Friday, March 12, 2010

The Truth About Their Truth, part 2.

Karen is mad at AEG for not speaking the truth about MJs health. What Karen seems to forget is what she wrote on her facebook during rehearsal time. She posted that MJ was great and had only uplifting words back then. If that is not the case, then why did she then lie to the fans before June 25? Here are two post she wrote in May 2009.

Karen Faye Kissinger
“running into all the MJJ tour alumni...and meeting all the newbies too. London is going to be AMAZING!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!!!”

“Karen Faye Kissinger
Michael was amazing today… He sends his love and appreciation to all of you. THIS IS IT”

Oh, geez. Okay, we're really gonna go here. Guys... you have to try to understand this one a little better. First of all, I believe that there were some good moments and some bad moments during the rehearsal process. And it is entirely possible that Michael WAS amazing. The issue has never been whether Michael was amazing or not. Furthermore, what was she going to post? "Oh, I don't think he can do this"? You guys cannot possibly seriously be judging her for what she posted on her Facebook during rehearsals.. can you??? Come ON. People. THINK.

She claims that Michael was forced to do the tours because he was financial but this is her first post on facebook after Michael Jackson passed.

“Karen Faye Kissinger
I know how painful it is to loose this beautiful man....I can barely speak, but I must share with you his reason for getting on stage once again. It wasn't for money or to relaunch his was to send the message that we must HEAL THE WORLD, before it's too late. He wanted to let us know that we have a four year window to get it right, to start walking the highest path, or we will loose the earth.”

“Karen Faye Kissinger
I want you to know he was full of love for all of you. He was looking forward to making everyone smile, and unite in these difficult make the world a better place.”

“Karen Faye Kissinger
he was working so hard...and he was so happy when I left him on Wednesday night...this is so difficult”

Okay, a new low. Now we are going to analyze her words from days after Michael died. I can play this game. Fine. Um... first of all, I do believe that Michael DID want to tell everyone to heal the world. He DID believe in that four years thing as we all HEARD HIM SAY in TII. None of that is wrong. Also, nobody EVER said that Michael didn't want to do a single show and did not want to reach out to the fans. Not ONCE was that said. But, ten shows are different from 50, right? And an idea of wanting to be able to reach out to the fans is different than being able to handle doing 50 shows in reality, right? Do you see where I am going with this?

Now, what would you have wanted her to say days after he died when she was grieving? You know how we all felt? Imagine how she felt. I don't even remember that first week other than just being in complete shock. I don't remember what I said to who. Imagine HER pain. In the midst of all that.. when the fans were already grieving so intensely.. when Karen was grieving so intensely.. should she have been discussing all of that? THAT week? Or do you think that maybe this was her way of reaching out to grieving fans and perhaps trying to connect with them herself?

I can't remember the last time I saw someone get judged and criticized so harshly. Give me a break. She did the right thing saying what she said when she said it. It was not up to her to be running around telling everyone everything in May and June and it was certainly not the time to share all of her thoughts the WEEK Michael passed. This is unreal to me.

Now, who's bad? Some fans that have been around Michael for a long time reached out to her because they were concerned about his health. She on the other hand asks them to be quite about it for his sake. She silenced the fans because deep inside she thought MJ would be able to do this. Karen has confessed on her facebook already that MJ rocked and were great on his last rehearsals. It is the same rehearsals we have seen in the movie, and it is during the same time period the fans reached out to her, but she shut them down. Maybe Karen also thought MJ would do this because this is MJ for god sake. That is why she needs to stop blaming KO and RP, what if they all also thought that MJ was gonna be able to do this? We have also seen Karin bitching about that she wasn’t credited in the movie or in the OPUS book. LOL.. She is on a mission to boycott the movie and the executors and the TII crew and then gets mad because no one acknowledged her work. And isn't Karen an enabler as well? She have talked so much about how she knew MJ was taking drugs for years, then what did she do about it? Nothing.

Ah, okay, here we go. These fans who reached out to her about her health - she responded to them, right? We all read the emails, we saw what she said (PROVING that she had concerns BEFORE he died despite what some of you seem to think.). Why did she tell them to be quiet? That is something that we cannot comment on. I would like to say again, that you have to think this one through. Think about why she might have told them to keep it quiet. Just think it through. PLEASE. THINK for yourselves, stop taking the conclusions that these people have come to as fact. If you were Karen and in that situation, what kinds of things would you have to be thinking about? What might be some reasons you would not want it spread all over the place that these things were being discussed or noticed? Please.. THINK, people.

Now, as far as "blaming others" for not noticing... I am uncomfortable going too far into this. However, I would like to point out that as Karen has said publicly, she did everything within her power. Perhaps.... not everyone else did everything within their power. Perhaps that is the problem. I just wish people could listen to what she is saying... really listen... and try to understand. Stop reading blogs and assuming that they are fact. open your mind.. and think about why she may have acted the way she did at that time and why she may have some anger towards some people. And with all THAT aside, let us also remember that not a single one of us were there at rehearsals. Not a single one of us knows what went down in that place. KAREN does. And I would like you all to consider once again... what on Earth she has to gain by "making this up"? Do you think she's making herself any friends in the industry right now? I mean, really.. really.

And what is this crap about her saying she wasn't credited in the movie? She was credited in the movie. She knows that.

As for the Opus.. you guys are weird. You're bringing up such strange things. She wasn't "bitching". She simply made an observation.

And she was not on a mission to BOYCOTT the movie, geez people.

And who the hell are any of you people to tell anyone that Karen did nothing? WERE YOU THERE? Do you have ANY idea what she did or didn't do, what she could and could not have done?! I mean, my god. I just do not understand who some of you people think you are. I mean, honestly, how DARE you. You have no idea. She has ENOUGH to deal with without ignorant people who were not there talking about "blood on her hands" (no, that was not in the blog, but it's been said and you all know it.) and how she did nothing and blah blah blah - you don't know. You have no idea.

The pictures from FL that she posted on your facebook and then blamed the fans when they got leaked is beyond hurtful. Karen Fake is not naive, she has been in the game for a time. She knows that fans quote her off of her site. Prior to the pictures, Karen was telling everyone to be aware because the media was lurking.. and YET she goes and publish the pictures on her facebook. She is to blame and not the fans or whoever that sold them. People who have called TMZ have been told that the original owner sold them to them. That makes you wonder. I hope the rumours are true that Katherine took her off the list from visiting MJ. I mean, it was indeed a LONG time since she visited Michael. LOL

Oh, this one is my favorite. No. She is not naive. She did know what she was doing. What she was doing, you see, was taking pictures, openly admitting to taking pictures and SHARING those pictures. I know a number of people did not like that she did that. That is fine. You do not have to like that she did that. But, a lot of OTHER people felt healed and comforted and thankful for those pictures. Karen has said publicly that Michael would want his fans to be able to see where he is. Now, you may disagree and that's fine. But at the end of the day... Karen knew Michael better than you did. I mean, unless you knew him, but I'm not so sure how many people reading this blog knew him.

Of course TMZ said that the original owner sold them. What else are they going to see? Not even getting into all this again, please see my earlier blog on TMZ if you want to know about THAT and the FL stuff.

She deletes everyone that is not agreeing with her. And she asks fans to spy on each other and then to report to her if someone is suspicious. How low can you be to actually ask the fans to do this and the fans that are doing it, they are brainwashed. MJ would never have wanted this. Karen doesn’t do anything either to stop some people from attacking other. She is encouraging it.

This again? No. She does not delete everyone that does not agree with her. That is never how it went down. I do not care how much all of the butthurt people who got deleted claim that is the case, that is NOT the case. There were a great number of disagreements that were CIVIL and POLITE on her page and no one got deleted. People got deleted if they were RUDE. If they were making accusations (questions are one thing. Mean accusations are another.) And can I just remind you all that that is KAREN'S page? She can delete whoever she wants. This wasn't a Michael Jackson fan club.. it was Karen's personal Facebook page. If she didn't like someone, if she didn't trust someone, if she ha reason to be suspicious of someone, then she is more than within her right to dedlete them.

Brainwashed? LOL. First, I don't really recall Karen asking anyone to spy, but I don't think any of you all have any right to talk about spying anyway, half of you with your fake profiles, and your anti-Karen Facebook groups, and your posting Karen's words all over the place and calling her Karen Craye and Karen Fake and what not but then being all sweet on her page.. come on. You don't even get to talk about spying. You do NOT even get to bring it up. lol

You're right about one thing - Michael would hate this. All of this.


The great majority of the people that were on Karen's Facebook page are grown. Karen should not have to play hall monitor on her Facebook page with people who cannot handle discussions without attacking. She had 5000 people on there and she had a life to live and was not on her Facebook page every second to monitor every post. It is up to people to behave properly. It is not up to Karen to dictate how people should behave. Please. And she did not ENCOURAGE attacking, lol.

The worst thing are all the personal information she has revealed of people close to MJ. Karen told fans on her facebook that Prince have vitiligo. Karen have been telling fans that Grace has slept with Jermaine. Karen have told the fans about Joanna Thomas and MJs relationship and her sexual life.Why is she out there telling strangers about other peoples private life? She is acting like a 17 year old schoolgirl bitch. This doesn’t concern her or the fans. She is gossiping about other people in an evil-spirited way and people have been hurt. Is it fun for Joanna to know that Karen said the things about her to 5000 people? Karen Fake needs to stop with this. What has Graces or Joannas sexual life to do with "seek truth and love for MJ" as she constantly claims? Karen Fake is is acting like a 17yr old bitch when she is gossiping like that.

Yes, we have hear your opinions about Prince and vitiligo for months. But, it was all cool when La Toya did it, right? Okay.. she's family, that is true. But, if the concern is that people shouldn't know, then why is it okay for one person to say it and not another? And how do you even know it's a secret? Also... do you remember the time period that both Karen and La Toya made these comments? Do you remember what else was going on around this time?

I certainly never saw her comment on her page about Grace and Jermaine. News to me. Proof? You all have screenshots of every damn thing apparently, how come we never see them?

Blah, blah, blah Johanna. You know how supportive Karen has been of her? She actually went out of her way to try to get a mean group about her shut down. That evil evil Karen! All that she has been trying to do with regards to these kinds of things is to tell the TRUTH as opposed to all the rumors all over the place. If that makes her evil, well, then so be it, I guess.

"Karen Fake is is acting like a 17yr old bitch when she is gossiping like that."

MJ would be so proud of you... wow. Shaking my head.

Look at this person guys! If this was someone else close to MJ doing this, no one would have accepted it, but because its Karen Fake, then it is Okay I guess. Would you approve of a friend of MJ feeding Mr Friedman with information? Would you approve of a friend of MJ to reveal Prince medical condition? Would you approve of a friend of MJ to steal money from the fans? Would you approve of a friend of MJ to say his family are crazy and dysfunctional? NO! You wouldn't!

I think it is time for YOU to look at this person. Not one of the things that you have said, you have been able to prove. Not ONE. Most of them have perfectly reasonable explanations. Sometimes it is an "agree to disagree" or "opinion" situation. But, not ONCE have you been able to prove that she is doing ANYTHING that deserves even HALF of the treatment and attacks that she has been getting. People who are reading these blogs and taking them as truth, you NEED to stop. You NEED to look at this properly. You have questions? ASK THEM. I would be happy to answer you as I am sure many people would. But, please... please... see these "facts" for what they are. (Although it is also a good idea to wonder what exactly it is they "are". Why so much hate for such little things, none of which can even be proven, when there are so many other people who have done awful things that we KNOW about who are not recieving this much crap?) Please. Think for yourselves. These people call those of us who have stood by Karen "cult members". Called us "sheep". I do not agree. Sheep would follow what is being shoved into our faces and THESE PEOPLE have been going out of their way to try to paint Karen in a horrible light for awhile now. The sheep are the ones who cannot come to their own decisions. So, please.. I am asking you all... to look at these "facts"... and look at Karen's history... and look at the INTENTIONS behind much of what has been said or done.. and please... come to your own conclusions. Again, ask questions! It is HEALTHY and GOOD to question and not just blindly follow anyone. But, ASK the questions. Properly. Do not assume what you are hearing here is correct - it mostly honestly is NOT.

I'm glad that many many fans knows this woman and what she have done in the past. Its just up for the new fans to see it as well. I advice everyone who wants to know about her too search her name on the MJ boards and see what fans have written about her! These are fans that have been in the fan community for a long time.

No! You see? No! Why on earth are you advising people to search BOARDS to see what people have said? Should we advise people to search the internet to see what people have said about Michael? God, can you imagine how THAT would go? Do not search BOARDS, do not listen to he said she said.. MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS AND COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. ASK QUESTIONS! Read Karen's Twitter! Michael taught us better than this, you guys...

The last thing. Fans have sent e-mails writing that Karma is a bitch when the pages got deleted. Yes, Karma is a bitch because you know what? I know that many people that are fed up with this woman have actually saved an copied the comments Karen have made of the Jackson family and of Grace. They are thinking of sending it to Grace and to the Jackson family. As you read this, Genevieve Jackson, Brandi Jackson, Jermaine Jackson II, Randy Jackson JR, Austin Brown have maybe received the quotes Karen have made of their family. I'm not sure if they have sent it to them yet or if they are, but I do know that they are thinking of sending the quotes. Isn't it fun for them to know what Karen have been telling thousands of fans of their grandmother and their uncle? LOL. And maybe Grace have received the quotes Karen have made of her.

Okay. Whatever. I'm sure that Genevieve, Brandi, Jermaine II, Randy Jr and Austin are really concerned about Karen's Facebook page. That's just.. okay. Y'all have fun. I do not think the family needs to hear from fans what Karen's been saying. Karen KNOWS the family and the family knows Karen. And despite what you may have heard, Karen and the family (NOT just Randy.) are still in touch.

So, Karen Fake should stop running her mouth because Karma just bite her ass again!

Sigh. See above. Please, people. Please... educate yourselves.. and come to your OWN conclusions. Ask questions. Stop believing these things as fact. Just open your eyes and open your mind. Do what Michael taught us and "do not judge someone without talking to them one on one". Do what Michael said and "before you judge, try hard to love". Try to see things from another point of view. Just... try. Please. Also, please see how these people who claim to be acting "for Michael" are speaking to and about Karen and other fans who support Karen. It's all for LOVE, right? Sigh.

Part 3 where we discuss Blog #2 will be up soon.


  1. BRAVO. :)

    Come on your minds and have some empathy before judging. Just try. You don't have to like what she's doing, but really now.

  2. Somebody that makes so many assumptions is scared of the truth. It is right to ask questions, proper questions, in a fair manner to the right person. That is why Karen is there for us, she is open to all genuine questions. I have been following Karen since 2002 (does that make me a "new" fan?) and I have not once come across something she said which could be taken as disrespectful or negative. Not once. She happens to be a very mature, compassionate and patient woman.

    The few negative things I've seen said ABOUT her are totally unfounded and mere speculation. It puzzles me how some of Michael's fans would not know any better than judging so quickly and getting carried away so much with rumours and gossip. Didn't Michael teach them anything? "Before you judge me, try hard to love me". Even before I left home I could understand what Michael was trying to say (and now I understand his songs more than ever). So... there's really no excuse.

    The "personal" things about Michael that Karen has shared (though I wouldn't term them as THAT personal) are things that Michael wouldn't mind us knowing anyway, and they have brought some real comfort and support to grieving fans. I wonder if Karen knows how much she has helped us. It's as if some people want this knowledge to themselves and are being two-faced about it - being on Karen's page in the capacity of a "friend" and being exposed to her updates and words - and at the same time going elsewhere and turning other people against her. We should have stopped playing that game at least 9 months ago. In Karen's own words, we (fans as a whole) have nothing more to benefit from secrets and groupie behaviour. Now can we stop this foolish game and lets all be friends with Karen for real?

  3. Part 2.
    Yes, you can always speculate on why MJ didnt brought Karen back to work for him. Karen had been working with MJ on EVERY apperance since she started but was not called back. She claims she was not fired, but she has not living an explanation on why she wasnt called back.

    Her facebook and tweets is a bit off. Remember how Karen have said that MJ was bad during rehearsals. But, what she first told the fans before making this claim is that MJ was great in his LAST rehearsals, he were getting better and batter. Thats those rehearsals that we see in the movie – but we all know what she thinkgs about the movie, e.g that its is edited and he was bad and so on.

    I want to ask you about the TMZ incident. I dont believe she sold the pictures—BUT the pictures do have the TMZ logo all over them- which mean that TMZ owe them now and thats why the owner CANT sue them. How on earth did TMZ end up to owe them in the first place? Everytime TMZ does something witout permission, they are getting sued.. look at Debbie Rowe.. the interview she is suing them over for belongs to her and they did not credit her. Look at all other videos they are giving links to, if they take a photo or video from X17onlie or splashnews, they are crediting them. The smoking gun IS the TMZ logo over the crypt pictures.. TMZ owes them and the original owner a.ka Karen Faye have no saying in it at all anymore. That is something to think about Steph.

  4. 1)
    I wanna start off by saying that many of the things that you debunk here have been proved. I hope I dont offend you, but this proves that all these new fans (i really dont wanna call you a new fan or any other, but if you had been in the game for a long time, then you would have know at least some things), so please dont get upset by the term new fan since its not an insult.

    Karen did post under the name TURKLE on MJJF during the trial. The statment she gve away after the whole MJJsource incident is true. Search the archives and you will see. Karen did say that she used to sit in MJs lap while doing his make-up and that she unfortunately hadnt seen him naked or kissed him. Search the archives and you will see.

    There is a reason why MANY longtime fans dont like her. Several different MJ board owners have been treated awfully bad by Karen. Other fans that have met her have shared similiar stories about their encounters with Karen. Search the forum and you will see. You are constantly asking for proof- it is OUT there, its just up to YOU if you wanna look after it. The name Karen Fake came up in 2004-2005 and its not something new. Many fans have called her that for years. The thing with she had only 100 people on her FB for several months befote MJ passed indicated that nobody gave a shitt. We –thousands of fans- know she was back and accepting friendrequests and updating her FB – but we simply didnt care. We were told she ws updating her status about rehearsals and stuff but noone cared. Remember that the boards were all going Michaelmania crazy over the concerts and we could comunĂ­cate with someone in the team- but many declined to add her.

    I was one of the people affected by the whole MJJsource incident and never recieved a calender that I ordered. Many of us just wanted an explanation to where our money went and why we never got it back. We were ignored and Michael found out about it closed down the site. This is the TRUTH Steph. I was there outside Neverland on June 13th and saw Karen and Taunya leave. Later that evening, Joe Jackson came to the gates and said MJ was tired and thanked everyone for their support. He also thanked the fans for informing him what Karen had said about him on the forums. He was the one who told the fans that Karen was asked to leave Neverland. Karen had also called Debbie Row a Money-hungry cow. Search the forum and you will see. And yes, Taunya was involved. You World ask yourself why SHE was there in first place? I can see Randy and Karen- but NOT Taunya. Was MJ even aware of that?

  5. Part 3.
    I doesnt matter if Karen traed to support Joanna- she told 5000 people about Joannas sexlife. She has told 5000 people about Graces sexlife. These things doesnt concern any of us and why World Karen go and say tht to people she doesnt even know. Joanna was hurt and I do know she defriended Karen asap off of her FB. You cant defend Karens actions all the time Steph. Some things are off-limit, especially a young girls sexlife.

    Karen is only friends with LaToya and Randy. LMFAO! Dont let me ge into that.
    Karen did write on her FB that she recently have started to comunicate with Roger Friedman. She wrote that and Im sure many other saw it. Karen is friend with LMP, she has made that clear- isnt that nice of her? I mean, both LMP and Roger Friedman have said nasty things about MJ in public- how loyal, right?

    I also want you to stop defending Karens actions by pointing fingers bout other people who have talked about MJ in the media. We are only dealing with Karen at the moment and nobody else. Do you honestly agree with everything she has done?

    I want you to know that I dont hate Karen- I ended up on your blog and saw that you constantly asked for proof- well, the forums are loaded with proof nd now you also are getting first-hand information from me who actuelly lost money because of MJJsource and I was there on June 13th. It is up to you to if u wanna relieve it or not- but several fans, including owners of forums cant be lying.

    I also want to reassure you that Im not part in any group. The people with the blog that started this are imo, just very retarded and oppurtunist. Many people that are envolved and wants to have a say was NOT there in 2003 and onwards and they make up their own stories. I do think that most of the so called insider information that they wrote in their blog are information that you easily can find on the boards- its been out there for years and they are trying to act smart.

  6. Oh, boy. I can already tell this is gonna be one of those things.

    No. I am not a new fan. I do not think there is anything wrong with new fans, but I am not one of them. I have NEVER said that this is the first time I am hearing of such things. It's not, for the most part. Just because I do not agree with everything, that doesn't mean that I am just learning about them.

    Okay. And are we 1000000000000% sure that Turkle = Karen? 100000%? If we are and that is something everyone knows, then my mistake. I was not, as you probably guessed, around the forums very much in 2005.. I was finishing a degree in college, going through some MAJOR peronsal issues and while I was keeping myself very up to date on the trial (I am not ashamed to admit that I neeed a Xanax the day the verdict came in - haha), I was not on the forums. As far as I had always heard it, it was speculation that Karen had posted those things. If it's not, my mistake. That still doesn't change much for me, really, those seem pretty harmless and LOL-like, but if this is a fact, then my mistake. Is it? 100%? We are sure?

    But, that's just it. Posts on a forum by someone who doesn't like Karen isn't proof. I have never said that everyone should like her - and I am not interested in whether people like her. I am sure plenty of people have things to say and that's fine - she's not perfect - she will be the first to tell you that. My issue has never been with that.

    I had never even noticed posts about her having a Facebook before. So, that's cool that a group of people didn't want to add her and didn't give a crap, but that still doesn't mean anything to me or the point I am trying to make here.

    That's not the same version of the truth that I have heard. You have to understand that there are about 5000000 versions of the "truth" out there. Do you honestly believe that Karen, Randy and Taunya were out to steal money from fans? Really? And you just said Karen made a statement, but now you are saying you were ignored...

    That's interesting. I hadn't heard that before. So... someone told Joe that Karen was saying things on forums and then Karen was asked to leave? And how do we know that MICHAEL asked Karen to leave? Maybe Joe did that? Wouldn't you think that Michael would have many other things to worry about that day? And even after the verdict was read, I would imagine that he still would have things other than Karen to concern himself with, even if he was "mad at her". So, maybe, if this is really how it went down, someone said to Joe that Karen said this or that and JOE asked Karen to leave. Possible? Once again, if that's true, it demonstrates that Karen is human, that there may have been issues, but not that she is this crazy evil lying being which is the point here that I am trying to make here.

    I don't know why Taunya was or wasn't invovled. I really do not know anything about her and I do not judge people without knowing anything about them. I have only ever heard her name in connection to Randy or Karen.

  7. I do not know why Karen was not hired to do the few things that MJ did when he came back to the states - I do not clam to know. But, there are many many MANY possibilities that go from everything from "he had someone else that was more convinient" to "she was busy" to a million other things. And, once again, even if he was mad at her at one point ,that is not what I'm trying to refute here. I'm not trying to paint her as a saint. I am trying to give her a chance. That blog has a lot of things in there that are not about whether or not she did or didn't post things on a forum. You know it goes far deeper than that.

    Yeah, well... I already replied to that in one of the blogs, about the FB and Tweets, so... yeah. But, may I ask you, what do you think she has to gain from lying about what she's been saying? Do you think this is making her popular? She has not made money off of it (We can talk about TMZ in a second, lol.), so... what would she have to gain? "Fans"? I think that's silly. Attention? She could get much more attention interviewing on TV or something, like every-damn-other person (okay not EVERY other person.) out there. She didn't. Facebook is not where someone who is craving attention would go.

    Did you read my first and second blog? You may have to go back in time a bit to do so - but if you do, that gives you possible answers to that question an others.

    I am not here to defend everything Karen has ever said and done - do you not see wha the point of this is? Do I like Karen? Yes. Is she perfect and a saint? Noooo. She is a human being who does not deserve to be attacked all over the internet the way she has been. Things have gotten BEYOND the point of riiculous. She is just a person. She is a mother. Would you like to read these kinds of things about your mother all over the internet? You don't have to like her, you don't have to agree with her, but do you (not YOU specifically) have to harass her and talk about her 24/7 and just be ridiculous? No... you do not. If you do not like her, defriend her and move on. Why the stupidity?

    After Murray's court date, Karen left and went back to the hosue WITH THE FAMILY. Not just with Randy and La Toya. With the FAMILYL. I believe that has been publicly spread around enough so that I am comfortable saying it.

    If anyone has a screencap of that, I would gladly take back what I said. I haven't seen it and neither have the people I asked. People seem to scsreencap everything she says, so I'm sure it's out there somewhere. It seems totally strange to me that she would have said that... and I feel that if she DID say it, there's something more to it.

  8. You know what... awhile ago, I will freely admit, my opinion of LMP wasn't fabulous. Then, I went through a breakup. And that wasn't even a marriage.. just a relationship that went on for far longer than it should have - LOL. I can freely say that I said some things that weren't the nicest in the world. Yeah - LMP said some things I really wish she hadn't - but you know what... we don't know what she knows. She was probably very hurt and angry - whether justified or not - and she said things that we all wish she hadn't. That does not make her evil. I think that she loved Michael - I think that she was angry - and I think that that blog she wrote after Michael died was very genuine. I have a very hard time judging someone like that when I haven't the faintest idea of everything that went on between them. You know?

    As I've said, the issue here is not if I agree with everything she's ever done. The issue is defending her from SLANDER and HATRED that she is getting.

    I've never claimed that the MJJSource incident didn't happen. We all know it did. The quesiton is WHY. Some people seem to think that it was all an evil ploy of Karen and Randy and Taunya to steal money from fans. I think that's ridiculous.

    LOL. I like how you ended that. I recognize that you are not full of hatred and my issue is not with people like you might not have the best opinions in the world of Karen. I do not need everyone to like her - SHE does not need everyone to like her. It's not about that. It's about having simple respect and common decency and not attacking someone and being ridiculous. Is that too much to ask for? And, again, for the most part, the things that might be searchable on boards are not the issue. I don't really care if some people thought Karen acted mean to them - I actually don't even care if Karen WAS mean to someone. (Again, I don't know any of these stories *shrug*), because my point here is not to say that she is perfect. My point is to say stop the lies (because much of this IS lies), stop the slander, stop the hate, stop the attacking, stop the stupidity. You don't like her? DON'T like her. Nobody is losing any sleep, including Karen, I promise you that, lol. But, go'on with yo bad self and move on with your life! There is no need to harass anyone or spread crap. That is all.

  9. A couple of other things that just occurred to me:

    1. The posts on boards are not really proof when you think about it, because are there not two sides to every story? My guess is no one asked for Karen's side while discussing her on boards. So, yeah, that might prove that some people had issues a few years back, but we already know this, thank you MJJSource. It does not, however, prove that their stories are not biased or one sided...

  10. 2. While I appreciate your writing a more balanced and not-hateful comment than others (which I do.), it's important to point out that you are still anonymous. You obviously do not want anyone to know who you are - which is fine - but does not go a long way in providing any kind of proof of anything. In theory, you could be anyone (though that's true even if you had a blog name, lol.). I am not saying that you are lying, but it is still all speculation for others reading this blog at this point (mainly referring to the June 13th thing here.)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. At anonymous up's good to hear from someone that was actually there June 13, BUT...what does her being asked to leave mean? There could be multiple reasons, who knows.

    She said something not-so-nice about Joe? I wonder how big of a percentage of the MJ fanbase have said something not-so-nice about Joe, hm...even Debbie Rowe - she was afraid of fans because of hate mail she was getting! Look at all the love she's gotten after her FL visit. Why did it have to take that for people to think "oh, maybe I was wrong in assuming she used Michael for money" or whatever?

    Not that I'm trying to excuse Karen from what she said, *IF* she said that...just saying, she is human and she was just expressing her opinion at the time, I guess.

    But anyway LOL, I'm just trying to say that just because you hear a little something, doesn't mean you can know the full story or circumstances surrounding it. You know? I hope you realize that. :) More people should.