Friday, March 12, 2010

The Truth About Their "Truth", part 1.

*NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that some people might assume that I am talking about the Facebook group "Fans Against Karen Faye" with regards to this blog. I am not. That Facebook group are not the ones who are responsible for this blog. My apologies. I do reference them with regards to "the list", but only because that directly involved them. They did not write this blog. Once again.. I apologize for the confusion.

A group of people who have been making themselves known have recently published a couple of fairly slanderous blogs about Karen. I do not wish to draw attention to it, but since you all have seen it anyway, maybe it is better to do so. Maybe it is better to show you exactly what has been said and EXACTLY what is WRONG with it. So, here we go. Their words will be plain, my responses will be bold.

Allow me to make this absolutely clear - once again - these are MY thoughts. I did not sit down and have an interview with Karen about this. ANY of it. That's not what the point of this is. Alright. So. Enjoy.

This will be in a few parts.

Some people might be surprised over her actions recently, but as a longtime fan of Michael Jackson, I am not surprised at all. This is the REAL Karen. She has done this for a time now and it is sickening. Karen openly talks and insult the Jackson family, Grace, Raymone, Joanna Thomae, Zaldy, Kenny Ortega, Travis Payne, Randy Phillips, Shana and many others, but when we want to question her, she goes ballistic?

Well, let's start off by saying that I am also a "longtime fan" of Michael Jackson. Maybe not as long as some of you, but not for not trying. I was only BORN in 1984. But, as a "longtime fan" of Michael Jackson, I would like to say, what, exactly, has she done for a long time? I have NEVER heard this kind of craziness about her until recently. For years she was the woman who made Michael look amazing for Bad, In The Closet, They Don't Care About Us, etc. And was by his side when he was protesting Sony. And spoke about him SO well in "Living with Michael Jackson Take Two.". There was ONE kind of confusing incident awhile ago with a website, yes. Other than that? Never heard a bad word about her in my life until recently.

Karen did talk openly to a degree, yes. I have to say, though, in all that "open talking", I don't think she ever once went ballistic because someone wanted to question her. Hell, when people were downright ACCUSING her of things, she didn't even go ballistic. In fact, I never even saw her go ballistic in my life.

Karen goes under the name Karen FAKE on many Michael Jackson boards. Her name is banned there and many fans and owners of MJ boards don't like this woman at all. Go and be a member of the boards and search for her name and you will see what fans have to say about her, not so nice stories let me tell you! And these are fans who have been in the fan-community for a long long time and have met with her. The own er of the biggest fan board lashed out against her recently for her actions. Owners of other boards have also shared their not so pleasant meetings with her. In may 2009 we found out that Karen was back to work with MJ and she had created a facebook site. From May to June 25th, Karen nearly had 100 friends on her FB. Fans on the boards couldn't give a rats ass that she was back and no one was sending her friend requests. Look at the number now, she got 5000 friends . Doesn't this say a lot? The ones who added her after MJ died have no idea what this woman has done before. They are clueless and they are “new fans”.

Karen Fake? Well. That's mature. I'm sure Michael would be so proud of all these names. The man who went through his own personal name-calling hell. Good job fans, for doing the same thing to someone else now. I don't care if you don't like her, as a fan of Michael's who got to see how he felt about that name they gave him.. we shouldn't be calling ANYONE names like that.

Okay, blah blah, people on forums don't like her. I mean, okay. That could have something to do with all the misquotes and stuff going on, I mean, hell if all I knew about her was things that I heard on other forums, I wouldn't really like her either! If I didn't know that what I was reading was, for the most part, twisted, exaggerate or completely made up!

That is a very strange thing to say. She only had 100 friends and then she had 5000 so that says... what? I can tell you that I didn't have her as a friend earlier because it would never have occurred to me to even think to myself "oh, I wonder if Karen Faye has a Facebook." (I mean, no offense Karen if you happen to be reading this.) ;) That doesn't mean I'm a new fan.. that is totally illogical. Besides, most of the people talking crap about her were on her FB page... unless they are clueless new fans too.. so, um.. next.

Here is just one of endless stories of her shared by a longtime fan.

“Personally I hope Karen isn't hired by Michael ever again. I never knew her personally but I know someone who did and lets put it this way in front of the camera she would speak nicely, behind it was a totally different story. Some fans may think otherwise and everything but also the way she treated some fans was just plain wrong. I remember X off of MJJF and how she got treated and spoken too and for someone to do that, I don't understand how anyone would want to hire her, least of all Michael.”

Let's start by noticing the "I never knew her personally". Let's then move on to the whole behind the caemras, blah blah blah. The worst fan story I have EVER heard about Karen Faye is that she was talking to a group of fans and this one girl kept trying to get her attention and Karen wasn't hearing her and then when she finally did she had to leave after a minute. Or something like that. I mean, that's the worst story I hear up until all you people started talking. So, I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to get at here.. now she was rude to fans??? I don't think so.

Now, lets discuss the real Karen Fake.

Again with the Karen Fake. CLASSY!

1) Karen Fake, Randy Jackson, Taunya Zilkie (girlfriend of Randy Jackson at that time) were managing Michael's official site MJJSOURCE during the trial. These three people ended up scamming the fans. They charged 49,00USD and 89,00USD for a package of some goods. Myself and many other never received any package, nor did we get a refund. Neither did we get an apology. The fans told Michael about this and he immediately shut down the page and fired Karen Fake. Then Karen Fake blamed him for the mess. This is the post Karen Fake wrote about the incident with the site: “I understand all the anger with the fans, but we have done everything in our power to live up to all the promises Michael has made. If he does not fulfill his promises…there is nothing we can do. We were Michael’s voice, but if he doesn’t wish to speak or pay the bills for MJJsource, there is nothing we can do.”

Exactly what promises could MJ have made when he was fighting for his life? Epic fail ms Fake. Not to mention, they did not only scam the fans, but they were doing this when MJ was fighting for his life. Disgusting.

Oh, good. MJJSource. We can't have a good ol' fashioned Karen-bashing fest without that gem! Okay. Here's the thing. First of all, WERE YOU THERE? I mean, were you there? Not ON the website, actually THERE? No? Okay then. Now, as far as I understand it, yes. There were some issues that happened with that site and some fans got screwed over. And that sucks. But, you know what, at the end of the day, if the site wasn't being funded, it wasn't being funded. Karen Faye was not meant to pay for the site on her own and then one day stopped paying, right? Do you believe that if someone ordered something off of the website that the money hopped right into Karen's pocket? And that her and Randy (and Taunya? That's the first I've heard of her being involved... that's interesting to me, not because I know one way or another if she was involved or not, but because that just goes to show you how many versions of this story is out there.). Anyway, are you actually trying to imply that they set up this whole plan to steal $60 from fans with no intentions of living up to what they said they would live up to? Give me a break. The site was shut down and it sucks that people gt screwed over and I'm sorry but if you are really going to take what happened and translate that into "OMG KAREN FAYE STOLE ALL OUR MONEY BECAUSE SHE IS EVIL".. and then take it even further to say "AND SO MICHAEL FIRED HER".... uh.... really guys? Really? Think it through. You are willing to make bold statements like that when you were not THERE? When you do not KNOW what happened and why? You are that willing to take someone who theoretically did nothing wrong and talk about this story over and over an over again when you don't know. That speaks of YOUR character. Not hers. People who are on the fence should not give this story too much weight - as I said - there is no evidence of any of this. Karen did not need to steal money from fans nor would she and you all have no idea why the site had to close and why things didn't happen. I get that when crap happens, you want to blame someone but... you can't. You weren't there. You don't know. And I have to say, I have not heard so much anger about something that happened five years ago until recently which makes me believe this is less about that situation anyway and more about things you may not like that she is saying or doing NOW. But, that is just my guess/opinion.

As for her statement up there, I never saw it so I don't even know if it is accurate. If it is, well, I don't know. I would guess that had Michael made any promises at that point, he might not be able to live up to them. He was a little bit busy. I do not think that, even if this statement is accurate, that Karen was saying "OMG THAT MICHAEL WTF". Karen loved Michael and spoke VERY highly on him ALWAYS, INCLUDING after the trial when she wrote this:

2) Michael Jackson fired ms Fake in 2005. Me and many other fans were outside the gates of Neverland and saw her and Taunya leave the property just 15 minutes after the verdict was in. We were later told that she and Taunya was asked to leave the property. Why else leave just 15 minutes after the verdict? Karen says that she was out of contact with MJ for four years. Don't forget that Michael came back to the states in December 2006. That means that MJ had been away from the US for 18 months. He was back living in the States but never called her back. During this time, Michael did have appearances that would require a make-up and hairstylist. He appeared on the VMAs 2006 in London, he invited a crew from Access Hollywood to Ireland in 2006, he went to James Browns funeral in 2006, he went to Japan for the the fan appreciation party in 2007, he were promoting Thriller25 and did a photo shoot for L'UOMO Vogue and Ebony magazine in 2007. Karen Fake did NOT work on any of these projects, because she was not called back. Period.

Out of Karen's own mouth on Twitter: "Michael NEVER fired me". So, we have that. Now, what do YOU have to prove YOUR point? True, those are just her words. True, she could be lying. But, if she says MICHAEL never fired her, then how are arguing? What are you going with? The fact that she didn't go with him to Bahrain? I mean... he went away... with his kids. And Grace, I guess. And whatever security he needed. He did not need an entourage. He was not going to be making a whole lot of public appearances there, so I imagine that he did not feel it was logical to bring his make up artist there with him. Karen did have her own life to live, including a child, let's remember that too. Let's also remember that Michael didn't bring a LOT of people with him. So, why on EARTH are we sitting here talking about Karen being fired? What?! What proof do you have of this? Where did you even HEAR this? Michael did not take ANYONE to Bahrain with him that he did not need with him (ie, yes, he took his children's nanny. Because, you know, he took his children.).

As for the 15 minutes thing... dunno. Definitely never heard that one before. I don't think Karen was even AT Neverland yet when the verdict was read, so I'm not sure exactly how that would have worked. Again, how do you know? And I enjoyed your "why else leave after 15 minutes?". That's just another way of saying "I dunno. I'm just guessing." So, yeah.

And she definitely did not say they were out of contact for that many years...

Then, yes. He came back at the end of 06 and in 07 and 08 did a few things here and there and I guess you're right. Karen did not do his hair or makeup for those few things. Oh, my. That must mean there was a deep deep hatred between them. For goodness sake, people. Who the hell knows why she didn't do his makeup during that time? Perhaps he already had someone lined up and that was just easier. Perhaps she was not really being employed by him anymore (BECAUSE HE LEFT THE COUNTRY) and was doing other things. There are a NUMBER of "perhaps". But, let's go with what you're saying for a sec, even though I think that's really reaching - umm... if he didn't call her 'cause he didn't like her or was mad at her or whatever it is you are saying... may I ask why she was back for TII? (Yes, I've heard. AEG hired her. We'll get to THAT later.). May I ask what that would even prove about anything to do with anything even if he HAD been mad at her? Have you ever been mad at anyone in your life who is still a good person? I mean, like, you all are taking all of these random events and putting them together and filling in the blanks yourselves and guessing what happened and making these conclusions on your own. Do you all not see that? This is speculation at its BEST. There is not only not a single bit of proof about what they are saying, but they are filling in the blanks THEMSELVES. And why are we all of a sudden having fits about something from 2005 anyway? You can talk all you want about how it's not new, but like I said, I haven't heard any kin of "hatred" about Karen until last year so... yeah. Do with that what you will. (Think about it though.) Period.

1) How come Karen can post personal information about Michael and everyone seems to be okay with it? Karen was posting under the name Turkle on MJJF before. Her posts was mainly about Michael and she was sharing personal information about him. She sold him out in life, and now in death. Classy woman! Ms Fake have been obsessed with MJ. She would reveal how she used to sit in MJ's lap while doing his make-up and she told us that she unfortunately hadn't kissed him or seen him naked. This is not a professional behaviour. She slams Grace for “leaving her husband to take care of someone else's kids”. Karen seems to forget that when she just got married, she left her husband for several months to go and work with MJ on the tour. Karen dislikes every woman that have in some way been connected to Michael Jackson. Doesn't this tell you something? She is a jealous woman, an obsessed woman! Karen Fake doesn't know every detail of MJ's personal life. She doesn't realize that every time she claims MJ was not involved with the named women, she is really feeding the rumours that he was gay.

Here's a good question. How come Karen can post personal information about him and everyone seems to be okay with it? Well, first of all, obviously not everyone is okay with it, look at you all. So, what are you talking about? Second of all, what personal information are you even referring to? Seriously... I mean SERIOUSLY.. with the exception of a few cute stories here and there, what have you heard from her that you didn't already hear somewhere else? For the most part, she answered questions. If she's being asked something, obviously someone has HEAR the story before and wants it cleared up. It's not like she posted a status going "OMG SO LIKE LAST APRIL MICHAEL TOTALLY WAS DOING THIS AND THAT AND...".. anyway. Now, let me be clear, I am not saying that she did not share things about him - absolutely she did. Did she share too much? That is a matter of one's own opinion which everyone is certainly entitled to have. But, I think it is also important to look at it carefully and to look at the INTENT. Is she sharing information because she wants to get all his personal business out there? I don't think so.. she could do that much better in an interview or something (and those of you saying she couldn't get anyone to interview her, please. First of all, bs and you know it. Second of all, you JUST CLAIMED she talked to the Sun. Stop talking out of both sides of your mouths!) ;). Is it because she is writing a tell all? Well, I doubt it, 'cause first of all she isn't, and second of all, if she was, she'd be kinda weird to give all the details before the book was published... I mean, just think about the intent. Think about who she is talking to and what she is saying and why. Just THINK.

Now, let's also turn it around for a second - how come if Karen says something it's betrayel to the highest degree and we all hate her... but if three bodyguards go on TV and talk about weed, throwing cell phones out of windows and not being able to afford to attend a birthday party... how come THAT we are seemingly okay with? I don't see any hate groups about those body guards! Anyone wanna get on that??? Or should we continue to praise them because they said MJ liked women? That's not new information - we already knew this - LOTS of others have said this publicly. And, also, aren't these bodyguards writing a book?? Isn't that a big no-no around here? Help.. I'm confused. Is anyone else?!

I don't know about that business about her saying unfortunately she hasn't seen him naked or kissed him. Uh.. I mean, that doesn't sound like Karen to me. So, again... any proof? Even if she did do that, it hardly would make her evil. But, I don't think she did it.

Careful. I don't think she slammed Grace for that reason. In fact, I think I remember someone ELSE saying that...

She certainly does not dislike every woman that was involved in MJ's life. That's just stupidity and I'm not even going to dignify it with a list of all the women she has said positive things about. You know you're wrong on that one. She is FRIENDS with at least one of the main "women in his life".

Of course she doesn't know every detail of his personal life. Nor did she claim to! Next?

Oh, okay, wait, what? Really? Because she made it clear that he didn't have a relationship with "x" or "y", she's FEEDING the rumors that he was GAY? You see... this is exactly how you people think. You make your own strange conclusions that's for sure. Should she instead say that he did have relationships with women he didn't? What about when she talks about how much he loved Lisa? Is that also feeding those rumors? I mean, really, people, what ARE you talking about?

1) Karen Fake and Joe Jackson got into a heated argument during the trial. Joe Jackson found out that Karen was running her mouth about him on the boards and he called her out. That is right, Karen was not only talking about Michael at that time, she were talking about his family as well. Karen never learns, she knows the fans cares for the family much more than her and if she says something to the fans, you bet the fans will tell the family. Do you see the pattern guys? Karen have done this, giving away information about the family and MJ, to the fans for a long time now.

LOL. Sorry, but LOL. I have no idea if that's true or not, but even if it is.. LOL. How would Joe know if Karen was "running her mouth on the boards" and was Joe really concerned with what Karen Faye was supposedly saying during the trial? Again... those of you who say Joe "bitched her out"... it makes me LOL. Because half the time Joe is ~evil~ but when it works, he's the hero. I don't know if her and Joe had an argument or not. I don't really care either. I don't think it proves anything. If someone told Joe that Karen was giving away information and he got mad.. okay. That is nothing more than you guys telling me that she gave out information. Doesn't mean it's true. And even if it is true.. oh well. Joe got mad. I guess we can all hate Karen now. (WTF?) Anyone witness this argument first hand? Did he yell at her in the middle of the street or something? Anyone?

She has said and described the Jackson family as crazy and dysfunctional.
She told that Joe Jackson is an angel compared to Katherine now and that Katherine have gone all crazy. Such a nice friend to speak like that off your friend and clients family, right? Puh-lease!

Um.... yeah, I'm gonna go with 'no' on that one. You guys HAVE to either get better spies or.. I don't know. Learn how to read. Stop taking things out of context (or in some cases just totally making them up.) and putting them out there like this. Do you not see what you are doing?? Or, better question.. WHY are you doing it?

We have always been taught to believe and stick to the facts. The autopsy that were released stated MJs weight as 136p and no pain-killers were found in MJs system. What is Karen going to do now? She have been running her mouth claiming Michael was on drugs. These facts proves it wrong. We stick to the facts during the trial and should do it now as well. Michael Jackson was the one who taught us not to speculate, but to stick to the facts. These facts proves her wrong and we should end all speculation.

WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TAUGHT TO BELIEVE AND STICK TO THE FACTS. RIGHT. With the proof. Meanwhile, you all have been talking for weeks without a single amount of your OWN proof. We keep hearing "you are going to learn the truth, it is going to come out soon!".. are you waiting for a certain holiday or something? You have something to say? Say it. People who run around talking about how one day we'll see... without actually saying anything... well... you know how that goes. Usually, they end up fading away and we never "see". Especially when they've been saying it for months.

Now, with the autopsy. To be honest, I don't want to touch that stuff. But, I will say that I do not recall Karen talking about Michael being "high on painkillers". As for the weight? I don't know what to say about that. But, I will say this. If you look at Michael in 2003 and you see how thin he was (which I am certainly not saying he wasn't thin. He was. He was almost always thin.)... his weight then was 120. Now, if you look at him during TII, can you really tell me that you believe he weighed SIXTEEN POUNDS MORE during TII than in 2003? I am not even going to post pictures, because I know I'll get accused of posting ones where he looks "extra big" in 03 and "extra small" in TII.. but look for yourself. (Also, do any of you have bootlegs of the movie from when it was in theaters? If you do, watch it.. then watch the DVD. Tell me if you see a difference in how much it looks like he weighs. Seriously.). I do not understand it myself. I do not have all of the answers, guys, I wish I did. All I can say is with or without Karen's words, I would have a hard time believing that he weighed sixteen pounds MORE in 2009 than he did in 2003. I just.. don't know. I would also like to put this out there - if Karen were, in fact, lying about the weight.. don't you think she knew she would get caught? Why would she say he weighed less than she was told? Why would she even be making any of this up at all? What does she have to gain by saying that he was too think?

Now, let me ask you again. You are talking about how you are sticking with the "facts"? WHAT FACTS? What have you proven? It's been months already and you're all still babbling on and have not proven ONE SINGLE THING. How, in your mind, is that "the facts"??? All you are DOING is speculating!

We all know that she is feeding Roger Friedman with stories. Karen Fake admitted herself (months ago on her facebook) that she recently have started to communicate with him. This is such a betrayal. He has written so many awful stories about Michael Jackson before and Karen Fake now gives him information? What a friend she is! We all know that she is the one giving him stories about Grace. We are not stupid.

Okay, what is this BS now? What are you talking about? When did Karen EVER say herself that she "recently started to communicate with RF"? Proof? Anyone? I don't know about that. I never heard her say that and I cannot imagine that being true. Karen does not talk to tabloids. If she WAS doing that (which I am fining VERY difficult to believe), then it would have ha to have been for a DAMN good reason. I simply do not believe that she would talk to a tabloid after what they did to Michael. So, again. Anyone? Proof? (PS, even if she did say "communicate", perhaps that is not the same thing as "giving information". Although, my blind faith on this one, still tells me no way. I am admitting that I cannot be sure as I did not see that comment - but I do not this that that comment even exists. Sorry. It's not like you all have proven yourselves particularly trustworthy with the "facts" and I trust Karen's history with tabloids more than your words with no proof. Call me crazy.. LOL..

She has attacked Grace, Raymone and Shana. She has accused Grace and Raymone of drugging Michael and control him. Stop belittle Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson made Raymone the general manager of MJJproductions in 2006. Michael Jackson was very much aware of his business. Karen accuses these women from keeping her away from Michael. Michael called the people he wanted to call. As a matter of fact, when he was living abroad, he invited the Lesters to celebrate Christmas with him in Bahrain, he met with Chris Tucker in Dubai, he met with Michael Lee Busch in Ireland and he called Liz Taylor, Mickey Rooney and many others often from Bahrain. Is she gonna blame them as well and say they didn't have MJS best wishes at heart? That they, Liz Taylor, Chris Tucker, the Lesters, ignored his abuse and that's why Raymone and Grace wouldn't mind him seeing or talking with them? Don't also forget that MJ went and met with Shana e year ago at her house. LOL

You all have a very interesting definition of the word "attacked". When Karen gets harassed on Twitter, no one is attacking her, right? But if she says one thing (that gets totally twisted around) then SHE is attacking people. Very strange.

I am not going to touch on what you have just said. At the end of the day, none of us know unless we were there (and even then we may not know) what was going on and why. I feel that that is something you and I and anyone should not be trying to use our own powers of reasoning to guess. We have absolutely no idea what was going on behind the scenes. Trust who you want to trust and what you want to trust and why. But I would suggest that you stop making your take on this situation as fact. Take some of what has been said (what has been ACTUALLY said, not what you've heard on various Lipstick Alley or whatever forums and think about it. Just think with an open mind. Try to understand... and btw, I am curious.. since you all seem to have his phone bills or something.. how come you are so sure that he called Liz etc from Bahrain but not Karen? Just asking. :)

She claims that AEG brought Kenny Ortega and Frank Dileo back. MJ has worked with Kenny for two world -tours . If this is the case, how don't we know that AEG also brought her back? She claims that MJ personally called her back. Kenny and Frank also claims that MJ personally called them back. So, are they lying? What do they gain on lying and why would they lie about that? Don't forget that Michael's hair-stylist Lynda Parnish (he replaced Karen with Lynda Parnish, LOL) was going to work with MJ on the tour, but all of a sudden Karen shows up.

Good point. I guess we DON'T know that AEG didn't bring her back. But, let me ask you this - if, as you say, Michael was against Karen for all of the crazy evil things (lol) that she did back in 05, then even if it WAS AEG that called her back, why wouldn't Michael have just been like ""? I mean you all say he was in charge of all of his business and had a say in everything, so explain that?

I do not know who asked Kenny to come back. I do not know who asked Frank to come back. I do know that of course they have things to gain by saying MJ hired them himself.. come on. So... all of a sudden Karen turned up? What are you attempting to imply with that?

I think that's enough for now. Sorry this got so long. Part two will be up shortly...


  1. Thank you again for writing so clearly! I could quote you on so many lines there!
    Your words really cut them by their ankles!

  2. *applauds* Yay, great work once again! Way to rip that blog to shreds lol, LOVE IT.

    I'm going to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this...LOL.

    Basically that blog has zero credibility because a) they've twisted about 379621 things Karen has said, b) they're going on stories from others who most likely just "heard" things and c) they're judging on things/events they weren't there for and have NO IDEA what actually happened.

    And they talking about knowing FACTS. Oh please, gimme a break. Don't fill in the blanks when you have no clue, that's not "facts".

    When they find some real hard FACTS then hey, post it right up! I'd be interested to read it. But seriously...that blog with it's "truth" is a waste of time.

  3. I just read this post today, (sorry I'm late but I'm a new follower ;-),you made a GREAT GOOD JOB!
    Thousands Thanks