probably do the same and if not, you may wanna look into that.) ;)

So. Wrong again, Bonnie. And I think you knew that one too.

On spying, harassing and blogging

Allow me to be as clear as I can possibly be on this one. As Karen's "number one minion" or "favourite slave" or whatever other brilliant names I was given, I was never ONCE asked to "spy". I was certainly never asked to harass people. And I was never asked to blog (I'll get into that in a sec).

So. For those of you who seem to think Karen controls the internet, she doesn't. If someone is harassing you and they are someone who you think is a friend of Karen, please don't go running to her and whine about her friend. It makes you look ridiculous, honestly. She has nothing to do with it and frankly much more important things to do with her life than worry about this nonsense. Deal with it like the grown person you are supposed to be and move on. She doesn't tell people to harass people. I promise.

So, why do I blog?

To be honest, it started out as a general truth thing. I was watching people twist Karen's words around, lie about her and lie to her and it was upsetting me. Seeing people believe these twisted versions of events bothered me, not because it was Karen specifically, because it was anyone. And in this case it was someone that was speaking up for Michael and seeing her words being twisted to mean the opposite was not okay - especially not by Michael's "fans".

As of NOW? Yes, now it might be a little bit more personal because Karen is my friend and I care about her but the general principle above still stands. This is not about "stop lying about my friend", this is about "stop lying about someone who has done nothing to deserve it". Someone willing to stand up for justice. Someone doing so much more than you know. And, sure, I have other things to do and it's annoying that I have to do this, but not the actual writing......what's annoying is that I HAVE to keep doing this because the bullshit never stops! Make sense?

It is easy to want to hate someone, to find someone to blame. It is easy to get angry when someone takes what you believe and tells you that that's not 100% accurate. Fans get very protective of Michael too. I understand that. But you all are just on the wrong avenue here. Again, you are certainly not helping Michael out spreading these rumors. THINK IT THROUGH. Before you believe something, before you say something, the next time....think it through.

So, why should I believe you?

It is not lost on me that I am not much better a source than Bonnie is. After all, I could, in theory, be lying to you also. But, here's the thing with that. I love Michael too. And I would not support someone who I believed for a second was hurting him. Karen is not hurting him. Karen has never been one of the people hurting him. Karen loves him, Karen cares about him and Karen stood by him then and stands by him now. There is so much PROOF out there about how people lied and twisted her words around, all you have to do is look for it. Or ask someone. If you have questions, if you want clarification, that's cool! There's a lot of crap out there and especially to those who are new to the community, I totally understand you wanting to ask questions about what's gone on and what's been said or done. You can ask me. You can ask other friends of Karen. You can ask KAREN. After all the crap she has taken, she is STILL accessible to fans via her blog and Twitter. Speak kindly to her, be respectful and you might just learn some things. And the opposite is true too - ask for proof on ONE of these things that these people are claiming, there is NOTHING.

So, that's it. Sorry, it got long again, but when there's a lot of lies, there needs to be a lot of truths, I guess.