Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here we go... again.

For those of you who know me, you know that I do not attack people. I do not strike first. Sometimes, I do not even strike back. But with our friends writing another blog full of speculation and blatant lies, I feel the need to respond.

Their new blog is, like the first two, complete speculation. This time their information claims to have come from a "source". I think anyone who has been following what has been going down in the past little while within certain circles will be able to figure out who the source is. I will not post his/her name because it is not my place, but let's call them "X".

So, X writes a letter, of sorts, to X's supporters. These blog writers received this letter and decide to post it in their blog - with some editing. Following this, they post a list of names which they claim is "Karen Faye's updated hit list" which she wrote and "shared with her followers" who in turn "attack the people on the list".


Let's deal with the letter first.

One of the most interesting things about this letter is that it was, in fact, edited. The original letter did NOT have any names in it. It had "X", "Y" and "Z". Now I am not saying that "X" did not make it clear who they were referring to, however, there were NO NAMES in the original letter. I assume that this was for a reason.
Now, I have no idea if X wanted their letter shared on a public blog at all. That's not my concern.. that is for X to deal with. However, I have to wonder why X would write a letter with "X" "Y" and "Z" if they knew that this letter was going to be posted on a public blog with NAMES INSERTED. The blog writer claimed they were told to insert the names. I'm not so sure about that. But, again, none of my business. I just want to make it clear that these blog writers did insert the names themselves.
As far as the information in this letter goes.. well, it is no less speculation than it has been in the past. Karen herself said publicly today:
"I do not have a book, movie deal, or hit list."
So, once again, you are going to have to believe what you believe. As always, these people are unable to offer any proof of their words, simply speculation and "sources". They claim that everything was verified - well... that's what they said last time too.. and we saw how that went down.
This to me is simply another attack without anything to back it up. Now, WHY would this source post such a thing? I dunno. I think if you know who the source is you might be able to come up with a couple of possibilities, but again, as much as I would love to put it out there, it is not my place to do so. So I will just say that, again, this is pure speculation with no backup.

Personally? I think it's a load of BS. Much of it is illogical, ALL of it is speculation and none of it seems legit.

Now, let's move on to this "hit list" that is causing so many problems, shall we?

First thing I want to make clear:


Okay? Was that clear enough? Never. Not once. So, there goes that rumor that she posted it publicly for all of her "followers" to see and attack the people. 'Cause I didn't see it. Did you?

I do not know where that list of names came from and frankly I'm not that interested. There isn't even any proof that Karen wrote the list (and even if she did, it could be as simple as a list of the people who were blocked from her account or something.) and CERTAINLY no proof that she posted it anywhere. (Because she didn't.).

As for the "this is an updated list" comment... that doesn't make much sense to me either. If it's a new and updated "people that wronged me" list that Karen created.. why are half the people that were on the original "list" (which I will get to in a second) not on there? Hm.

These "hit list" accusations are getting ridiculous now. There is not and has never been a HIT LIST. I understand some people do not like that Karen posted that original list on her FB page. That is neither here nor there at this point - whether you like that she posted it or not, it was not a HIT LIST. ALL she did was post a list of members of a Facebook page. Why did she post it? In my opinion, which I still stand by, she was simply calling people out. You can have a different opinion, that's fine. That still doesn't make it a hit list. So stop with that, please.

As for this "new list"... the funniest thing is... THEY, who complained about Karen posting names, have now POSTED A LIST OF NAMES. FULL names! And, again, seeing as how I for one have never seen such a list before, it was new to me. So, now they have done exactly what they accused Karen of doing when they said she made a "hit list". THEY have posted these names in public. AND they made it look like their "source" did it too - they didn't, btw. That was all the blog writers doing.

So, my question is... since Karen was blamed for anything that happened to anyone on that "list" she originally posted... does that mean that now.. if anyone attacks the people on this new list that THEY posted.. that it is now THEIR fault?


Think it through.. keep your heart and mind open... and stop the speculation and the lies

Till next time...


  1. spot on!I noted with interest that "list",which i also never have seen before and i noted a few names on there of individuals who have been kicked of various pages for their vile behaviour,also i note with interest the presence of an individual who imo,and imo only is a fraud.I have forwarded their blog to the so called source and lets see if anything comes back

  2. You have written this post with an open heart and mind. All of what you have said above is absolutely authentic, and tells a lot about what's going on behind the scenes against Karen Faye. "Hit List", well I have never seen it on Karen's pages and I am/was (as the wall is down now) a regular there since Michael's passing. She opened her facebook for the fans to grieve and heal and this is what she gets in return, that is pain, dirt and humiliation. Fans talk about Michael's quotes about being non judgmental and spread love, but what they are doing at the end of the say is, judging the person whom he trusted with himself till the end of his life. She never went to a media source or a channel with a soundbyte to gain $$$$ where as she could have been like the other greedy people in his life but she chose not to. So what does that tell about Karen Faye as a human and a dear friend of Michael. In my opinion, I Love her for what she has been to Michael and to grieving fans like me and no one in the world can ever take those precious moments she shared with him. Conspirators jealousy can not even ruin it.

  3. A+ again! Amazing how they deleted their blog of "verified" information from their "source"...

    I hope these people read this and see how ridiculous they've made themselves look with this new blog...I mean really, I think they've taken it too far this time. WHY are they wasting their time with so much hate?! Oh, it baffles me.

  4. Is that newly created blog already deleted?

  5. @ Jess,their so called blog is still up.And more name calling has happened...((((
    It's making my head spin.

  6. @Jess and Anonymous x2:
    The third blog is still up which is the one I'm talking about here. Their SECOND blog which I talked about earlier has been deleted. Nobody knows why - many have asked, none have received answers. Maybe all the "verified facts" just got to be too much for them. ;)

  7. "I do not know where that list of names came from and frankly I'm not that interested. There isn't even any proof that Karen wrote the list (and even if she did, it could be as simple as a list of the people who were blocked from her account or something.) and CERTAINLY no proof that she posted it anywhere. (Because she didn't.)."

    Steph, didnt you see the list of all the names? What list are you referring to? The original so called hit list? Karen posted it on her wall for like two minutes and it got spread. And you say that you dont know where that list of names came from? Ive heard that it was YOU who gave out the names to Karen. Im also sure that you wont publish this post either.

  8. I'm sorry I didn't specify, I meant their second blog. :) I tried asking but like Steph said, no answer.

    Now they're saying they're going to delete the whole thing? O__O

  9. Sure, I'll publish it, "Anonymous". I don't feel the need to hide, like you apparently do behind your "anonymous" name.

    Yes. I saw that list of names. That's obviously not what I'm talking about. If you're not sure about something, it is best to ask before making yourself look ridiculous. There is a new blog now posted with a new list of names that apparently Karen wrote and published. THAT is what I'm talking about.

    And did you hear that? I guess it must be true then! LOL.

  10. And please note the "apparently".

  11. Steph. You didnt publish my comments on your other blog-post so I thought you wouldnt do it this time as well.

    Okay, so there is a new blog out there with new names? Didnt know since I dont give attention to these kind of stuff. I cant stop laughing at this childhish behaviour from everyone. This is the internet for crying out loud, people are treating this like its a life or death situation. Everybody are such drama-queens. Why even bother what X says, expecially when you never met X etc. Some people are too hilrious. Give up the drama.. everyone!! Your lives must be so bored that THIS is the focus in your life at the moment.

    Yes, I was told it was you who gave away the names on the first co called hit list. Dont know if its true, but I admire hoensty and integrity. I admire people that stand up for their actions and take responsibility and who are not afraid. I know what I know and like I said, why hide it and not just admit it. Who cares what will happen?

    Ps, when I say you, its not directed personally to you Steph.. its to everyone reding this.

  12. I'm not sure what comments you mean.. I don't have any unscreened comments. Where and when did you comment? As you can see, I do not not unscreen things, so maybe something got lost somewhere? Feel free to repost.

    First of all... I never said I was hiding anything. You are simply going by something you heard. Second.. you admire people that stand up for what they do? Really? Then why not tell me who you are? Why not stand up for what you are saying and doing right now instead of hiding behind an Anonymous name?

    Yes, there is a new blog out there with new names. This is simply a response to that. This is certainly not the focus in my life.. writing this blog took me about 20 minutes.. and I wrote it because I think it's a little bit unfair to have so many attacks out on someone and nothing refutinig it. I promise you, I have plenty going on in my life. :)

    So, if you'd like to converse further, feel free to tell me who you are either here or somewhere else, since it seems like you know me. I like people who stand up for what they do too.


  13. I just want to reassure you that Im making fun of you or this blog. I wrote in my comment that got lost that I admire this blog and apprecite it. Maybe this drama is not the focus in your life, but let me tell you that it certainly looks to be in a bunch of other peoples life and you cant just not laughing. GET A LIFE everyone!! Do u know Karen personally? No! Do you know or care for a person that is mean to you? No. Get grip y`all!

    I dont know you and you dont know me, thats all I can say and I do prefer be anonymous. It goes both ways, if I say who I am, will you come straight and be totally honest if it was you who gave away the names to Karen? No, thats my guess.

    Im gonna re-post what I wrote, it was about your blog-post "truth about their truth part". It will take a time though.

  14. Well, thanks. I appreciate that.

    That's fine, but do you see how I have a hard time understanding how you could want someone to come forward and "stand up for themselves" when you are making yourself anonymous?

    I stand up for what I believe in. I could have made this blog anonymously, right? My name is right out there, everyone knows who is writing it, and I've gotten LOTS of crap for it, trust me. And, yes, originally I didn't want it known that it was me for that very reason, but quickly decided that it doesn't matter. So, to say that I am not standing up for what I believe in, is silly. Think about it..

    No worries. Sorry it got lost.