Friday, March 12, 2010

The Truth About Their Truth, part 3.

If it wasn't enough that they already had that first blog, they decided they had to write another one. Why? I dunno. Your guess is as good as mine. As I have said before, I find the level of hate to be... a little strange at best. It's almost an obsession, IMO. But.. then that's just my opinion. So... here's their second blog which was made public recently. I actually left a comment on their blog saying some of what I am going to say here - most of which got ignored. I will show you the parts that did not get ignored and what was said. (I can use the copy paste function too! Just like them!) ;)

Alright... here we go.

Over the last couple of months a group of us have been collecting and verifying information. Everything I post has been verified. We have sources close
to the Jackson family and we talk directly to people who were close to Michael.

You certainly have been "collecting information", that's for sure. But verified? Everything you post has been verified huh? By someone reliable and close to the family? Okay. Let's see about this verified information you're about to share.. :)

This second blog is to clarify a few things and maybe answer some of your questions along the way. Several people have asked about the "Hit List" Karen posted on her Facebook page - whether you are on her page or not or whether you've seen it on her page doesn't really matter - I saw and so did thousands of other people. I'm going to post the exact status update KF did that day but I will be removing everyone's names to protect their privacy. By posting our names she incited violence and hatred amongst Michael's Fans.

Karen Faye Kissinger: "Attention all of my real friends:
there is a secret FB page called "Fans Against Karen Faye".
The following are people are members of that site.
Ten minutes ago ·

{81 Full Names were posted here}
33 minutes ago

Karen Faye Kissinger
"if you know them, or they are on your friend list,
please be cautious. They are not my friends."
30 minutes ago
Karen Faye Kissinger
"check your friend lists please...and be cautious."
25 minutes ago

She knew exactly what would happen - she insinuates and says things in a round about way and her fans dash off to start the harassment.
One of her fans posted in her status that the 3 people running the ACMC page on facebook were employed by SONY to spy...on who I don't know but I'm pretty sure SONY could care less about the childish antics of a mentally unstable cosmetician\Hair Dresser.

Oh, LORD. Okay. Where do I begin? Alright. First off.. I'm gonna have to agree to disagree with their usage of the words "hit list", LOL. Let me take you through what happened here.

Now, let's say that you are Karen Faye.. and you get told that there is a group of people on Facebook who are in a group called "Fans Against Karen Faye". A number of the members of this group are also on your friends list. What would YOU do? Well, probably delete them off your friends list for starters right? Okay. So you do that. NOW, you have some of these people running around talking about how Karen Faye delete you off Facebook for having a different opinion than her and OMG she's so evil and blah blah blah. Now... Karen has asked many times... that if you don't like her.. if you don't trust her... just delete yourself. Of course she knew not everyone was going to do that. Of course there were still going to be people creeping around her page and what not. But now, you have found out who a lot of them are. Now, what do you do with this information? I guess that's up to you. Some people obviously feel that Karen posting that list of names was some kind of act to get her "followers" (please.) to act out against these people and to harass them. Personally, I think it was to call these people out. Look... YOU made a choice to join this group (and for goodness sake, people, if you're going to have a group like this, why would you leave the members list open? LOL) and try to play both sides. YOU got caught. YOU got called out. There was certainly no intention of anyone being harassed or threatened. There were not links to profiles even posted, which she obviously had since she deleted people. She CALLED PEOPLE OUT. The freakin' end. The reactions to this have been so utterly strange. You would think she posted instructions to go to these peoples homes and harm their first born child.

Now,let me make something clear - apparently some people from Karen's FB page used the names on that list to "harass" people. I do not know how much of that is true (if any.). I certainly have not harassed anyone. However - if anyone has been harassed - of course, that is not right. Nobody should be calling people and threatening them. (Though once again, I do find it VERY interesting that these very people who complain about harassment spent a whole lot of time sending Karen some pretty awful tweets!). That, however, is not Karen's fault.

Like I have said before, the people on Karen's page are grown. They make their own decisions. It is NOT for Karen to take responsibility for every single one of their actions.

You say that she did that because she KNEW her friends would harass those people? I disagree, but that's fine. You can have your opinion. I just think it's comical to hear about people talk about calling the FBI because someone posted a list of names of members of a public Facebook group on their Facebook profile. (Meanwhile, btw, the very people who wrote this blog whining about being harassed and Karen using names have on more than one occasion used their own names of people who they felt wronged them - is that hypocritical? I don't know. You tell me.)

It is interesting that this group of people also talk about how they are not a HATE group and it's about LOVE and TRUTH and then call Karen a "mentally unstable hair dresser". Good job, guys. That's taking the high road! Even if you think you have been wronged by her, who are the ones being insulting now?

Now as for this Sony thing.. Karen cannot help what other people think or say. I am not saying that anyone works for Sony. That person who wrote the status update though, whoever that was, is not the only one that has wondered such a thing. I mean... you can't blame people for asking questions when there is such a strange level of hatred for certain people who have been saying certain things... and very little "hate" for other people who have done a lot of harm to Michael... but... well, that's speculation an that's not what we're doing here, right? ;) I'm just saying... you can't blame people for being like "wtf is going on here?"

She bad mouthed AEG all over Facebook and Twitter which in turn, her fans did also. Mean, Nasty and Hateful things. Why stop at AEG - why not bad mouth Kenny Ortega and Travis Payne too! Did anyone notice how quickly she stopped mud slinging at AEG?? As soon as she got paid is the answer.

First of all, why yes I did take out the part where you chose to personally attack someone else. It is bad enough that you are doing what you are doing to Karen, but unfortunately, I guess, Karen has become somewhat of a public figure. When you start talking about other people and what they said to someone else.. I am not going to be a part of that. Sorry.

I think it is funny how you refer to people that support Karen as her "fans". I know you mean that in an insulting way and so I did not want you to think that I did notice your clever insult. So, good job, A+. Anyway.

I am not going to get into who said what to who about who and blah blah blah. That's not my place.

This business about "stopped mud slinging AEG blah blah as soon as she got paid" whatever is nonsense as well, btw. No idea where that came from.

Side note - Michael did NOT hire Karen Faye for this tour, AEG with a few others hired her because she was the only one willing to work and get paid at the end of the tour....I guess she had nothing else to do *shrugs*

Oh, really? Did AEG tell you that? LOL.. well, first of all, like I said before, if AEG hired Karen and Michael did not want Karen, since he was so in control of everything as you say he was, why wouldn't he have just said "oh, no, I don't want her"? And do you REALLY think they could not have found another makeup artist willing to not get paid at the end of the tour... to work for MICHAEL JACKSON? Yeah. That's what I thought too. And all this is just IF what you are saying is true which I do not think it is.

Forest Lawn - After the pictures of Michaels crypt got loose on the net - was asked by Katherine Jackson to do an investigation into who took the pictures in the
first place. Forest Lawn reported back and Katherine BANNED Karen Faye from there for life....just her.

A+ Detective work guys! Karen Faye took the pictures!, duh? Was that a secret in your minds? Of course she took them. She took them and POSTED THEM ON HER FACEBOOK PAGE. SHE WAS NOT HIDING THE FACT THAT SHE TOOK THEM. Good lord. Good investigation. And, oh, really? Banned for life you say? That's pretty intense... do you have any proof of that one? All I'm saying is what I've said before.. I know that Karen and the family are on good terms. So, yeah.

Michael fired Karen Faye 2 different times in the past - the last time being in 2005 after the MJJSOURCE fiasco. Michael was not happy that she and Randy were
make money off His name, they charged money for memberships and collected money for merchandise that no one ever received nor was any moneys reimbursed to MJ's fans.
She blamed Michael for everything and MJ was going through the trial at the time - he had no stake in the website.

According to what Karen herself has said MICHAEL did not fire Karen ever. I will not even go into MJJSource AGAIN, just check my last blog. BUT, I would like to point out one of many accuracy problems in this blog - there was no money charged for being a member of the site. I didn't pay anything and I looked at the site. You are talking about ordering things. And, AGAIN, no back and look at my older post for why this MJJSource is ridiculous. Thanks.

What about these MJ Memorial Bracelets the KF said Michael originally picked out to give to the cast and crew of the TII Tour but that they didn't arrive before
Michael passed....So 2 things - If MJ did pick them out for the crew I'm pretty sure he would have had them way before that. and 2 Michael picked those out????
Seriously?? Are you kidding me??? and KF and Randy are selling them for $40....Ok, really???

Ooh, yay! This is one of my favorite parts of this blog.

2 Things:

1. What are you talking about. If MJ did pick them out for the crew I'm pretty sure he would have had them way before that... what? What are you saying...? I mean.. what are you saying? Why on earth would you have assumed that they would have already been there? Maybe he had the idea later on. Maybe they weren't ready yet? Maybe he planned to give it to them in London? Or when the concerts started? I mean.. I don't even know what you're talking about.

2. Randy? LOL. Funny story guys. See, I thought they just mispelled "Randi". Nope. Apparently, their "verified" information/source close to the family told them it was Randy as in RANDY JACKSON selling the bracelets. I had to comment TWICE on their original blog explaining their little "mistake" and still have not gotten a response from them on that (not that I was expecting one. They didn't respond to pretty much anything. However, at one point someone else commenting on their blog did tell me they "stood corrected" on the bracelet issue. So, that's something I guess. This just goes to show you though how good their sources and information are though, right? ;)

Flash forward to the Psychic reading (I figure that was a lie also and Ill tell you why) TMZ was obviously scoping facebook for info or a story (maybe it was a slow week LOL)and low and behold - all over Faye's facebook page was her discussing the reading her and Lisa Marie had, TMZ runs the story cause they really don't care if its true and the media start to message her - she acts annoyed about the whole thing posts some poor reporters email and - the kf followers ATTACK via email and phone calls. They tryed to contact LMP for her side and LMP did not comment. Hmmmmm maybe cause it didn't happen and just a few weeks before that KF was badmouthing Lisa and
she VERY obviously doesn't like her. I cant see Lisa hanging out with Karen of all people..??? She is the daughter of the effen King Of Rock and Roll!!!!

Flash Forward to it wasn't TMZ that published that story, it was The Sun. More accuracy! (For the record, this is the one point that they agreed they messed up on. I guess they kinda had to agree. Since it's out there in black and white.)

Now, REALLY guys? Really? Karen made the whole thing up did she? Grow up.

As for why LMP did not respond... uh... unless you talked to her yourself, do you know why that is? Maybe she doesn't talk to tabloids? Maybe she doesn't care? But, I'm interested in knowing how that translates in any way to "maybe 'cause it didn't happen"? I would actually think it would be MORE likely that she would comment if it didn't happen to say "that never happened" than if it DID happen...

Besides, how do you even know they contacted LMP? Do you have LMP insider information too? LOL

There was no badmouthing. Proof?

And... the daughter of the "King of Rock and Roll" wouldn't be hanging out with Karen because.. why, exactly?

The "Friends of Karen" people are trolling facebook harassing people all the while using KF's name LOL nice one guys - called a woman at her home and was vulger and nasty (this woman has nothing at all to do with KF or even MJ but they did it anyway)

Total speculation, zero proof, and I have seen NO evidence of this on that page. Everyone on that page, as far as I know are lovely people. So... sorry if someone got harassed.. but do not blame that page for that. And I still do not see how you guys get to complain about harassment... allow me, once again, to direct you to your own twitter.

Now, a few days ago Debbie Rowe went to Forest Lawn to pay her respects - she noticed all the fans and drove around 3 times waiting for them to leave. This poor woman thought we all hated her. We definitely do not hate Miss Debbie Rowe, in fact we RESPECT her soooo very much for always staying true to Michael even after his death do you notice that the people who actually loved, respected and care for Michael have not said anything about him - well except how much they love and miss him..??

In my humble opinion - Karen is NOT one of those people.

I am glad to see a sudden respect for Debbie from some fans. She certainly has not always been so beloved.

Once again - Karen is not speaking to hear her own voice. But, if you cannot understand that or refuse to, then fine. My request is for those of you who are simply reading these blogs and taking them as truth... for you to, once again, make up your own minds by hearing two sides of the stories. Ask questions, do some research, and please do not assume that what these people are saying is true. As you can see, their "reliable" information is questionable at best and horribly wrong at worst. Maybe the two things that I clearly proved were wrong (Randi vs Randy and TMZ vs The Sun) are not big deals, but it speaks to how quickly they are willing to post these things as fact and talk about how verified they are when CLEARLY they are not. So, again. Please... make your own informed decisions and judgments. And if you come to a decision that you do not agree with Karen? Fine. Nobody is saying you have to. But, a little respect would be nice.

And... in MY humble opinion... Karen ABSOLUTELY loved, respected and cared for Michael. I believe that with my whole heart. No matter how many BS blogs you write. ;)

Stay tuned :)

You too! ;)


  1. Preach! I think their second blog is even worse than the first LOL! Even more speculating and conjecture..."verified", really. Credibility went down the drain with those simple errors with TMZ/Sun and Randy/Randi.

    Not to mention bitchy remarks ie "cant see Lisa hanging out with Karen of all people..??? She is the daughter of the effen King Of Rock and Roll!!!!" what does that have to do with anything? They're saying LMP (who is a complete stranger to them) only hangs out with people see deems good enough to be with "the daughter of the effen King Of Rock and Roll!!!!"?? LOL, rude and TOTALLY unnecessary.


  2. I'm still laughing at "she incited violence"!!! ROFL!!! And for whoever's info, myself and other fans were mentioning our suspicions about AEG on Karen's facebook page in June long before she ever mentioned them. The main reason being that it was the only place we could discuss that freely, seeing as some messageboard were being unreasonable to members who mentioned anything about murder. There are those of us that knew from the start what happened, because we have our own minds and we don't need Karen to tell us these things.


  3. YOU TALK ABOUT THE information that is not verified.. so we don't know if this is true or false... but HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT IT'S FALSE???
    YOU DON'T KNOW IT EITHER... and when we don't know something, we don't know it, it's a big doubt. so it's true, we don't know. and it's false, we don't know.. SO.. it's stupid to discuss it WHEN NOBODY KNOWS nothing!

  4. Oh God that part of Randi=Randy is just too much, and the TMZ=The Sun, lol, yeah shows how much twist they have put into this. Shame on them to say Karen was badmouthing Lisa, that is not true, her words are being twisted to make it look like she said what they want.

    And what does Debbie Rowe got to do with this?

    And she has never stopped till this day to blame AEG, where did they get that idea?! lol

    Their "facts" are just myths, two blogs away still babbling the same thing over and over with no proof = waste of time. But I guess they just have too much to waste on this.

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    You are right. I have no proof either. But I am not the one running around writing blogs accusing people of things. I am simply pointing out how there is NO PROOF of what THEY say.

  6. And I DO know some of what they say is wrong - ie Randy vs. Randi. So when they make such glaring errors, and are wrong on such simple things, does that not speak to their credibility?

  7. Steph, nice job…well written. Thank you for taking the time and putting this together. Hopefully some MJ fans will see there are two sides and do some research on their own and not follow blindly. The level of hatred that some of these people spew towards Karen is ridiculous. I read some of the forums and they have twisted Karen’s words and lied. I read the same fb page as them never once has Karen revealed anything that was private, imo. I don’t know if there is agenda to discredit Karen or if it’s just plain jealously. I’m happy Karen and Sammy had the opportunity to know Michael and were kind enough to open their fb pages and share with us. Thank you Karen for speaking the truth and seeking justice for Michael.